Tomorrow premier Date On Netflix, Plot, Cast, Episodes

Tomorrow is an upcoming South Korean Drama is directed by Kim Tae Yoon. It will be launched on 1 April 2022. It would have 16 episodes.

Tomorrow Schedule, Cast, Number

Countdown To Tomorrow

Episode NumberRelease DateEpisode Name
2X011 April 2022Episode 1
2X021 April 2022Episode 2
2X031 April 2022Episode 3
2X041 April 2022Episode 4
2X051 April 2022Episode 5
2X061 April 2022Episode 6
2X071 April 2022Episode 7
2X081 April 2022Episode 8
2X091 April 2022Episode 9
2X101 April 2022Episodes 10
2X111 April 2022Episodes 11
2X121 April 2022Episodes 12
2X131 April 2022Episodes 13
2X141 April 2022Episodes 14
2X151 April 2022Episodes 15
2X161 April 2022Episodes 16

The official Netflix has officially announced that Tomorrow will be released on 1st April 2022.

Tomorrow Plot

Choi Joon Woong seems for an activity, however, it’s far difficult for him to get employed. Except for that, he looks as if an ideal guy. He graduated from a prestigious university and he has a rich dad and mom. One night time, he by accident meets angels of death Gu Ryeon and Im Ryoog Gu. The two dying angels belong to a disaster management crew. Gu Ryeon is the chief and Im Ryoog Gu is a member. Their objective is to shop suicidal humans. Soon, Choi Joon Woong will become a brand new member of the disaster management team.

Lets see Which cast would be in the main cast of Tomorrow?

Kim Hee Sun as Goo Ryun

Rowoon as Choi Joon Woong

Lee Soo Hyuk as Park Joong Gil

Yoon Ji On as Im Ryung Goo

Kim Chae Eun as Kim Hye Won

Moon Seo Youn as Jeon Soo In

Kim Nu Ri as Jang Jae Hee

Kim Hae Sook as Jade Emperor

Jo In as Noh Eun Bi

Jeon Moo Song as Support Role

Yoon Yoo Sun as Support Role

Min Ji Ah as Support Role

Kim Si Eun as Support Role

Gal So Won as Goo Ryun Young

Park Sang Hoon as Park Joong Gil Young

Kang Seung Yoon as Guest Role

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