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12 Best Netflix Original Movies You Should Be Watching 2020

This is 12 Best Netflix Original Movies You Should Be Watching 2020. Netflix's original movies can be a mixed bag. Netflix 2020 is coming with full of entertainment.
This is 12 Best Netflix Original Movies You Should Be Watching 2020. Netflix's original movies can be a mixed bag. Netflix 2020 is coming with full of entertainment.

This is 12 Best Netflix Original Movies You Should Be Watching 2020. Netflix’s original movies can be a mixed bag. Netflix 2020 is coming with full of entertainment. The streaming service sometimes puts quantity above quality. So instead of spending hours combing the feed, keep it right here for our favorite Netflix-produced films that will surprise, delight, and satisfy any movie buff.

Okja 2017

Okja (oak-Jah) is your classic tale of a girl and her genetically enhanced super pig. Set in Korea and the U. S., Okja features a diverse cast, thrilling set pieces, and enough emotional moments to keep you engaged even when the film indulges its weirder aspects. Okja is easily the best Netflix original movie to date.

10 Best Netflix Original Movies 2019

Beast of no nation (2015)

Netflix’s first major foray into film distribution, at least in terms of narrative filmmaking, was Beasts of No Nation, a child soldier drama from 2015. Starring Idris Elba in what should’ve been an Oscar-nominated performance, Beasts of no Nation is an intense watch but also a rewarding one. Best Netflix Original Movies 2020. It reminds us how few depictions of Africa we really see on screen, and how much that needs to be corrected.

In Sunday’s Illness (2018)

In Sunday’s Illness, a mother and the daughter she abandoned 35 years ago spend 10 days together and endure a powerful, beautiful journey. The somber tone and impeccable cinematography lead to a life-changing experience.

Mudbound (2017)

Mudbound traces the stories of two families during World War II, one white, one black. They intersect when the McAllan family buys the farm that the Jackson family has worked on as sharecroppers for years. Netflix Original Movies List. The devastating ending alone makes Mudbound a must-watch.

Kodachrome (2018)

In Kodachrome, what starts as a paint-by-numbers story of an estranged father and son working out their issues on a road trip morphs into a genuinely affecting tale of family and mortality with a satisfying emotional payoff. Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis are stellar, and the pace of the film allows Kodachrometo to breathe, making it one of the best Netflix releases of 2018.

The Witcher Questions Answered

6 Balloons (2018)

In 6 Balloons, one long night tests the limits of compassion. 12 Best Netflix Original Movies You Should Be Watching 2020. It tells the story of a woman trying to plan a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend. But as the day goes on, she collides with her brother, a heroin addict who’s using again. 6 Balloons is a powerful story about middle-class addiction.

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Gerald’s Game is one of the best Stephen King adaptations in a while. Often considered unfilmable, it’s the story of a woman who is left handcuffed to a bed in a remote cabin after her husband dies unexpectedly. It’s all about her survival and a deep dive into her past that actually improves upon the source novel.

Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Australia

A Futile and Stupid Gesture (2018)

A Futile and Stupid Gesture tells the origin story of the humor magazine National Lampoon and its odd-couple co-founders. It’s removed enough from the 1970s to offer new insight into its generational influence—and it also recontextualizes satire in our modern era of “fake news.

1922 (2017)

Yet another Stephen King adaptation, 1922 involves rats and murder. A Nebraska farmer has a crisis of conscience when his wife says she wants to move to the city and take their teenage son. Best Netflix Original Movies 2020. What follows is a signature King ghost story that expands beyond the usual tropes. The film’s anxiety-inducing soundtrack is also outstanding.

Forgotten (2017)

Forgotten is a slick, South Korean thriller that weaves a twisty tale. As he investigates his brother’s kidnapping, our protagonist begins to question everything about his own life and comes face-to-face with long-forgotten demons. It’s a masterful action film that delivers an emotional wallop, with jaw-dropping reveals.

First Match (2018)

The first Match follows a teen from Brooklyn searching for acceptance after a cycle of foster homes. In an effort to define herself in the chaos, she joins the all-male high school wrestling team. She also reconnects with her estranged father, who has recently gotten out of jail and is trying to make ends meet. Their relationship gets a do-over when he starts coming to her matches and helping her train.

Best Uk films on Netflix

Cargo (2017)

In Cargo, the zombie apocalypse is intimate, compelling, and showcases the best and worst of humanity in the Australian Outback. Netflix Original Movies List. And for one father, the stakes have never been higher as he only has only 48 hours to find someone to take care of his young daughter before he becomes undead.

Those are our picks for the best Netflix-produced movies you can stream right now. But if we missed one of your favorites, be sure to shout them out in the comments below. Need more suggestions on what to binge tonight? Check out our other streaming guides linked here for the best shows, series, movies, and documentaries out there. And be sure to subscribe to The Daily Dot for more recommendations in the future. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next one.

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