Locke & Key (2020) Netflix Series – Everything you need to know

This is Locke & Key (2020) Netflix Series - Everything you need to know. Netflix is finally delivering an adaptation of the best-selling series Locke & Key.
This is Locke & Key (2020) Netflix Series - Everything you need to know. Netflix is finally delivering an adaptation of the best-selling series Locke & Key.


This is Locke & Key (2020) Netflix Series – Everything you need to know. Netflix is finally delivering an adaptation of the best-selling series Locke & Key. I’m here to give you the ins and outs of this Lovecraft inspired world reviewing the plot and history of a comic to prep you for a comic adaptation up the original. No seriously though y’all I love doing these and lock-and-key is a wild ride.

I’m so excited to share everything about this series with you. I let me know the basics without spoiling any big plot points so that you can jump into the series informed with some bare-bones but not ruined. I get to keep breaking down cartoons and comics which is the greatest thing in the world.


Let’s head to the key house so what is lock and key it’s a comic book series from idw publishing written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. Joe Hill you may know is the son of a claimed writer Stephen King but Hale is a brilliant writer in his own right. He gets horror and this guy stuff is dark.

You all after ending their vertigo line after 25 years DC is going to continue pushing the boundaries of graphic novels with edgy horror-oriented material with an input that Hill will be running called Hill House comics. Joe Hill will be spearheading his own comic within the imprint and collaborating with other creators on other series.

Gabriel Rodriguez has an architecture background which is why the key house looks so impressive. He’s known for his groundbreaking trippy aesthetics if I can encourage you to do one thing from this article. It’s to pick up the dang comics they are so good and I know you can get this on your tablet you guys but holding these panels and looking at the art is incredible.

The series is structured in two separate acts with each act having six issues the full series spans six volumes alongside a run of eight one-shot comics so we have a lot to work with here act ones first arc welcome to Lovecraft was released in 2008 and sold out in a single day requiring an immediate second printing.

This was followed by head games in 2009 which had a prologue for issues in a standalone conclusion then came the crown of shadows keys to the kingdom clock works and finally Alpha and Omega followed by the one-shots. Honestly, If you’re just looking at if toe into the lock-and-key water starts with the one-shots.

They double down on the lore and history of the series and give you the backstory. It’s a fun place to start a 20/20 release has been announced that as of this taping. It’s gonna be called world war ki this storyline according to the hill is a quote about the idea that the past is never gone he went on to say that he thinks a quote a lot of ghost stories are about ways the past keeps bleeding through to the present.


We’ll revisit the Revolutionary War Civil War and World War two to show how these past events have lingering effects on our heroes. Today, Again this arc should be six books this is particularly exciting because this means the show will have even more material to pull from again guys. I don’t want to spoil too much of what happens in the series.

Especially since one of the events is incredibly interwoven in and it’s difficult to tell you some events without disclosing the whole kit and kaboodle and to the show, winners have already confirmed that the show will be taking off in some different directions from the comics. We’ll cover our jumping-off point with the story name some key characters.

I guess just prep for light spoilers for who people are or what people aren’t people move a great also just to be safe guys please note that the opening that I’m about to talk about is violent and deals with sexual assault so please stop the video if that’s something you aren’t prepared to hear about.


It’s summer in California and Tyler Locke is furious with his father for canceling his vacation plans Talia had brought his younger sister Kenzie along to a party so she could hang out with her crush. Well, her crush gets wasted at this party she ends up being a passenger in his car. They get into an accident just bite Kenzie only sustaining minor injuries Rendel Tyler’s father was furious and rightly.

Cancelled Tyler’s plans to go to Baja Tyler hates his dad at this moment. We storm out of his father’s office he’s the guidance counselor at school another student Sam lesser approaches him. Sam complains about his father even talks about killing him which prompts Tyler to say you ever decided to kill your dad do me a favor and kill mine.

While you’re at it careful what you wish for Tyler Sam will soon be coerced by a demon called dodge to go after Rendell to obtain. Some mysterious keys the anywhere key and the Omega key dodges. A demon whose true name is unknown though it does refer to itself as the legion dodge has multiple forms and identities. They’ll possess many different people throughout the series.

Take on different personas as they slink into the lives of the Locke family so Sam under dodges orders brings along creepy fellow student out to attack the locks and bring back these keys Sam holds rental at gunpoint demanding the keys while al who is always a gold his guidance counselor’s wife takes this opportunity to rape Nina look.

Sam, Rendell, Bodhi, and Shoot

Al is not under dodges influence in any way it’s just a monster during this time Kinsey has her brother Bodhi up on the roof with her hiding. Tyler is with his father when Rendell refuses to give him the keys Sam shoots him. Tyler grabs a brick and beats Sam incapacitating him and Nina picks up a hatchet killing her attacker.

Al Sam is arrested and sent to a detention center rest assured this will not be the last time we see Sam. I want to give you this incredibly dark opening so you know what you’re getting into folks this is just the tip of the iceberg and the trailer. Well, we get a taste that’s gonna be a weird and bloody show sorta makes this look like spooky Narnia.

I want you fully prepped for the oh my god of this story okay now what do you do when your dad is murdered move into his gothic childhood home, of course, the family operates from Kali to Lovecraft Massachusetts and rentals younger brother Duncan helps the family settle. In do you think he influenced this story key house has a set of magical keys that provide?

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