Netflix Original Movie “Extraction Ending Explained!”


Netflix Original Movie “Extraction Ending Explained!” The ending of Extraction, Is that man Tyler?, Is Tyler still alive?, Is Tyler dead?, Conclusion. Guns blazing, bones cracking, heads exploding. Extraction is captivating right from the start! A job to extract one kid turned into an emotional survival mission. We’re all set to say goodbye when something, or someone, caught your eye at the end of the movie. What was it? Who was it? We’ll reveal the answer.

Here is the Extraction ending explained! Spoiler alert! For those who don’t know, Extraction is a full-on action movie starring Chris Hemsworth. He teamed up once again with Avenger’s Joe Russo on the screenplay and Sam Hargrave behind the camera directions. The movie is mostly set in Dhaka, in Bangladesh, a highly populated city hanging on the threshold of poverty.

Hemsworth is Tyler Rake a mercenary, taking dangerous jobs that involve killing and facing death as a risk. This time, he was sent to extract a teenage kid named Ovi, a son of a drug lord in India. Ovi was kidnapped by the rival drug lord who was described as another Pablo Escobar. Long story short, Tyler created a bond with Ovi throughout the mission. But before we continue, we should give you a heads up. This video contains major spoilers. So, if you haven’t watched Extraction, turn your heads away right now! Alright, are we set?

The ending of Extraction

The ending of Extraction After a brutal on foot shootout with the military forces of Bangladesh, Tyler was concerned. Only shielded by cars and buses stopping at the bridge, he was hanging by a thread with broken bones, bruises, and cuts from the previous altercations. Hundreds of feet away, a sniper was eyeing on him, waiting to get a clear shot of Tyler.

On the other end of the bridge, Nik was trying to get to him as their exit chopper is hovering, waiting. But Nik was still far behind as the sniper finally took a shot and hit Tyler on his body. He fell, struggling just to sit up. Before the sniper took another hit, Nik got to him with a bullseye. Ovi, who was hiding in one of the buses on the bridge, ran to Tyler and cried.

He then ran towards Nik after an emotional goodbye with Tyler. Out of nowhere, Tyler found his last strength to cover for Ovi. He got up and started shooting, killing more armed forces approaching. He succeeded! The battle is over! Or so he thought. He turned away and walked towards Nik and Ovi, only to take another bullet.

The bullet missed his head, but it hit him right in the neck. While losing blood profusely, he stumbled away to the edge of the bridge. Through eye contact, he told Nik and Ovi to go, to leave him behind. And so they did. Alone at the edge of the bridge, Tyler looked up to the sky. His life flashed before his eyes. And as he lost consciousness, he fell over the bridge into the water.

Cut scene to 8 months later, Ovi was walking around school. While Nik went on to kill the drug lord herself. Now we’ve come to the most important part of the ending. Ovi was sitting at the bottom of the school’s swimming pool when he felt something. He then rushed back to the surface. And that’s where we saw a blurry figure of a man that looks like Tyler.

Is that man Tyler?

The answer is up to you. Hargrave, Russo, and Hemsworth stated that the end of the movie is up to the viewer’s interpretation. While this answer may not satisfy you, let’s take a look at both of your options.

Is Tyler still alive?

Yes. Back in the safe house, Tyler and Ovi shared a moment as Tyler talked about his deceased son. This scene was the ultimate bonding moment between the two, as Tyler lives to regret not being able to save his son and Ovi has been longing for a real father figure. The two somewhat complete each other. During this moment, Ovi mentioned a powerful quote, “You drown not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it.” Perhaps, while battling with the wounds and sinking deeper into the river, Tyler found the last draw of strength to swim up and find himself a shelter. The powerful bond made Tyler realized that the true mission is not to extract Ovi from the kidnapping but to extract him from the miserable life as a drug lord’s son. Driven by the unfinished mission, Tyler survived. As the scene was timed after the death of the rival drug lord, Tyler might have returned to save Ovi from being another drug lord. Or perhaps Tyler was still targeted by the drug lord and he spent all these months hiding. Or maybe watching the news of the drug lord’s assassination simply reminded Tyler of Ovi and their strong bond. This interpretation gives you a beautiful ending as the two found each other and will stay in each other’s lives for a foreseeable future.

Is Tyler dead?

Yes. With such deadly gunshot wounds and all the broken bones in his body, Tyler did not survive. He stayed submerged in the river. But the regrets of not being able to save his son now have been mended by saving Ovi’s life. So he died in peace on the bottom of the river. What Ovi saw by the poolside could be another man that happens to look like Tyler. It could be someone else Nik sent to protect Ovi now that the rival drug lord’s men may try to take revenge. He may not actually look like Tyler at all, but the similarity simply reminded Ovi of Tyler. It could also be just a projection of how Ovi is missing Tyler. Ovi felt his presence and he thought he saw him. The blurry image we saw is just inside Ovi’s head. This interpretation is not a happy ending, but it does make sense.


Conclusion Whichever interpretation of the ending you choose, it is up to you. Nothing is wrong and no interpretation is more right than the other. It is your decision on how you want the movie to end. Which closure do you prefer? A happy ending or a tragic yet fulfilling ending?

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