Movies, Shows and Special Coming to Netflix in February 2020

Are you looking for the Movies, Shows and Special Coming to Netflix in February 2020? Now I,m going to tells you everything New on Netflix February 2020. Today I want to tell you about all the new stuff Netflix is adding in February 2020. If you’re new here this list is going to cover new things that Netflix is adding that’s new Netflix originals new release movies.

As well as some older stuff that is new to the platform. I’m gonna list all of it it’s gonna be about 30 movies TV shows and specials. First I’m gonna go through everything getting added on the first and then I’m gonna tell you about all the new stuff that’s getting added throughout the month.

Back to the Future Part III

I’ll be brief because a lot of it is stuff you have seen including Back to the Future Part 3 easily the weakest Back to the Future movie. Still pretty damn good mainly because mixing a time-traveling DeLorean and horses is pretty good.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Blade Runner: The Final Cut Cut contrary to popular belief the director’s cut. A Blade Runner is not the official director’s cut because Ridley Scott did not have full control the final cut. He has full control there’s some changes some added scenes so it is the representation of the vision that he had for Blade Runner. If you’ve never seen it it’s a good place to start if you want to explore it more. There are multiple versions of Blade Runner that you can dive into.

Scariest Movies On Netflix

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen is a really great flick from 67 with stars like Charles Bronson, Ernest Borgnine leave Marvin. It’s kind of like inglorious bastards. Obviously, It’s not as edgy but still a group of badass guys just sent in to kill Nazis. It’s really cool stuff in a really great movie even if you don’t watch older movies for some weird reason. This would be a great one to check out during the month of February.

Dirty Harry

Another dirty movie is Dirty Harry hopefully. You’ve seen this one it’s a classic for a reason another one definitely take time to watch it if you’ve never seen.

Driving Miss Daisy

I have mixed feelings about well it did win an Academy Award for Best Picture. It also had some really weird stereotypically racist stuff in it. It’s kind of now famous for a display of how the Academy was sort of blind to some racist stuff. Coming to Netflix in February 2020. It’s a good movie but it carries a little bit of baggage with it still worth watching just I think with the right lens.

Elizabeth and Elizabeth
Elizabeth: The Golden Age

They’re also adding Elizabeth and Elizabeth the Golden Age to really kind of beautiful amazing movies about Queen Elizabeth.


Hancock one of the last Will Smith movies that I really enjoyed this one’s fun. I didn’t think it was a great movie but it’s a fun concept that I really enjoy sort of this drunkard a superhero that’s just kind of almost wreaking more havoc than the villains in the movie. Charlize Theron plays a good villain and you know Will Smith is good here but he was on his way out and he’s sort of playing like a lot of supporting roles and when he’s not he’s in sort of box-office failure since was sort of his last win with just will at the helm.

The Notebook

The Notebook I got to mention it because for some reason everybody loves that movie. While I’m not hating on it. It’s inexplicably popular considering how mediocre. It’s been considered the Olive Garden of movies and I a hundred percent agree with that.

The Other Guys

The other guys are a pretty funny Will Ferrell movie. If you get tired of Will Ferrell movies before this one came out this one actually surprised me. It’s got some great moments Mark Wahlberg’s funny in it but even funnier than that is the rock and Samuel L. Jackson sort of this competing team of cops. It just makes fun of cop movies we just talked about Dirty Harry this movie makes fun of stereotypical sort of cop movies like that.

The Pianist

The Pianist another big Oscar winner really fantastic movie about the Holocaust and the thing that makes this one so fantastic opposed to others. Ones is it’s got a different point of view you’re really with a guy played by Adrian Brody who is hiding out during the Holocaust. It’s just another perspective on it he won for Best Actor. It really is a really beautiful great movie. It’s very heavy so be sure you’re in the right mood when you watch this one and then we go to the complete opposite under the spectrum from The Pianist with the police academy.

Police Academy 1-7

I don’t quite want to say if you’ve seen one police academy you’ve seen them all but I will say if you’ve seen one and you didn’t like it or don’t remember it you probably don’t want to bother with all seven. However, If you do love that brand of humor you can watch two different police academy movies every week in the month of February.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain also gets added oddly enough I went with a purple theme. Best things Coming to Netflix in February 2020. Today you did not do that intentionally but if you want to watch Prince’s Purple Rain maybe you’ve never seen it could potentially make a really great Valentine’s Day watch. If to be in the mood for it cuz Netflix isn’t adding a whole lot to choose from in that category.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Finally we end February 1st with Robin Hood Prince of Thieves that is not all of the older stuff. They’re adding but it’s the bulk of it and then most of the rest of the month is gonna pepper in some new stuff including one show I am super excited about.

Feb 4:
Tom Papa: You’re Doing Great!

All right moving on with the month on February 4th. Tom papa you’re doing great is a new comedy special. I like Tom papa I think he’s fun. He’s got this real sort of light affable sense of humor. It’s not necessarily family-friendly but it’s also not really hard and edgy either. He’s just really funny and he really crafts his jokes well. I’m not gonna compare him to Jerry Seinfeld but I think fans of Jerry Seinfeld will also like Tom papa on the fifth.

Feb 5
The Pharmacist (4 Episodes)

We a new crime series called the pharmacist it’s four episodes long and I have really been digging the crime things that Netflix has been putting out I liked the Aaron Hernandez. One enough and informed me on a lot of stuff that I didn’t know because I didn’t keep up with that case and it was fairly well put together.

A little bit dry and in the previous month. Cats is one of the better crime things I’ve seen in a while and I like that their kind of short and sweet four episodes is great then bog me down too much. Movies, Shows and Special Coming to Netflix in February 2020. I keep watching movies to tell you about on Netflix on the seventh I’ve got a couple of things for different audiences.

Comedy Movies On Netflix Australia

Feb 7
The Ballad of Lefty Brown

One of them is The Ballad of Lefty Brown this is a Western starring Bill Pullman. It’s only a few years old and it’s good it’s gritty. It’s kind of a low-budget thing don’t expect too much I mean this isn’t tombstone but if you love westerns this one’s well worth the watch. If you typically don’t watch them I don’t know that this is gonna be the one to sort of dive headfirst into but if you love westerns you’re probably not going to love.

Horse Girl (Director of Life After Beth)

Horse Girl which is the other Netflix original and getting added on the fifth. This one’s actually directed by the same director as life after Beth. I don’t know too much about horse girl but it looks interesting. Coming to Netflix February. Alison Brie stars in it and some other cast members. I’m familiar with it looks kind of odd and interesting. I’ll be checking it out if it sounds a little more interesting than it does right now I may even do a full review on it here on the channel.

Locke & Key

There’s a new series called Locke & Key. It’s like fantasy mystery kind of stuff it looks like it’s not my cup of tea but it does look pretty cool. It looks like, It’s probably one of those shows people are going to be talking about so if it does look like you you’re gonna make a note to watch it on the seventh.

Better Call Saul S4

Keep in mind all of these dates are subject to change but on the night. They’re gonna release Better Call Saul Season four so if you’re a cord cutter.

Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama

This is one of those things they’ve been releasing for kids and families where you make decisions with your controller do during the event. It’s maybe like 10 15 minutes or at least that’s what they have been really fun to watch those with young kids and help them make the decisions. There’s not a lot to it but it’s still a fun activity to let you engage with your kids more than just sort of putting them in front of the TV.

Feb 11
Good Time

Now February 11th adds good time which is actually done from the same director as uncut gems which everybody was talking about this holiday season. Uncut gems are available on Netflix in some countries. If you have a CyberGhost VPN account but because I guess I had that deal with uncut gems.

They also have the directors other movies good time which stars Robert Pattinson. This one’s great I’ve talked about it a lot on the show because It’s been on Amazon Prime for well over a year. New on Netflix February 2020. It’s a crazy wild movie Robert Pattinson’s trying to get his brother out of jail. There’s a sprite bottle full of acid that sort of kind of keeps making the rounds.

I mean pure liquid LSD and the movie is that crazy. It’s colorful it’s wild it’s got this electronic soundtrack really cool vibe on this one. If you like the movie Drive. You’re probably not used to seeing in big Hollywood movies. I personally like that some people don’t I happen to know that a lot of you did dig this movie though on.

Feb 13
Narcos: Mexico S2

The 13th Narcos Mexico Season 2 that’s a mouthful but looks Fine. Unfortunately, I fell out of the show not because I didn’t love it but because I watched so many movies to keep up with this channel I was a big fan of Narcos though. If you’re still into it still watching it get ready for season 2 of the Mexico part of the series.

Feb 14
Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (NO)

On the 14th Valentine’s Day. They’re adding Shaun the Sheep Movie Farmageddon. Now, It’s because by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around it’s too late to be adding Valentine’s Day movies but this is a Netflix original movie. I actually love these Shaun the Sheep movies this is done by the Aardman animation studio.

I love everything that they put out I’d like watching these before I had kids but they’re even more fun to watch now because they’re great filmmakers not only are they great storytellers. They piece together action sequences better than most big-budget action movies. They’re not full of explosions and stuff with the way. Netflix February 2020. They’re together and how smartly they’re crafted really great stuff. I’ll be watching this one with the kids may be on Valentine’s Day February.

Feb 15
Starship Troopers

The original is a kind of a must-watch. Even, If you end up not liking it it’s one of those movies most people have seen everyone has an opinion about it so you should watch it. It’s great for the uninitiated is it’s like a sci-fi movie. There are insect type aliens. They’re going to war with them. It’s pretty wild and epic but it also has these really great undertones about like fascism and stuff. It’s just really kind of pulpy and very very self-aware which it gets super high points with me.

Feb 22
Girl on the Third Floor

Girl on the Third Floor is a fairly recent release horror movie. I’m interested to see I have not seen it yet it does look interesting it doesn’t look great but it certainly looks like it’s worth a watch for me if I like it it will likely make a list coming up in the future and for my wrestling fans you may already be aware.

Best Shows on Netflix Uk

CM Punk stars in this and he’s renovating a house and it’s haunted and you know all of that fun stuff but horror fans. You probably want to check that out before you hear my opinion on it. Newest Coming to Netflix in February 2020. If you’re not a major horror head you might want to wait for my opinion because I’m sure to give it unless it’s just terrible and then the 27th the big one of the month.

Feb 27
Altered Carbon S2

Altered Carbon season 2 this is one of my favorite Netflix original shows or certainly was from last year as of right now there’s no footage for the show. Here’s some of what last season look like if you didn’t watch it. Coming to Netflix in February 2020. I highly recommend it it’s a great cyberpunk series in fact watching Blade Runner early in the month would be a great prepper for altered carbon.

Maybe even rewatching season 1 because there was so much going on. I’m at least going to have to watch a recap but I think the cast is great the sets are great the colors and just the stories wild I really enjoyed it cannot wait to see what they do with season 2.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

They’re also adding the Angry Birds movie to that necessarily something I’m interested in but at least something decent to watch with the kids or family at some point during the month the 28th actually brings some.

Feb 28
Jeopardy! Collections

There’s an Alex Trebek collection there’s some collections from like famous contestants. If you’re a fan of Jeopardy and again you cut that cord a while ago. You didn’t put the rabbit ears or in the good Jeopardy, Movies, Shows and Special Coming to Netflix in February 2020, there’s gonna be pretty extensive collections getting added at the end of February and then on the 29th Jerry McGuire and full confession.

Feb 29
Jerry Maguire

Here Jerry Maguire is one of those movies that it seems like everybody has seen that I have just never seen. I don’t know why it’s just never been presented to me I’ve never sought out seeing it. I was too young when it came out and have just never like bothered to sit down and watch Jerry Maguire so while I probably won’t be doing it in February.

I’m sure I’ll do it in March since it gets added at the end of the month but that is it for everything I think you should be paying attention to in the month of February with the exception of the stuff. Best things Coming to Netflix in February 2020. That’s leaving in February here is the list in the date that they are scheduled to leave. If you see anything here that you want to see pay attention to the date keep in mind.

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