Turkish Netflix’s Rise of Empires: Ottoman Review, Spoiler

This is the Review of Rise of Empires: Ottoman and also I,m going to tells you Full Summary and Spoiler. So Netflix just aired their brand-new show called the rise of Empires Ottoman. Which covers the history of the ottoman sultan Mehmed II and his epic military campaign to take the grant Byzantine capital of Constantinople. I’ll be honest I had mixed thoughts when the show was first announced because I thought it would be yet another retread on the story.

We all knew by this point the Ottoman army pulls up to Constantinople outnumbering their Byzantine foes 10 to one and they were led by their young and charismatic sultan Mehmed II despite the odds the Byzantines mounts an impressive defense of their holy city but at the end of the day, the eternal war machine prevails the end.

So you might be wondering if this shows yet another retread or if it offers any new perspectives into the events that changed the course of world history. Rise of Empires: Ottoman Review. The answer to this question is somewhat complicated. I hope in this video to review the aspects of the show that worked for me and others that didn’t let’s take a look at the rise of Empires Ottoman.


The rise of Empire’s Ottoman is a six-part documentary Charles dance and for this, the show gets all my praises at this point. I’m convinced that man was born with the menacing and commanding voice. Rise of Empires: Ottoman Spoiler. A show begins with the death of Ottoman Sultan Murat the second in 1451 and the succession of his son the 19-year-old Mammoth the second.

Something I must also praise about the show is the performance of Jaime Spinola who plays Mammoth the second in the show unlike in other film adaptations of Mammoth story Jem captures Mammoth youthfulness and him being a man of the Renaissance. I truly do think this version of the second scene in the show is the best historical representation of him.

We have gods and yet we see Manitou is a destiny driven man and at the same time, we see his brilliance on the battlefield. Overall Jim’s portrayal of the young schooled son had all the right blends that made up Mammoth’s character during the early years of his reign. However, Rise of Empires: Ottoman Review, I would have loved to see more of Mammoth’s relationship with his father at the second.

I think that a series poorly shows the reasons why not the second to even stepped away from the throne in the first place since I already knew the historical context of their complex and poor relationship. I didn’t have really any trouble understanding rats and Mammoth relationships in the show but maybe for viewers who aren’t first so tiled in this period of history.

I am it might leave them scratching their heads why would Marat II even leave the Ottoman throne for his twelve-year-old son in the first place all of these plot points in the show are kind of missing, in my opinion, the show cuts out Maratha’s relationship with his older sons Shahzada Aladeen.


Altogether anta even hints the had Murat killed Shahzada a team which is bonkers in my opinion. Rise of Empires: Ottoman Spoiler. It is believed that the accidental death of she Sato Alateen was one of the main reasons why Murad II even went into retirement in the first place because he was mourning the death of his favorite son for heaven’s sake the main.

Stein wish was to be buried along with Shahzada Alateen so I life so I found this part of the show really poorly done in my opinion. I think the show excels during scenes located in Constantinople. It’s so refreshing to see the Byzantines as three-dimensional characters and not your generic villains like in 1453 the historically accurate tensions between the Orthodox Byzantines and the Catholic West are on full display showcasing their internal cracks between the two factions throughout the siege.

Rise of Empires Ottoman also showcases new perspectives during that siege of Constantinople which I found very intriguing since we have never seen perspectives like the Ottoman Navy turn siege and the genius called me a cow top ever before on screen. Rise of Empires: Ottoman Review. I found myself wanting to learn more about the Republic of Genoa as he played a major role in the siege for both the Byzantines and Ottomans also for the first time ever on screen.

We see some Serbian perspective about the siege all by it there shortly with Mammoth stepmother mother Mara bring Kovich and her father Jerrod bring kovitch and how they handled the siege while they were in Serbia we see also some serving sappers during siege. Which I thought was really cool and interesting people often forget that there were Christians and Muslims on both sides of the siege.

I did wish we could have seen more of or honcho be fighting for the Byzantines during the first episode and after that we never hear from him. Ever again which was kind of disappointing. I also wasn’t a big fan of the love story between the Genoese captain Giovanni. Some Byzantine noblewoman I thought that their scenes were unnecessary and kind of bogged on a story as a whole all in all I found rise of Empires Ottoman a remarkable Dark series to watch.

I have some gripes on the show and yes there are some historical inaccuracies and missing scenes like the sack of Constantinople. Rise of Empires: Ottoman Spoiler. Overall, I found the show to be very interesting to watch the very high production value alone makes the show one of my favorite Ottoman series of all time the care for costumes sets.

Battle scenes are just breathtaking and are on par with major Hollywood productions today the final episode of the series was very well done. The final and decisive Ottomans insults on Constantinople was just beautifully shot and choreographed. The Ottoman flag being risen up on Theodosia walls and Constantine xi.

Hopeless but brave charge gave me shivers down my spine it was truly a spectacle to watch. I truly recommend this show for history nerds like myself and even people who aren’t that knowledgeable about this part of world history. Rise of Empires Ottoman gets my seal of approval so now he watches rise vampires Ottoman. This is all about Turkish Netflix’s Rise of Empires: Ottoman Review, Spoiler. If so did you guys like it come down below and leave her heating on this video this has been a gift from the Ottoman history of signing out you.

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