Thirty Nine Season 1 Premiere Date on Netflix, Plot, Cast, Episodes

Thirty Nine Season 1 is an upcoming South Korean TV Show is directed by Kim Sang Ho. It will be launched on official Netflix on 16 February 2022. Thirty Nine Season 1 has 12 episodes. This show is written by Yoo Young Ah.

This show starts to begin in April 2022 and the main cast revealed on 12 January 2022. This is a very lovely series that is going to start with romance and drama.

Countdown To Thirty Nine Season 1

Episode NumberRelease DateEpisode Name
2X0116 February 2022Episode 1
2X0216 February 2022Episode 2
2X0316 February 2022Episode 3
2X0416 February 2022Episode 4
2X0516 February 2022Episode 5
2X0616 February 2022Episode 6
2X0716 February 2022Episode 7
2X0816 February 2022Episode 8
2X0916 February 2022Episode 9
2X1016 February 2022Episodes 10
2X1116 February 2022Episodes 11
2X1216 February 2022Episodes 12

Thirty Nine Season 1 Plot

Three women who’re 40 years antique now will disguise their lives, work, and courting. Wow, this is honestly top-notch and tremendous, Hannay will become every hunter and hunted as he struggles to get to the bottom of the tangled threads of this plot on the identical time as staying one step beforehand of his pursuers, who will prevent at nothing to maintain their nefarious secrets and techniques.

The lead individual of Richard Hannay is a wealthy guy in his late ‘thirties who has currently decreased back from a successful organization sports in Africa. This display is gonna be certainly one of the most popular in South Korea. Bored with London society he to begin with relishes the intrigue provided via his chance meeting with Scudder however his situation quickly deteriorates.

This show is set to romance and drama and in which, John Buchan appears to epitomize the exquisite Victorian work ethic – now first-rate known as an author of cracking journey recollections offering upright, “splendid” heroes, he becomes a prolific employee. In addition to his thirty novels and numerous volumes of quick memories, he additionally produced a multi-quantity history of India and biographies of Sir Walter Scott and the Earl of Montrose.

The characters are tremendous and outstanding however three of the girlies are doing their high quality in it. Which starts acoustically but evolves into a few elements that flit among a sizzling, pounding wall of managed antagonistic noise with a few thinking lyrical contents and a greater balanced reasonably melodic submission.

Thirty Nine Season 1 Cast

MiJo is a profitable thirty-nine-year-antique dermatologist. Who has been gambling her exceptional ever position in other collections and dramas too? ChanYoung is the proprietor of unstoppable eloquence, spitting out what she sees and feels and not the use of a clear out.

Let,s see Who is in the main cast of Thirty Nine Season 1?

Son Ye Jin as Cha Mi Jo

Jeon Mi Do as Jeong Chan Young

Kim Ji Hyun as Jang Joo Hee

Yeon Woo Jin as Kim Seon Woo Dermatologist

Lee Moo Saeng as Kim Jin Seok Champ Entertainment representative

Lee Tae Hwan as Park Hyun Joon Chinatown president and chef

Ahn So Hee as Kim So Won Seon Woo’s younger sister

Kang Mal Geum as Cha Mi Hyun Mi Jo’s older sister

Seo Hyun Chul as Chan Young’s father

Seo Ji Young as Mi Jo’s mother

Song Min Ji as Kang Seon Joo

Oh Se Young as Hye Jin

Shin So Hyun as Cha Mi Jo Young

Sandy as Jeong Chan Young Young

Lee Da Yeon as Jang Joo Hee Young

Park Jung Eon as Park Jung Eon Bakery owner

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