Netflix Series “You Season 2” Release Date, Cast, Story and Trailer
Netflix Series "You Season 2" Release Date, Cast, Story and Trailer


The Upcoming New Season of You is officially releasing on 26 December 2019 Including Cast, Story, and final trailer is released. The show you hit Netflix late last year and took the platform by storm. It had many people guessing what Joe was going to do next in his mission to acquire Beck as a lover and live happily ever after those of you who have watched the show will know that that didn’t necessarily happen, However, it has been announced that Netflix had confirmed.

A season two of the show is in the works so what do we know about season two of the show you let’s find out before I go ahead make sure you go if it’s much wit sir at brain Pilate underscore and tweet me what show or movie you would like me to review next so without further. I’m bringing Pilate and here is your season two what we know first of all the latest news is that Netflix has acquired the show and they will be in control of creating and distributing.

The psychological thriller TV series lifetime stated that the show didn’t really work with their business model which in turn has allowed Netflix to sweep in and nab at the show as well a recent announcement was that the writer of the show has already started writing. A third season before the second season has even been aired and finally, Netflix released figures stating that you have been watched by over 40 million accounts in the first month.

Whereas when the show was being aired on lifetime it was a fridge’ ng around 600,000 viewers in the episode so I can see why Netflix has decided to renew the series.

You Season 2 release date

The release date of you hitting Netflix on Boxing Day in 2018. The show is set to go into production later this year. This would hint towards an autumn release of the show on Netflix this will be different to its weekly release like it had on lifetime however it’s uncertain if it will be a global release or there will be a roll out.

I’d gather the due to the success it will be a global release as well my guess would also be that there’s going to be 10 episodes in season 2 just as there was in the first. The Upcoming New Season of You is officially releasing on 26 December 2019 Including Cast, Story, and final trailer is released. The Upcoming New Season of You is officially releasing on 26 December 2019.

You Season 2 Cast

Obviously the main character that we follow Joe who is played by Penn will be returning as the stalker that you hate but also root for at the same time but that is the only actor that has been confirmed my guess is that Condesa will be returning to the show as it looks as though the writers are going to touch on the story that involves this character.

This would mean that we would most likely see a new cast to grace the screen with Paco and his mother out of the picture the therapist peach and obviously Beck had presumed that there will most likely be a whole new cast involved. Victoria Pedretti is also the main cast of you Season 2.

You Season 2 story

The story what will actually happen in season 2 of the show is something that’s on a lot of people’s minds with Candy’s making a return there is a high chance that the story will be heavily revolved around Joe’s past and his relationship with her as well peaches parents have obviously hired people to investigate into her murder so that might end up coming back to haunt.

Joe and also all of the previous murders might do as well the second season may be based on the second novel titled hidden bodies by the same author this is the sequel to the first book which is what you was adapted from as well towards the end of the first season we found out about Joe’s traumatic childhood and as well how the person who looked after him treated him in away.

You Season 2 Trailer

That was most probably influenced the way that he acts in the series now so I’m sure the writers will elaborate on Joe’s childhood a lot more it will be interesting to see whether or not they decide to go down the route of following. The novel or branching out completely one final element of the story that we know is that Joe The New Yorker will most likely be leaving New York and heading to LA this could be to find love or to even escape the authorities who may end up being after him, for now, that is all that is known about season 2.

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