The Witcher Netflix Series – First Review, Analysis and Breakdown

This is the First Ever Review of the Netflix TV Series “The Witcher”. Today we’re going to talk about Netflix. The Witcher so yesterday we finally got the last trailer before season 1 drops on the 20 of December so from today it’s only 7 days until the release now regarding the trailer itself. It’s focused a lot on the DNF Guardian invasion of Sentra. They’re pushing the straight into season one because as I said a long time ago.

This is supposed to be an introductory season meaning the bigger story starts in the season two in this one there is going to be you know a lot of the story but most of those moments are going to be about three main characters Geralt Yennefer and Ciri and also some of the things that happened the season one for the other characters are going to how would I say sort of as their introduction into the further seasons that are coming first thing everyone noticed is the music.

They finally got it in my opinion you know they actually got the right track for the show especially because the first one was a bit generic you know when the teaser trailer came out. You know didn’t have that you know Slavic vibe to it now even though The Witcher itself is Slavic but elements of the universe are taken from many other cultures and folklore you can really notice that in the books.

keep in mind get all sodden of guardians he saw a sea of black and gold now I’m sure we can come up with at least 200 jokes right now about the armor and every line connected to new guardians but let’s continue also Kay here speaks for the first time in the trailer. I believe that he has that menacing look in his eyes.

I think he might be a good fit for that role we shall see but from the snippets. I saw it looks interesting ciri and him are going to play this game of cat-and-mouse in the first season. She has to escape but it’s not easy to escape from someone like him he is a high-ranking member of the nilfgaardian empire and he is a very capable man also we have friend Jill of ego in this shot she also appears again in the trailer.

They also show some of the scenes from the fight we can definitely see that Sintra is outnumbered. A lot is going to burn in that episode I just hope that the fight is cool. I mean my favorite one from a series is the Battle of the bastards from gods it was so well shot. It shows how many ideas you can implement into a fight scene to make it different and unique and hopefully.

It happens here as well now again they might actually save it for a later season you know when they get more money because they have a massive fight in the first season like this. It costs a lot of money so of course, the primary budget has to be insane but as you look closer into the siege and everything it has some cool moments.

I’m glad that they went all-in with a budget for season 1 because some things you just can’t create without money it’s impossible. It’s definitely going to evolve as more seasons arrive we also got some new shots from Rho so probably we have you know starting from the left Tris Sabrina saya and will Giffords just remember that last name also William Forest will be fighting here as we can see from this scene also fringe’ Lavie go is in the trailer.

She says I will personally defeat them even show some powers for a second there I’m glad that in the end they also included a funny scene between Geralt and a skier aka dandelion it’s good when a show has both lightweight comedy moments and those deep emotional ones it just adds a whole new layer to your final project.

It makes things interesting and easier to watch in a sense also we got a video from Henry Cavill reading the Richard book hailing for that here as well cool thing to actually produce. I want to see more of that as we are getting closer and closer more news will arrive. I will make a video on the stuff that happens before the season 1 drops and expect a spoiler-free review as soon as I binge-watch the first season which will be straight on release.

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