Arak Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date & Time on Show TV

The Release Date and Time of Arak Season 1 Episode 2 have been revealed. The new episode under the title “Kara 2 Bölüm” will air on Show TV. Here is the Plot: “Kara is determined to bring those responsible for having caused her family’s misery she will meet Zeynep her daughter, her nemesis while she uncovers the mysteries of the past. The journey to retribution will unite their fates the characters. Are you prepared to fight for your life between love and revenge? The actors of Kara produced by Ender Mihlar and whose story is composed by Ayberk Cinar, Murat Can Oguz and Asli Gonulay and has important names, such as Ilker Kaleli Oyku Karayel Tulin Ozen Mehmet Ozgur Yildiray Sahinler Ilker Kizmaz Kerem Arslanoglu, Bedir Bedir, Furkan Kalabalik, Demircankacel, Cem Zeynel Kilic, Gorkem Kasal, Beril Kolcu, Ilgaz Kaya and Bennu Yildirimlar.”

When is Arak Season 1 Episode 2.

When is Arak Season 1 Episode 2 release date & time?

Arak Season 1 Episode 2 release date is Thursday, January 11, 2024. The episode will premiere on January 11, 2024, at 10 p.m. EST.

The release time of the regions is given below:

7:00 a.m. PT
10:00 a.m. EST
3:00 a.m. GMT
4:00 a.m. CET

Where to watch Arak Season 1 Episode 2:

New episodes of Arak Season 1 will be available to watch on Show TV.

How many episodes of Arak Season 1 are there?

There is information regarding how many episodes but we can estimate 25-30 Episodes.

List Below

Episode 1 – Thu Dec 21, 2023
Episode 2 – Thu Jan 11, 2024
Episode 3 – Thu Jan 18, 2024
Episode 4 – Thu Jan 25, 2024
Episode 5 – Thu Feb 01, 2024
Episode 6 – Thu Feb 08, 2024

Arak Season 1 Episode 2 Cast and Actors

Ilker Kaleli – Kara Talan
Tülin Özen – Yosun Altan
Öykü Karayel – Zeynep Çinar
Mehmet Özgür
Kerem Arslanoglu
Demircan Kacel

Yildiray Sahinler
Bennu Yildirimlar

Furkan Kalabalik
Beril Kolcu

Arak Season 1:

The series that stars Ilker Kaleli as well as Oyku Karayel continues to unfold on screen with the second episode. The new episode, in which the interconnected tale that is Zeynep Kara and Zeynep Kara are told is eagerly anticipated. Fans of the series “Watch the second episode of “Arak” They are conducting research on the subject.

As a defender of those who are being treated in a way that is unfair and against those who strip their rights away, Kara crosses paths with journalist Zeynep Cinar, daughter of the famous economist Rauf Cinar, as he is seeking a new position alongside his fellow colleagues, who he considers his family.

While Kara who is for those who are treated unfairly, and against those who strip their rights away and is seeking the opportunity of a new job alongside his colleagues whom he regards as family members His path is crossed by the journalist Zeynep Cinar, daughter of famous professor of economics Rauf Cinar.

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