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10 Facts About 13 REASONS WHY Season 3
10 Facts About 13 REASONS WHY Season 3


13 reasons why is in its third season after everyone thinking that season one was gonna be enough Sooner or later. This is  10 Facts About 13 REASONS WHY Season 3. The truth will come out but the story and the stories continued for a second season.

So now here are 10 things that we know about 13 reasons why season 3 and guys this video contains season 1 and season 2 spoilers click away right now if you haven’t seen any of those seasons.


So the first thing is that it’s still unconformity Were turning for season 3 and Katherine Lankford, of course, plays Hanna Baker. She was in season 1 as well as in season 2 However, Katherine Langford did post her Instagram saying that season 2 was gonna be the goodbye of the Hannah Baker character.


We have characters that are confirmed for season 3 and those are clay Jensen Tonipadilha, Jessica Davis Alex Tyndall Bryce WalkerJustin Foley Zach Dempsey Tyler Dow and Montgomery Dela Cruz and Nora Walker.


Will so know that just like the previous seasons 13 reasons why season 3 will have 13 episodes. However, None of the episode titles has been released yet to the public.


There’s also a big question about whether or not season 3 is gonna be the last 13 reasons. Why season well recently. There’s been a number of rumors going around – that the show is gonna come back for a fourth season. Although nothing has really been confirmed soon course I had to look into this and on their IMDB page for 13 reasons why it does show an option to choose season four by now reel.

IMDB page for 13 reasons season 3
IMDB page for 13 reasons season 3


13 reasons why fans know that this story is not just about Hanna Baker. Who killed Bryce walker? It’s more about the stories that develop with the other characters and we really saw that in the second season Hanna story, of course, was epic.

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It was tragic was a rollercoaster ride, of course, but with her gone opens up so many avenues to venture into other characters and how they deal with things and this is why we absolutely need a season three and why it’s so important.


Some people have concerns that the show it’s too graphic. This is 10 Facts About 13 REASONS WHY Season 3. Well, is it too graphic? Well, you see this kind of show is supposed to be controversial’s supposed to arouse people’s minds and have them think and question things that they may have overlooked before so Of course.

13 REASONS WHY Season 3
13 REASONS WHY Season 3

There are many difficult scenes to watch and a lot of very controversial subject matter. If you’re feeling anyways if you’re feeling upset if you’re feeling a little bit disturbed greatly the show is doing its job. I can’t count on anyone else anymore. I have to do this myself.


Another reason why season three is so important is that it doesn’t just open up doors to explore new stories but there are also so many unanswered questions and fans are like, okay what the heck happened here? You don’t know the whole story so people want answers like clay and Justin’s new relationship that develop in me my parents want to see if you might want them to adopt you.


The 13 reasons why showrunner Brian your keys really shared his thoughts about season three and he said this in his own words what happened to Hanna will always be the first Clause of the story? The rest of the story is about young people as so many young people may be all young people today learn how to heal from things that have hurt them to make the world what they wanted to be and above all how to take care of each other so that’s another theme.


That’s gonna be a Primary focus of season 3 the season 3 trailer also confirmed that the focus of the season will be who killed Bryce Walker and the crazy thing is that we see that each of these characters do have some sort of motive as to why they would want Bryce out of the picture so it’s gonna be very interesting to see how this unfolds in season 3 andPlease say somethingThirty reasons why season three will be coming to Netflix on Friday, August 23rd, 2019.

Who killed bryce walker?
Who killed Bryce walker?


The third season the show has introduced an interactive website called who killed Bryce Walker calm now you got to access his website from your mobile device and in it, you’ll be interrogated the truth is going to come out one way or the other.

So I’m going to ask you one more time okay, are you prepared to cooperate? Good, this really opens up a whole new way to engage and interact with the show so who knows if they’re gonna be adding, even more, features once they release the season?

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