Top 5 Netflix Movies of (2022) You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you looking for the latest and best movie on Netflix (2022). Top 5 Netflix Movies of (2022) You Don’t Want To Miss. Well we have 5 Movies that you need to watch binge-watching. Netflix has released some good movies since the start of 2022 and we have picked the best 5 just for you.

Top 5 Netflix Movies of (2020)

1- Extraction (2020)

This 2020 movie is nothing short of an action-packed bullet filled blood spurring thriller that you should definitely check out. It starts where the son of an imprisoned drug lord is captured by his father’s rival. This stirs anger in the crime lord as he demands for his son to be returned who else to hire for his rescue than a fearless mercenary who basically has nothing to lose.

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2- The Half of It (2020)

A good movie for the teenage high school romance drama lovers Ellie Chu is smart shy and introverted and seems to be a pretty good writer as she starts her own little in school business where she writes for her schoolmates at a cost. When school jock Paul hires her to write a letter to a girl he claims he is in love with an unexpected friendship is formed but their friendship gets complicated. When she falls for the girl she is helping her friend to get you can live in an ocean of her thoughts and she really knows.

3- Uncorked (2020)

How do you choose between family and your dream. This is the question Elisha battles with in the 2020 Netflix original film that follows the story of a young man who dreams of becoming a Master Sommelier. He can’t abandon to Somalia he stole her identity was she okay. However his father’s expectations of him differs drastically from his goals as his father wants him to take over the family business instead will he pursue his dream or his father’s there’s always a reason we shouldn’t do if that’s your dream.

4- Tigertail (2020)

This drama film is about a factory worker whose life drastically changes after he leaves home to find better opportunities in America young pin Joey is from Taiwan. He is jovial fun and has found the love of his life but when he leaves for America he not only leaves the woman. He loves behind but also leaves his free-spirited personality years later. He finds himself living a sad life with an arranged marriage void of love.

A daughter he fails to connect with but will pin Julie find himself again or will he continue on the path of sadness English Picasso in yo detail.

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5- Lost Girls (2020)

We have lost girls inspired by true events Lost Girls follows a mother Mary in search of her missing 24 year old daughter with desperation and determination in hand Mary sets out to start her own investigation and trace of her daughter. She has led to a gated community in Long Island this personal investigation reveals truths about her daughter and police bias as well as the discovery of over a dozen unsolved cases of murdered sex workers. After which she makes it her job to ensure these girls are not forgotten Mary Gilbert coming.

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