Green Mothers’ Club Season 1 premier Date On Netflix, Plot, Cast, Episodes

Green Mothers’ Club is an upcoming South Korean TV Series is directed by Ra Ha Na. It will be released on official Netflix on 6 April 2022. It would also have 16 episodes.

Lee Yo-won had confirmed that Choo Ja-Hyun is going to make a Green Mothers’ Club series. This series is produced by JTBC Studio. The script was also released on 14 February 2022.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 1 Schedule, Cast, Number

Countdown To Green Mothers’ Club Season 1

Episode NumberRelease DateEpisode Name
2X016 April 2022Episode 1
2X026 April 2022Episode 2
2X036 April 2022Episode 3
2X046 April 2022Episode 4
2X056 April 2022Episode 5
2X066 April 2022Episode 6
2X076 April 2022Episode 7
2X086 April 2022Episode 8
2X016 April 2022Episode 9
2X106 April 2022Episodes 10
2X116 April 2022Episodes 11
2X126 April 2022Episodes 12
2X136 April 2022Episodes 13
2X146 April 2022Episodes 14
2X156 April 2022Episodes 15
2X166 April 2022Episodes 16

In early, it was announced by Netflix sources that Green Mothers’ Club Season 1 is ready and will be launched on official Netflix on 6 April 2022.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 1 Plot

The ‘Green Mothers Club’ captures the friendship, motherhood, and growth of five mothers who met inside the fundamental community, every with a complicated that they could not triumph over.

It is a story that recounts the definition of a friend who meets naturally, communicates, and stocks life, in preference to organizational pursuits together with college or work. Each character lives differently, however, is reminded of the ‘beast realm’ (instinct) referred to as motherhood, and ponders the existence of a mom and a man or woman.

Green Mothers’ Club Season 1 Cast

The characters are superb and their mind-blowing acting skills in this show. This series is written by Shin Yi Won.

Here mentioned the main cast presenting in this series.

Let,s see Who would be in the main cast of Green Mothers’ Club Season 1?

Lee Yo Won as Lee Eun Pyo

Choo Ja Hyun as Byun Chun Hee

Kim Gyu Ri as Seo Jin Ha

Jang Hye Jin as Kim Young Mi

Joo Min Kyung as Park Yoon Joo

Yoon Gyung Ho as Man Soo

Choi Jae Rim as Jae Woong

Im Su Hyung as Geon Woo

Roy as Roy

Jung Shi Yool as Dong Seok

Park Ye Rin as Soo In

Lee Seon Hee as Bang Jeong Hee

Sung Byung Sook as Hyung Im

Park Jin Ah as Support Role

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