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Netflix Revealed Whats gonna happened on “The Witcher Netflix” | Trailer
The Witcher Netflix

Welcome back everyone its charlie we finally have the full official trailer for The Witcher so we’ll break it down there’s a whole bunch of book stuff going on during this lot of Easter eggs. I will be doing for the series when it drops. They finally confirmed the official release date. It’s pretty much exactly when we all thought it was going to happen the week before Christmas so we will be talking about all kinds of Witcher stuff at the end of the year.

If you’re not familiar with the series or you haven’t read the books or played the games don’t worry but the games are amazing the books are actually what the series is going to cover the games are meant to be a sequel story that picks up after the events of the books but starting with the footage the voice over you get at the beginning of the trailer is Yennefer talking to him talking about I’ve heard about witchers.

I’ve heard about all these mutations and the potions that you take that’s all happening during this banquet scene where all the different people are trying to screw each other in the background it’s not the sorcerer’s banquet from time of contempt that’s one of the later books season 1 is only covering the short stories from the first two books the last wish and sword of Destiny this trailer is meant to be the basic explainer for who Geralt of Rivia is why he acts the way he does what wishers do what his general philosophy is like this later woman says why don’t you just all.

Anya talking to GEDI Visual, about Yennefer’s relationship with Geralt.

The Real Story of The Witcher in Comic Book

Those terrible people – he says because that would make me the monster that they say I am part of his code is that he only monsters when they’re a danger to other people all these dead bodies at the beginning of the trailer seem like they’re from the fall of Cintra later after Nilfgaard comes back to invade on the orders of Emperor. the witcher netflix, netflix the witcher, the witcher netflix release date, the witcher movie, the witcher serie.

We’ll be talking about him a lot during the series he’s not the main villain but he comes pretty close to being one of the bigger villains then they do this thing where they juxtaposed Yenefer’s purple eyes with Geralt see yellow cat eyes as he’s getting though Witcher potions and undergoing the Witcher mutations that grant him his special powers and long lifespan Yennefer also go through some transformations physical transformations.

When she attains her power is a sorceress this scene of Geralt during the day walking into this fight seems like it’s from butcher of lavish and it might seem like there are a ton of different fights and battles going on in the trailer but really it’s just different scenes from the same three to four fights broken up into a bunch of different parts this battle when he’s fighting the soldiers seems like. the witcher netflix, netflix the witcher, the witcher netflix release date, the witcher movie, the witcher serie. It’s Winnie’s helping Dooney in Panetta earlier in the story Geraltis brought to Cintra by Ciri’s grandmother Queen Calanthe to oversee the wedding of her daughter Ciris mother pavetta:

They has all these suitors and nobles from neighboring kingdoms that’s what these banquet scenes or four but pavetta is really in love with a cursed monster are cursed human that looks like a monster named Unni he’s the one that looks like he has the head of a hedgehog no spoilers for Dooney’s secret identity we’ll talk about that later after the series premieres there’s a whole lot going on here that we can’treally talk about without getting into spoilers.

All the trailers talk about people being worse than monsters the wedding here is an example of Queen kalanchoe in the people of central and the nobles being terrible people in karma is a bitch because after Geralt manages to save Downey and prevent palette from being forced to marry one of these other suitors you see later in time Milgard sacks.

Cintra and Queen Calanthe lay doing yelling it’s ciri to go seek out Geralt for protection they’re just an example of karma coming back around on terrible people like is it’s terrible that Melgaard is invading and sacking Cintra but they were just as terrible to deny in palette earlier in the story.

We can’t go too deep on why Nilfgaard is invading without getting into spoilers so we’ll talk about that when the series premieres but really they’re after ciri and Nilfgard is trying to consolidate power by conquering all the neighboring kingdoms ciri is not the only thing that they’re after this is the school where Yennefer studied to be a sorceress.

There’s the scene of her trying to make it with Geralt at this Banquet Geralt riding into advice in taking the witcher potions as the Jennifer talks about the story she’s heard of witches and the mutations that they undergo we get our first look at Jaskier with Geralt and Roach riding down the road this might be from the last wish is really the first time the Geralt and Jennifer meet.

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The Witcher Netflix Release Date

The Witcher is available on 20 December 2019.

They may change that a little bit for the books the way she’s talking to him here makes it seems like it’s the first time that they’ve met but really it’s earlier in the story when they actually meet for the first time so it’s kind of hard to tell based on the way they cut this footage this is more of Geralt getting ready to fight off Renfri’s men in Blaviken. the witcher netflix, netflix the witcher, the witcher netflix release date, the witcher movie, the witcher serie. This scene of the people in the tavern treating him like crap is just another example of how normal people are generally distrustful and fearful of all it’s not just Geralt that they’re afraid of they just opposed this with Geraltfighting monsters who kind of seemed terrible then notice how they jump back and forth between that.

The scenes of regular people being even more terrible in Blaviken in the tavern like the monsters seemed bad but its real humans who are Terribad these are scenes of him fighting Renfree herself I did a whole video explaining the meaning behind the name Geralt is given the butcher of advice.

I’ll link that at the end of this but the super-quick version is that ren free is coming to advice in to get revenge against a sorcerer called Stregobor who himself is a very terrible person and who she has a lot of history with and good reason to want to get revenge against him but in order to do that she threatens the lives of all these normal townspeople who aren’t doing anything in advice and so Geralt is forced to all of Renfri’s men to protect those townspeople but at the end of it it.

Gets even worse for him because he fights all these people off saves the townspeople but the townspeople themselves treat him like a monster because he looks like he just butchered get. the witcher netflix, netflix the witcher, the witcher netflix release date, the witcher movie, the witcher serie. It butchers oblivion all these people so they started throwing rocks at him so even the people that he just saved from being or acting horribly towards him this giant battle scene just seems like it’s one of the major Nilfgaardian wars with Cintra maybe the Battle of the sodden hill. They’re two major Wars with Nilfgaard and Cintra so this could be either one.

The Witcher Netflix

This is Yennefer and Geraldton the road it might be during the last wish earlier during their first beating from the books but like I said it’s kind of hard to tell how much they’ve changed the timeline of the books this is just kalantay dying telling ciri to find Geralt because he’ll protect her from the Nilfgaardian ‘he’s this scene of Geralt.

The castle bridge might be from earlier at the beginning of Cavett as weating this is ciri in the middle of her escape from Cintra there was a longer version of this scene that they screened last week at London Comic Con where she runs into a boy and they sort of giving you some scenes with her that let you know what her personality is like before she winds up in the force too Brokilon with the dryads but then she’s actually in Brokilon talking to the dryads.

It’s probably right before she meets Geralt for the first time then they have a whole bunch of scenes from Panetta’s wedding when all breaks loose and Geralt tries to save Duny from being by everyone else they the funny scene of him talking to Roach don’t judge me horse he calls all of his horses Roachhe goes through several different horses but they might just give him the one brooch during season one this is just an example of Nilfgaardian soldiers being terrible just to sell you on the idea that they’re coming for ciri like I said there’s no real main villain.

In The Witcher series it just some people are more terrible than others at times there’s a bunch of different scenes ofCiri escaping from Cintra and vesemir trying to compel Geralt to save her talking about destiny terrible things will happen if you don’t as they show all these cataclysms and invasions in the background ciri being his destiny so to speak has made clear to him in wait for it a book called sword of Destinysee how they did that the scene of ciri using her power just meant to show you how special she is and explain a little bit about her elder blood they might not get too deep into that during the beginning of the series this scene of the ground cracking in and around Cintra could be coming from Vilgefortz or another sorcerer there are a lot of sorcerers in The Witcher series and most of them are terrible people but Vilgefortz is the closest thing to the main villain as you could say that the series has but he’s working Withnilfgaard and Emperor Emhyr when they start to try and conquer all the neighboring kingdoms.

You get that last voiceover from Geralt explaining his philosophy evil is evil greater lesser evil it’s all the something here is Fringilla next to the trebuchet during the invasion of Cintrashe’s just another Nilfgaardian sorceress from the series this is Yennefer in a different court after she gets her powers and becomes a sorceress she serves in a number of different.

The Witcher Netflix Trailer

kingdoms, before she meets Geralt for the first time more of ciri on the run more of Geralt fighting a different band of marauders, vesemir still yelling at Geralt chasing him down talking about destiny to help ciri this person before we’ve seen it a lot of the trailers is to say she’s one of the people that take in Yennefer when she younger and trains her to become a sorceress then the witcher netflix, netflix the witcher, the witcher netflix release date, the witcher movie, the witcher serie, there’s a whole bunch of footage from the comic-con scenes that they showed up last week with yenneferand queen Kahless of Leiria trying to save her from an unknown sorcerer to this trying to her in her baby then this scene is more footage from the end of the last trailer scene of Geralt fighting.

Giant spider monster in the swamps, while he’s all portioned up the spider monster, is actually called Akiko Mori they show up all over the Witcher games there’s a bunch of them that live in swamps they have very human-looking heads but everybody let me know in the comments if you spot any Easter eggs or anything big in the trailer.

Comic Con scenes and learn why Geralt is called the butcherof Blaviken and click here for the teaser for the brand-new Game of Thronesprequel that they just announced House of the Dragon about the Targaryen family.

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