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This is everything you need to know about Skeksis Explain – Netflix Series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, skekSa The Mariner. On the coast of the silver sea were the villages and dwellings of the Sefa. A clan of Mick’s gelling consisting of many other races. They were best known for their potions charms and magic jewelry and were revered across the lands as the Mystics of the but aside from their clan attributes.

Skeksis Explain

The Sefer were also known for something far more important their patron Skeksis sketch saw the Mariner along with being the only Skeksis to identify as a female the Mariner was also the most unique and independent of her kind refusing to align. Herself with the politics of the castle sketch sauce spent nearly her entire life sailing the oceans collecting treasures and valuables for her pleasure she desired to leave the treacherous and wicked world of the Skeksis behind with only the ocean.

The winds guiding her she accomplished this by living aboard a massive dragon-like sea creature called Vasa. Its scales were like gargantuan spikes and its beak maw full of sharp teeth but the most special feature about this beast was Skeksis’ ability to live inside of it. It was much like an organic breathing pirate ship with hallways decks passages living quarters all connected by bones ribs.

Living tissue and she controlled it all with her captain’s whistle by far the most unique quality about her was her warmth and compassion for the Sefa gelling. Skeksis Explain – Netflix Series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Although It seemed superficial at times she appeared to show actual interest in the lives and well-being of this clan who out of respect and fear catered to her will in fact.

skekSa The Mariner

The only time she ever set foot on shore was to deliver gifts and treasures to those select few. She cared for it became an almost trusting relationship and perhaps that is what created her affection in nature and as a result they lived in peace with the sea. Skeksis appearance also set her apart from the rest though officially labeled as the Mariner.

She was also often referred to as the captain a more appropriate title befitting a sea hearty Skeksis. She was more avian in appearance blue in color with red-tinted eyes and a mane of black feathers surrounding her neck much like the one she wore atop her captain’s hat a sailor’s jacket fitted with dragon’s scale armor dangling earrings charms and high black boots completed.

Her looks all encrusted with dried sea salt and barnacles from her life on the sea but unfortunately for her this fragile alliance. She maintained with her fellow gelling was not to last upon the formation of the gelling resistance the Sefa ultimately decided to band together and join in the fight Skeksi viewed.

This as a deep betrayal and refused to let her clan who had assisted her with so much slip between her claws and into everlasting freedom seeing it as her only option she reluctantly yet willingly realigned herself with the emperor CXO. Skeksis Explain – Netflix Series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. An old personal friend and political ally sketch hawk the ritual master together.

They planned to capture nya and gurchin the two drench in twins who the Skeksis had been attempting to locate. However when both failed to accomplish this and with the Mariners suffering a horrible stab wound sketch hawk was the next of a traitor placing the full blame on Skeksi pitting her last hopes against her.

This is when the Mariner’s full rage and hatred finally boiled through her blood now she had no one left betrayed by both her new and old allies cast into the abyss of thraw with no support and no reason to go on because CXO wanted Naya dead. She decided then to act out her fiery revenge with a direct assault on the drench ins home.

She solely blamed Naya for turning the Sefa against her and through brute force. She planned to wipe them out but her plan was foiled outwitted and in many ways outmatched by Naya’s powers with the strength of her mother mod release aid and the bravery of Skeksis own counterpart ersan the swimmer sketch saw the Mariner was stopped.

Although she managed to kill Naya and Gorgons’ mother in the process she was unable to escape the combined powers of the Sade and Naya using their magic and calling on thraw itself to literally grow her into a tree trapping her inside forever. Skeksis counterpart was Earth’s on the swimmer just like the Mariner Earth’s on also spent her entire life completely separate from the other mystics.

She enjoyed spending her days exploring all the waterways of thraw the lakes rivers and even into the oceans strangely. These two are actually not so opposite as both spent their lives alone and dedicated to the water the only difference being the reasons each had for their lifestyles usually each half creates a balance of light and dark but in this circumstance.

It’s harder to define although most would view this character as evil because of the actions. She took near the end of her days we should remember what drove her to this madness sympathy can be found when you realize that just like the scientist. Skeksis Explain – Netflix Series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. She desired to be independent and free she valued her life away from the poisons of the castle but when that life was suddenly taken from her and not even her old allies supported her.

She found herself without hope and resorted to rage and violence which would end up in prison in her casting away her freedom forever. She would sail the seas no better my friends that’s gonna do it for my biography on sketch saw the Mariner. Now, It’s time for you guys to leave all of your thoughts and opinions down below and the great white void what do you guys think about this very unique character as always until next we meet to take care.

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