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11 Best Turkish Dramas on Netflix To Watch If You like Aşk Laftan Anlamaz
11 Best Turkish Dramas on Netflix To Watch If You like Aşk Laftan Anlamaz

If you are a fan of Aşk Laftan Anlamaz and looking the Best Turkish Dramas on Netflix? In this post, you will see Kurt Seyit Ve Şura, The Protector & More. Turkish always produce amazing TV Series and Movies. Turkish Dramas are famous in all over the world. I personally like Turkish Shows.

In This post, you will see many amazing Turkish TV Series on Netflix. All the Dramas are fantastic. These dramas have fun, Drama and Romance. I personally suggest you watch Kurt Seyit Ve Şura, The Protector, The Girl I Loved. Because they have content.

Netflix always trying to find some special talent all over the world. That’s why Netflix is one of the biggest networks on Online streaming Media. This is a great chance for those who are looking for the Drama, Action, and Romantic TV Show. Now I,m going to tells you all about Best Turkish Dramas on Netflix.

11 Best Turkish Dramas on Netflix


1- Kurt Seyit Ve Şura

Kurt Seyit ve Sura (TV Series 2014)
Kurt Seyit ve Sura (TV Series 2014)

The superb acting, the emotions, the storyline are utterly compelling. Every episode was captivating. The ending was so sad, leaving me feeling quite bewildered. The cinematography was surreal and mesmerizing. There was a multitude of action war scenes in which the filmmaker used slow motion without the viewer becoming distracted.

The language made heavy use of eloquent and very romantic metaphors. This is a Turkish Dramas on Netflix. The expressiveness of the script can only be described as genius.

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2- The Protector

The Protector
The Protector

The supporting cast is also incredible. Their emotions are so well played which makes you feel for them. The shoemakers have a great bit of two-sided love story going on which will make people choose sides. Çağatay Ulusoy plays the lead role in this fabulous series under the name Hakan Demir.

There was a series of sensations with adrenaline at the top. Hope you will like this Turkish TV Series on Netflix. Çağatay Ulusoy shone like Hakan Demir. It basically portrays a youth barely managing to earn money by selling antiques in coordination with his father.

3- The Girl I Loved

The Girl I Loved
The Girl I Loved

There was no ending. I want to find out what happened. I would love to see Mine and Timur happy finally. They deserve each other. Very real plot and wonderful characters. This is amazing Turkish Shows on Netflix. He made the audience feel his emotion. Despite the sudden ending, it is still worth watching.

The realization that nothing in life has any certainty and that even the greatest love of parents, children, lovers can be fleeting and lost in the tossing of a dice or the glance of a stranger.

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4- Black Heart

Black Heart
Black Heart

I actually give Dark Heart a very feeble thumbs up or two and a half stars. The acting is good, as are the plots for the three segments. Hope you will love these Turkish Dramas on Netflix. However, as with many present-day Police dramas and procedurals. It may have to do with their trying to reach a wider audience, but it could be just a matter of padding the storyline.

To make the series, and episodes fill a certain amount of time. Watchable, but far from brilliant. Great cast great story just a really good thriller.

5- 20 Minutes

20 Minutes
20 Minutes

This TV Series also has the potential to watch. This is the best Turkish TV Series on Netflix. I recommended for those who are looking the Daily life issue then watch this TV Series. When his wife is convicted of murder, a horrified family man races to prove her innocence while a dogged investigator sets out to uncover the truth.

6- Intersection (Kördügüm)

Intersection (Kördügüm)
Intersection (Kördügüm)

Happened upon this series and fell head over heels with the plot. All the characters were superb, especially the young actor who played well. Hope this is Turkish Shows on Netflix. I loved the chemistry between Ali Nejat and Naz, as well as the subtleties associated with falling for someone when you are not even aware it is happening.

Turkish shows have been up and rising for a long time and have very diverse storylines for the most part. If anyone is looking for new shows that have been tested and tried, try Ask-i Memnu, Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne, Kuzey Guney among many others.

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7- The End

IRAN – the not so distant future. Aylin, a delightful however beaten Turkish lady, is being held, hostage. She is discharged from her ties and drove squinting onto an overhang of a run-down house where she meets a secretive Englishman. Don,t forget the comment about Turkish Dramas on Netflix. He treats her benevolent, restoring her things.

She goes for her international ID yet he reveals to her she won’t utilize that any longer. He holds up a mirror and she sees her beaten face.

8- Gonul


Tekin was the Bad Boy, who was the Good Man deep inside. I wish this tragic love story and ever-interesting serial would have been continued. What you think about this Turkish TV Series on Netflix. The last seen was so emotional that made me cry and it was when he was about to commit suicide by crashing himself and the car down the cliff.

Congratulate him and other actors of this serial, my thumbs up for all of them. I adore and recommend.

9- Mahmut & Meryem

I hope you will like this show. In Gence during 1514, Ziyad Khan the sultan of Karabag has been in power for a long time and now he is worried about the eventual fate of the Sultanate. Ziyad Khan’s successor is his child Mahmut who is very inverse in character. Hope this is amazing Turkish Shows on Netflix. This is amazing.

Ziyad is worried that Mahmut won’t probably run the domain. Regardless of Ziyad Khan’s savage approach, Mahmut is a philanthropic supporting opportunity and harmony.

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10- Winter Sun

Winter Sun
Winter Sun

Fantastic Turkish series. The lead pair is a treat to watch. They emote so well that you forget it is just make-believe and start to root for them in earnest. The chemistry between them is great not a single kiss yet their passion for each other comes through in a few intimate scenes.

The story has many twists and sucks you in. Hope you will like these Turkish dramas on Netflix. Casting is so well done with each actor/actress performing remarkably.

11- What Happens to My Family

This is comedy Turkish TV Show. I really hope you will like it after watching this amazing fun. Salih accepts that a dad is in charge of his youngsters’ missteps. This is just amazing Turkish Shows on Netflix. In this manner, he attempts to endure the shot for his youngsters. Be that as it may, as Salih lives for his kids, he dismisses his life.

Salih’s greatest kids Ece is functioning as the president’s aide in perhaps the greatest organization in Turkey.

This is all about 11 Best Turkish Dramas on Netflix To Watch If You like Aşk Laftan Anlamaz. This is really bad we cannot find the Aşk Laftan Anlamaz on Netflix but we have that kind of TV Series. If you like this post then comment on this post. Tells us what you think about these Turkish Dramas.

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11 months ago

Winter Sun is fabulous. Well acted, gorgeous leads, beautiful clothes, homes. Great!

Margymae Mayo
Margymae Mayo
10 months ago

I loved Black Money Love but I hope there is a season 2 because many plots went unfinished. Is there a season 2 and will Netflix add it? My first Turkish series and I loved it. elif and Omer were magnificent.

Bobbie E Jordan
Bobbie E Jordan
10 months ago
Reply to  Margymae Mayo

I have watch all Turkish Movies on Netflix. I have watched”Intersection” 5 times..”.Black Money Love” 6 times…” Gonul” 3 times half way through, they took it off of Netflix ,I am mad!!….I watch” Black Heart”..”.Winter Sun” . Can’t think of any more at this time. American Movies has too much Sex, cursing and bloody gore plots that is way out there. Plus the actress and actors make too much money, for there acting. Thanks for the good clean movies looking for more to come. My Granddaughter is watching them now. I don’t speak Turkish, I have to read it, but… Read more »

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