17 Best Thai Movies on Netflix | Thai Movies Netflix 2022

This is Best Thai Movies on Netflix like Inhuman Kiss (2019), I Fine… Thank You… Love You (2014), Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection (2019). Are you looking for the Thai Movies Netflix? Then In this article, you will see many amazing top Movies on Netflix Thailand. This is a great chance for those who want to learn the Thai language.

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17 Best Thai Movies on Netflix

1- Inhuman Kiss (2019)

This movie represents about the power of love although she is inhuman. the beautiful plot, good cast. The sad movie about being cursed and in love. I was expecting a horror movie about the Krause (flying head demon), but in the end, it turned out to be a beautiful love story about a cursed maiden and her heroic selfless boyfriend, who tried to save her, but in the end, had to face lots of obstacles and hardship from the people around them.

This is not a typical Thai horror story. This is Thai Movies on Netflix. It is beautifully made, had strong good casts of actors, an interesting storyline, nice special effects, and finally an unexpected twist ending.

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2- I Fine… Thank You… Love You (2014)

There is some gross humor in it but overall, I loved the movie. It was a very funny, romantic and sometimes dramatic film. It’s a very sweet story. Go and watch it, you won’t regret. It was a feel-good kinda movie.

3- 2,215 (2018)

This personal narrative follows hero Artiwara Kongmalai on his noteworthy, 2,215-kilometer noble cause stumble into Thailand in 2017. The open followed each progression of his honorable gathering pledges long-distance race. Hope you like this Thai Movies Netflix. Barely any know the passionate excursion that went with it.

4- Bang Rajan 2 (2010)

Mistreated real history, yet who cares. It’s the longshots versus the dictators, savage with a couple, huh? minutes (like the moving of the relic, and afterward having it fall into the ocean just to have them rig something up to pull it back up at the same time the foe armed force was shutting in). The peak includes a bind into the principal move. Engaging if not somewhat tragic.

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5- Happy Old Year (2019)

Probably the best film of the year, completely a phenomenal accomplishment. A sluggish burner dramatization that is bound to gatecrash the disguised room of your feelings. Great film. The character reflects genuine situation. Awful, great acting and tastefully satisfying. Expectation you will going to adore it, in the wake of watching this astonishing film.

6- Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection (2019)

A benevolent PC repairman falls for a road keen spray painting craftsman whose numerous character issue compounds after she observes a twofold homicide. Telephones, Netflix Thai Movies, PCs – and so on, he can fix it. Be that as it may, this present young lady’s life may be hopeless. That won’t prevent him from attempting.

7- Tootsies and the Fake (2019)

Calm amusing to have a particularly droll style. The most interesting part is; in Thailand as far as possible to watch this film is 15 years of age when in Indonesia got 21+. its an astonishing film atleast watch it once.

8- Expectation Frozen (2018)

You should watch “Expectation Frozen” in Netflix. An ardent narrative of the most youthful individual (2 yo) that is cryonically frozen. Solid film experimentally and ethically, taking into account that the guardians are buddhist. couldn’t want anything more than to know your criticism! Expectation Frozen, a Netflix narrative. A Thai family who utilized Cryogenics to protect their girl’s mind. She had aggresive mind malignant growth.

9- BNK48: Girls Don’t Cry (2018)

AKB48 has been a social wonder in Japan since the start of the decade, and as of now, is among the most noteworthy gaining melodic entertainers in Japan. BNK48 is their Thai sister gathering and the third worldwide sister gathering, following Indonesia’s JKT48 and China’s SNH48. Thamrongrattanarit, through meetings with some of the individuals, features the technique of choice, the considerations, and sentiments of the young ladies, clarifying all the while, why such an idea is so well known.

10- One Day (2016)

What a fantastic movie this is the plot is so concrete and you won’t find any melodramatic situation in the entire movie, Thai Movies on Netflix, superb performance by the main leads and the way silence is used in the film is quite poignant. A heart touching movie, nice plot and the camera quality is high. The best drama romantic movie ever.

11- SuckSeed (2011)

This film is one of the greats. It is astutely composed and has incredible exchange. It was an okay film yet discovered a portion of the acting to be messy and a portion of the locales they used to be exhausting and unimaginative yet an inside and out fun time in the event that you need some exemplary cheddar. Truly outstanding and most amusing film.

12- Holy Man 2 (2008)

The kitsch on-air shopping groupings are regularly amusing. It may not be earthshaking, yet this tranquility skillful feel-great film shows that a little truthfulness can go far. Sincere goals flourish, yet we as a whole know where they lead. The shallowness and absence of point of view of the story shield everybody from conveying anything over a commonplace, somewhat interesting parody.

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13- Shutter (2004)

I think Insidious first part was copied from this one. The overall concept. It is better than other scary movies like conjuring and insidious and it had a good twisted ending. The climax is very nostalgic. Thai Movies Netflix. When the truth of Megumi’s spirit is finally revealed. This movie is scary, certainly better than many western horror movies.

14- Oversize Cops (2017)

Skipper made an honest effort to mentor, increment wellness level, control diet and increment practice through steady gathering. we are generally very much aware loosing weight is trying for food darlings. simply appreciate basic theft, basic cops, honest fun. cool film. It will be fun considering them to be washouts as fat and ill-suited cops. quite they were prepared at foundation its because of their skipper they endure their work.

15- Pee Mak Phrakanong (2013)

Highly recommended! Best comedy horror movie. I totally recommend this to the new people that is checking this out! Looking between your legs is a common superstition in Thailand where if you do, you might see a ghost, hence the plot of the movie. Regarding their teeth being blackened, that is also common and, if done regularly (believe it or not), leads to better dental health.

16- Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (2009)

A basic storyline around a 30-year old single Thai lady (Mei Li) who is fairly undeveloped in the dating game inclination the weight of finding a sweetheart after the entirety of her companions are hitched. She meets Lung who is a night-move engineer for the Bangkok Transit System and approaches endeavoring to begin and assemble a relationship with him.

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17- Bike Man (2018)

A Thai parody show coordinated by Prueksa Amaruji, Bikeman was discharged in Thailand a year ago. It recounts the narrative of Sakkarin (Pachara “Peach” Chirathivat), who lives with his mom, Juree (Jennifer Kim), and his grandma on the edges of Bangkok.

Juree is pleased with her child, believing that he functions as an investor and was as of late elevated to aide bank director. This is everything you need to know 17 Best Thai Movies on Netflix | Thai Movies Netflix 2020.

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