14 Best Korean Movies On Netflix | list of Netflix Korean films (2022)

Are you looking for an amazing Korean movie on Netflix then I suggest you to watch Space Sweepers (2021), Call (2020), Forgotten (2017), Time to Hunt (2020), #Alive (2020) & More. This is a great chance to watch these films who I suggest you watch. I hope you like it after watching this amazing TV Series, Movies and Shows.

Netflix always produces such as amazing movies. Kdrama and Korean movies are very famous in all over the world. Here is the list of Netflix Korean films. I sure after watching these films then I hope you will enjoy and don,t forget to comment on this post and tells us what your favorite film on this list.

If you want to know and see more about Netflix then you will visit our website: BestNetflixShows. Korea is famous for specially Kdrama. Korean Dramas are mostly about romance, dramatic and thriller story but now you will see action, romance, and dramatic scenes movies on Netflix Korea. Now I,m going to tells you all about 14 Best Korean Movies On Netflix | list of Netflix Korean films.

14 Best Korean Movies On Netflix

1- Space Sweepers (2021)

The variety and lavishness of societies is totally astounding, obviously better than American films at any rate, they utilized interpreters yet you could, in any case, hear their unique dialects which I thought was pleasant that even the world was displayed as one we actually had this load of societies in. Something I generally thought space motion pictures and science fiction needed. The reconsidered Wizard of Oz moral story, dynamic plot, creation quality, capable worldwide cast, and extravagance of the intricate multicultural world and full-bodied characters – combinations of aggregate tragic civic establishments and all my beloved components of probably the best science fiction films that have run into we ways as the decades progressed – ‘Sharp edge Runner’, ‘Serenity’, ‘Gatekeepers of the Galaxy’, ‘The Fifth Element’, ‘Complete recollection’, and numerous others.

A modest bunch of abnormal lines just as scenes with tepid tertiary person acting or somewhat disconnected changes really do diminish a couple of decimal focuses from a totally consistent review insight, yet the greatness and reviving thrill of the whole film actually overwhelm those and make it an absolute necessity.

An initial couple of moments began slow yet the speed attached as the film advanced I think to show how things heightened and got exceptional so great film in general. The altering of the film completely interested me, and the CGI looks so genuine! (the financial plan spent on this film is truly colossal so that clarifies what genuine-looking like the altering was) The Korean media outlet is so mind-blowing.

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2- Call (2020)

The Call is a Korean Fantasy Mystery Thriller delivered in 2020 in Netflix. Korean movies hold a solid presence in Asian Cinema and their style of filmmaking is presently taking new statures and rivaling the World Cinema. This movie depends on Time Travel yet Director and Writer Chung-hyun Lee treated it distinctively to make an all-around created Mystery Thriller.

However, the plot is very mind-boggling, the screenplay and composing is completely clear. Chief wonderfully changes over a wide span of time occurrences with his flawless composition. The film opens with an amazing wide-point shot on a waterway side where the Protagonist Seo Yeon was presented. I hope this will help you to find list of Netflix Korean films. She moves into another house and soon she gets a call from an unknown individual by the name of Young-sook however shockingly she is twenty years behind from right now and she lived in a similar house.

3- Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018)

Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days
Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days

This happens with LAST 49 DAYS also. It has a lot of action, drama, some comedy, and twists presented in a screenplay that is thoroughly engaging and will keep you hooked to the end despite a long duration. The guardians are all excellent as before, but this time their characters have been explored so well that no glitches matter after a point of time.

Ha Jung-woo excels in the film with his strong expressions and dialogue delivery. Surprisingly enough, Ju Ji-hoon takes the cake for an astonishing performance, list of Netflix Korean films. while Kim Hyang-gi still delivers a cute performance.

4- Pandora (2016)

This brilliant piece of craftsmanship will blow your mind as the film will bring you into an existence where it shows a calamitous day for South Korea because of an atomic reactor blast brought about by a tremor. The story is so particularly enrapturing as a comparative circumstance might happen whenever in our genuine world!

The projecting of this film is essentially astonishing as they could impeccably complete the feelings connected with their characters. This film will make you cry, chuckle, be restless and furthermore help the proper behavior when in such a circumstance. Everything associated with the fundamental story has been displayed in subtleties, for example, the pretend of the public authority, media and the residents. This film ought to be watched by each individual out there!

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5- Forgotten (2017)

It was a significant thrill ride for us when I watched it with my cousins. We even had an excessive number of hypotheses while watching it. The secret, tension, show, and story bend was even. Some secret motion pictures as a rule have exhausting scenes yet this one is unique. This one will keep you centered in the entire film. No exhausting fragments.

The manner in which they shot this film is simply so amazing. Marvelous camera controls. How the entertainers depicted their jobs was likewise extremely astonishing and noteworthy. I do suggest this film as it isn’t such a film yet something that gives us confidence, that is, you can’t escape from your bad dream subsequent to submitting wrongdoing either eagerly or reluctantly.

6- The Drug King (2018)

The Drug King
The Drug King

I thought it was brilliantly executed from Start to Finish I don’t as a rule watch subtitled movies. for me it was excellent. Good movie and honestly if that’s for real The Drug King would be the most powerful man everywhere. This is amazing Korean Movies On Netflix. This is amazing Korean Movies On Netflix. The good plot overall but felt that the movie was too draggy, but maybe that was necessary to capture the emotions of the actors but still felt that it was unnecessarily long.

7- Time to Hunt (2020)

Reconsidering Korea as a tragic culture, this film had shown it well. The presentation of the characters was exhibited well indeed. You’ll definitely know what sort of characters they are from the second they were first shown. They are simply youthful grown-ups who are attempting to make due in a tragic culture. Severely, needing to have a typical and quiet life.

Time to Hunt is a smart activity spine chiller that serves you with a lot of activity and rushes till the last second. Albeit the plot is basic and it didn’t actually should be this long, the film’s vivid visuals, solid exhibitions, sensational air and thrilling activity groupings are all that anyone could need to make up for that.

8- Psychokinesis (2018)


A great movie. Has a little bit of comedy, just enough anarchy, and a whole lot of butt-kicking. The superhero is pretty cool as he isn’t just a stereotypical hero. He’s only using his powers to help his daughter. Top notch little superhero movie. Nice performances all around, list of Netflix Korean films, funny and a little odd but nothing wrong with that.

9- Steel Rain (2017)

Steel Rain
Steel Rain

A superb movie. A well-crafted action movie. Excellent background score. The 2 leads are just perfect. The dialogues (English subtitles) were fast and took me some time to get into the flow. After that, it was a breeze. Absolutely brilliant. Kudos Korea. I recommended for these Korean Movies On Netflix. Please continue making brilliant movies like this.

10- Bad Police (2019)

Jo Pil-ho is a movie from the essayist/overseer of the mind-blowing The Man From Nowhere, another story-driven person concentrate on that is stuffed brimming with occasions, hazard, energy, and bits of knowledge with a decent amount of brutality; he’s something else altogether, a screw-up. It’s an astonishing, barometrical, solid movie with the chief and Lee Sun-Kyun splendidly depicting Jo Pil-ho as a wretched and frantic cop manhandling his position, carrying out wrongdoings with not many recovering components.

Every one of the characters is alarmingly genuine – anybody can take ‘some unacceptable’ way, adjust to the environmental elements until it turns into their ordinary everyday presence from which they basically do how they deal with enduring. His better half doesn’t annoy him to be equitable, she likewise does what she needs, etc. I like the reality he has no cop mate/accomplice, he works alone, this film doesn’t feel constrained to follow equation-based cop-film archetypes.

11- #Alive (2020)

One thing I think about us Asians is we never neglect to convey extraordinary intense rushes, may it be gross or damaging ghastliness. After “Train To Busan”, comes “Alive!” An extremely late zombie thriller that not just conveys zombies and slaughter it likewise gives us a couple of nightmares scenes particularly with the cooler scene.

This film may not be just about as incredible as TTB and doesn’t have a lot of exchange in the first and second demonstration however it doesn’t mean it’s awful, you should watch this and expect a contained zombie thriller on the grounds that more often than not it spends a great deal inside the condos of our characters and how they manage the circumstance outside. The rushes and panics are amazing they really went more.

Set on the backdrop of the North and South issues, this is a predictable spy drama. The story does rise to a couple of occasions but a more satisfying ending could have been thought of. Hope you like this Korean Movies On Netflix. This is a severely underrated movie. It portrays such a meaningful message but has unfortunately been overshadowed by Hollywood.

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12- Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018)

Illang: The Wolf Brigade
Illang: The Wolf Brigade

I think this is really well done, disregards the rocket launchers that didn’t explode violently or impact grenade that did not explode upon contact but only explodes like bricks crumbles to the brick wall on the second contact. This is the list of Netflix Korean films.

What I Like this the most is it has Modern touch and Futuristic setting because no longer set in the cold war period but in the year 2029’s that’s almost 80 years or more than the original but with all the north and south Korean as story’s background, however, it goes on a risky direction like the Ghost in the Shell live-action adaptation but I was not disappointed, I am very satisfied with how it turned out.

13- Seoul Searching (2015)

Seoul Searching
Seoul Searching

In my opinion, it’s a really great movie. It made me smile and laugh, but also cry because of the background stories of the main characters and their parents. Hope you like this list of Netflix Korean films. The trailer made the movie look stupid but it was actually a very good movie and the acting was great. They really paid attention to detail to make it look the 80’s.

14- Night in Paradise (2020)

The two sincerely swollen leads are both enchanting and assemble a trustworthy bond, notwithstanding regularly being aloof, adversarial, and threatening towards one another, and Chief Ma gets everyone’s attention as the dry, cynical hoodlum manager out to get them. The cinematography is excellent and the acting is incredible – it additionally doesn’t hurt that the principal character.

This is a great intense, exciting, activity-loaded film with a particularly clashing inclination you get subsequent to watching this film. This is Best Korean Movies On Netflix. It truly shows you how wrecked life is for certain individuals yet can discover a second to set that to the side and partake in the cheerful minutes in the present despite the fact that you’re cheating the grave. Double-crossing can emerge out of a sudden and these individuals attempt to control your life when they see you are about to be superior to them.

Here is the detail of 14 Best Korean Movies On Netflix | list of Netflix Korean films. If you need to know more information about Netflix TV Series, Movies and Shows then you will visit this site to know more information.

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