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Carmen Sandiego is premier on 1st October almost 9 months since the first season of Carmen Sandiego aired. This is a Review of Second Season. For long-time fans of the channel, you may remember that I did a pre-release review of the show way back then. I was only able to get access to the first few episodes, but it seemed very promising, and by the end of the first season I was definitely hooked. I had no idea just how intense and mature this show could be.

Now, here we are, with season 2 on its way, and Netflix was kind enough to grant me early access to EVERY episode this season so that I could In fact, not only do we once again get to see almost all the characters from the first season, but the story goes deeper as we learn about the pasts of many favorite characters and how their actions made them who they are today.

I am Hailey from Cartoon Universe, and here is my review of the second season of CarmenSandiego. Let’s get some obvious things out of the way first, the animation and art style, as can be seen from the trailer, Carmen Sandiego Season 2 On Netflix, is exactly the same as before. This is very much a good thing as I love the look of the show and may, in fact, be my favorite style ever.

Just like with season one, every new character is beautifully designed, with even background characters without speaking roles look almost as intriguing as any of the main ones. And let me just say that there are a LOT of new characters. As Shadows has left VILE and joined forces with Carmen and the gang, there is a leadership position open at VILE, the evil organization that steals valuable goods from around the world.

Season 2 Plot:

Season 2 showcases many of the contenders for this role attempting to capture CarmenSan Diego to prove their worth. Almost every episode follows a Villain using their own unique strategy to capture CarmenSandiego, with each episode taking place in a new country like in season 1. But that is not to say that each episode is just the country of the week. Every episode is tightly connected to the last as things pick up almost immediately where the previous season ended, all leading to an amazing finale where huge twists are revealed. And as mentioned before, get ready for a lot of backstories.

We learn not only about Shadows and Carmen but also how Zack and Ivy teamed up with this anti-hero, which was something I was super curious about since it was And I really love the relationship these two siblings have. It is always refreshing to see siblings work together so well, and both of them really had their time to shine this season.

Specifically, for Zack, we learn about an old rivalry that comes to play a huge part of the season, and while I wasn’t the biggest fan of him in the first batch of episodes, this season made me like him a lot more. I was happy to learn more about the characters I mentioned prior, but sadly other characters seem left out. While we do see almost all of them again, there is a lot more that could be learned about them. As I said, there are many new villains this time around, so I do understand, but that’s probably the biggest weakness of the season.

I’m hoping these characters will get a stronger focus in season 3, which makes a lot of sense considering how they leave off some of these characters stories in season 2, particularly gray. He was one of my favorite characters from the first season, and him losing his memory gives so much potential for him too, in some ways, redo his relationship with Carmen.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2 Review:

Two characters who DID get some nice focus this season are Julia and Chase. Julia is working on becoming an ACME agent, while Chase has to deal with rejoining Interpolafter getting severely injured. Chase was definitely not my favorite character in the first season.

Actually, I found him quite annoying since he would never listen to Julia. But now that he is on his own, I found him entertaining as he still tries to track down the elusive Femme Rogue. They both have their ties to the Chief, who also gets a lot of great focus this season. A big complaint I saw in season 1 was how the various countries were portrayed in the show.

Specifically, people native to the various countries shown pointed out how the depictions of the country were sometimes just flat out wrong. This was honestly a huge bummer to see, as this of all shows should be the one relaying accurate information.

I am not personally knowledgeable about these various countries, both in season 1 and season2, like even with San Francisco I do not know it well enough to say that they got anything wrong, so I cannot say if the information is any more accurate than before. But at least Season 2 features a lot more of the locals speaking their native language, even if just for a few lines. When Player does give his little tangent on the country of the day, it still feels a bit unnatural unfortunately, but one thing we need to remember is that the show is meant for kids ages 6-11 with the intent of being educational, even if the sophistication of the writing gives the impression that it is for an older audience.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2
Carmen Sandiego Season 2

Thankfully, that’s pretty much the only time this show feels like it’s for very young children. The storytelling is tightly written, with shocking twists and turns that legitimately made me gasp. This is especially true when it concerns Carmen’s past, which is the driving force throughout the season.

She is willing to go to great lengths to learn the truth of her origins, even if it means putting her life in danger. If you thought season one’s finale was good with the reveal that it was Shadows that actually found Carmen 20 years ago, just wait until you see what season 2 And what I just mentioned is only scratching the surface of what we see in this ten-episode season.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2 Episodes:

These episodes gave me almost everything I wanted and more. If it’s not already obvious, I loved this season. But it is clear that there is so much more that could be explored in the show, meaning need to help this show get more episodes.

So far only 20 episodes were ordered by Netflix, and when season 2 breaths of air, that order will be fulfilled. I definitely do not want to see another good show on Netflix get canceled, so spread the word to watch this amazing show. I am certain everyone that loved season 1 will also love this season, and even fans of the original show and game will see that this take on the character is done extremely well, even if it’s not what they remember from their childhood.

If you enjoyed this review then tells us through the comment. Once you have seen the season, make sure to tell me what you thought about it by adding a comment in the section below. I also posted the script for the video early on the Cartoon Universe patreon. Patrons of any level got this early look, so if you want these perks and more, become a patron today.

Carmen Sandiego Season 2 Release Date:

I’m really excited to hear other’s thoughts and their theories about what may come next. Carmen Sandiego Season 2 comes out on October 1st on Netflix.

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