Everything you need to Know About New Netflix Series (RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness)

Netflix and Capcom have announced a series ‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’, RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness Release on Netflix 2020. It looks like we got some more information in regards to cCapcom’s upcoming Netflix series resident evil infinite darkness so with that being said let’s get right into it. Many were surprised to see the reveal of the upcoming Netflix series resident evil infinite darkness.

The short teaser trailer was accidentally uploaded on Saturday and quickly removed by Netflix then officially announced on Sunday. Since its announcement, many fans have been wondering. If this is a new series when it’ll be out what is a story etc thanks to the aesthetic game on twitter.

“We have a good roundup of everything we know so far this will be an episodic cg animated television series. That clears up many fans speculated that this will be a new cg movie it will be released in 2021 as a Netflix exclusive but will also release globally. This new series will be in collaboration between Capcom tms entertainment and animation planet.

It will also be canon to the games and covers the series history. It’s good to know that this will tie in and give us a little more information on what the characters have been up to in between games. Let’s just hope it stays faithful to what has already been established this series will be part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of resident evil.

The series will also pay special attention to the sound design they recommend wearing headphones well-known characters such as Leanne Kennedy and Claire Redfield will be returning. Once again all we have so far on the premise is that the series will start off with claire Redfield stumbling upon something late one night and Leon helps someone which sets things in motion.

This really isn’t a whole lot to go off of but I guess it’s better than nothing the series is described as horror action with scenes of horror suspense and breathtaking dynamic action hearing that it’s horror action isn’t necessarily a bad thing from the beginning. The resident evil series has always had action elements implemented into horror what does worry me though is dynamic action.

Lastly, we get a tease that there may be other familiar faces inside roles between hearing this. That the series covers the history of resident evil really makes me hopeful that we’ll be seeing a return of jill valentine she’s an integral character to the series. Let’s just hope they stay faithful to the characters.

The established history it would really be great if we got to see some familiar faces returned like jill valentine maybe Carlos and some others that kind of been brushed to the side but now People are curious to know your thoughts are you excited about this upcoming Netflix series. When exactly do you think it’ll take place, what characters would you hope to see a return, Let us know down below in the comments, and let’s have a discussion.

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