The House Season 1 Premiere Date on Netflix, Plot, Cast

The House is an upcoming series on official Netflix. The House Season 1 will be released on 14 January 2022. It is directed by Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels. The House Season 1 has 3 episodes.

The production of this series was announced in January 2020. It was produced in London Nexus Studios. The cast was announced in November 2021. It is a very splendid series ever in the history of Hollywood.

The House Season 1 Number, Schedule, Episodes

The House Season 1 goes to be scheduled on 14 January 2022 such as 3 episodes. This is likewise an animation series especially for the youngsters who would love to observe and enjoy it. Nexus Studios is the main position of Animator. This 1 season of The House is shot in the United Kingdom.

Countdown To The House Season 1

Episode NumberRelease DateRelease Date
2X0114 January 2022Episode 1
2X02 14 January 2022 Episode 2
2X03 14 January 2022 Episode 3

The House Season 1 Plot

This is a totally first-class comedy animation collection. A poor own family and a landlady of her residence in reality fed upon this animated dark house comedy. The show’s premise looks like creative writing sparks off in a first-rate manner, and each director uses the house motif as a launchpad into their personal weird worlds.

When an atypical architect gives to build him a brand new residence free of charge, he leaps on the possibility. The characters are simply terrific and fantastic. The most truthful of the three testimonies, the plot riffs off a haunted house setup. Mia Goth impresses Raymond’s daughter, Mabel, imbuing pathos into the puppet form notwithstanding the limited expressions.

The House Season 1 Cast

This series is written by Emma de Swaef. The stars are amazing and appreciable in this series. Helena Bonham Carter will come as a Jen, Matthew Goode would also come as Raymond, Claudie Blakley as a Penelope, Paul Kaye as Cosmos. This animated series is going to be very lovely, mind-blowing, and enjoyable for children.

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