8 Best Irish Movies on Netflix You Need To Watch Right Now

Are you looking for Irish Movies on Netflix? Then These Movies The Siege of Jadotville (2016), The Young Offenders (2016), Brain on Fire (2016), Handsome Devil (2016), The Guard (2011) are amazing to watch on Netflix. Are you the subscriber of Netflix and looking for a very good story movie then These movies are amazing for you.

Netflix is one of the biggest Online streaming Networks. I highly suggest you watch Netflix TV Series, Shows, and Movies. I hope you will going to joy when you watch these movies. On this website, you will also see many good Movies, Stores and TV Series. Now I,m going to tells you all about this:

8 Best Irish Movies on Netflix

1- The Siege of Jadotville (2016)

The Siege of Jadotville”, in view of genuine occasions, actually shows what is implied by the administration, kinship, and fortitude enduring an onslaught. The movie is very well directed with a tightly knit storyline and screenplay. There is enough drama and action almost from the beginning till the end to keep the viewers glued to the screen (or their seats). Certainly recommend it as worth watching.

The perennial dispute between political strategists and military tacticians over right & wrong, good or bad, Irish Movies on Netflix, long term vision or immediate decision for mere survival- all these aspects have been brilliantly portrayed.

2- The Young Offenders (2016)

I think this movie is a very funny and exciting movie, for people who haven’t seen this go and watch it is worth it. Definitely lots of laughs funny and cute moments. I absolutely love it. Absolutely funny just waiting for the new one to come out getting so impatient waiting for it!

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3- Brain on Fire (2016)

Especially, Chloe Moretz’s performance is highly appreciated. It is also awareness on mental health (uncommon). Watch it just because of her phenomenal performance at least. If you want to really feel it, Irish Movies on Netflix, read the book. I thought the movie was extremely well! People are complaining that Chloe looks too young.

I hope for the patient diagnosed with bipolar, and any other mental disorder with seizures. Overmedicated and out of control, my daughter is definitely going to be evaluated to find out after 10 years of frustrating seizures and mental outbursts that there is possibly some real help for her and all the people who have suffered from the verbal and physical abuse.

4- Handsome Devil (2016)

When you see a movie about two gay boys, you automatically assume they’re going to date, but this movie shows that sexuality isn’t everything. These boys are both gay, but their bond is purely platonic, and it is beautiful. I hope you will going to love this List of Irish Movies on Netflix. Just because you both are gay doesn’t mean you’re in love, it means common ground.

A noticeable indie yet, almost individualistic approach to a high school drama. It was a simple movie that showed the struggle of a gay kid afraid of the world. It was set in a conservative society and ends on a positive note. It not bad but it’s not excellent either.

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5- The Guard (2011)

A hilarious dark comedy in enchanting Irish setting with some very oddball but likable characters. Gleeson is simply brilliant! Outstanding performance from Gleeson as an unconventional Garda. Packed with bawdy humor and some pathos too, this is an excellent movie.

6- Hostage to the Devil (2016)

Now and again a narrative tag along with that truly works. From time to time, a documentarian tags along and produces something so significantly convincing that you wind up momentarily drenched and completely submerged into a world you’d never at any point known existed. Here and there that world is totally alarming. This is an amazing Irish Movie Netflix. Fortunately for us, this is the world that is brought to the front line in Marty Stalker’s most recent, HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL.

7- Bad Day For The Cut (2017)

This is a revenge drama with a difference. No one is entirely guilty or innocent in this realistically-executed thriller and there are no real heroes or villains. The characters are easy to empathize with and the narration is gripping. Pretty interesting story about what is within some people when vengeance blossoms.

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8- Evelyn (2018)

Sad, Painful, Eye-opening. Suicide is an issue that sits like a rock, and if nothing is done it just continues to grow into a boulder. Even though, rocks can not turn into boulders. This is all about 8 Best Irish Movies on Netflix You Need To Watch Right Now. Thank you to the family that shared their pain and sorrow. I hope for you that at some point it becomes tolerable.

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