Finally! You Season 2 Ending Explained

This is everything you want to know about You Season 2 and Finally! You Season 2 Ending Explained. You’ve hopefully finished all of “You,” season 2 but if you haven’t, beware, there are spoilers ahead. – We can be together now. – I don’t think we can. I think I broke you. – I’m fine. – Listen to me, this is not your fault, this is not you. Everything I told you is true.

Beck, Henderson, Delilah, I killed them, their blood is on my hands. – Joe, you didn’t kill Delilah, I did. – [Narrator] So, who saw that twist coming?- [Joe] What the fuck?- [Narrator] It turns out Love is a better match for Jonathan he ever imagined. – I wolf you. – I wolf you too. – [Narrator] The parallels between them go all the way back to their respective childhoods. – We both had to learn how to survive really young. How old were you the first time?- Nine. – I’m so sorry. – [Narrator]

We hear about Love and Forty’srich yet troubled childhood throughout the season. One story we keep returning to is about an au pair they had when their parents set up Anavrin. – The year my parents launched Anavrinthey left us with this fucking crazy au pair. Forty saw way too much too young. Finally! You Season 2 Ending Explained. The way Forty tells it, she was his first love, to this day he does not acknowledge that it was abuse.

[Narrator] When Forty unwittingly figures out the real story about Beck’s murder, while high on LSD, he also tells Joe what he believes is the truth about the au pair. – When I found out she was seeing some college guy, I felt this rage inside of me, like an animal, made of teeth and of fire, then I blacked out and I killed her. I came to and I was standing over her.

[Narrator] But, by the end, Love tells a different story. – Forty was a child, she was a rapist, I stopped her. I protected Forty because I had to, ’cause nobody else was. (intense music)Better they thought it was him. Forty was blacked out, a victim. – [Narrator] This is the first parallel between Joe and Love. Joe’s first kill was also at a young age, he was just nine years old when he shot his father. Fast forward to Joe and Love’s first meeting, that in itself is the season’s first twist.

[Joe] Hello, you. No, fuck, no, I’m not doing that. – [Narrator] Joe leads the audience to believe it’s your standard meet queue. – Do you think this peach looks like a butt?- [Narrator] That is until Joe reveals the end of episode one that he’s had his sights seton Love all along. Now, there are few people in the show who can match Joe’s level of obsession but Love comes close.

The way she talks about her first impressions of him mirrors the way he talks about his victims when he first encounters them. – And then I saw you, I knew right away, in my gut, I recognized something in you and hey, smart, sexy, funny,a little darkness that made you less storybook, more real. I started to fantasize again. – [Narrator] And it turns out, she too has a little stalker in her. – Maybe I got a little obsessed, maybe I used my parent’s means to do a little digging after Candace left. Finally! You Season 2 Ending Explained. They owned me that much. – This is how she discovers Joe’s cage, which doesn’t freak her out in the slightest. – You were even smarter, more passionate, more devoted than I’d known.

Joe and Love
Joe and Love
[Narrator] Even finding out Joe killed Beck doesn’t seem to phase her. In fact, the way she sees Beck mirrors the wayJoe spoke about Benji, Beck’s hipster boyfriend from season one. – [Joe] I do understand something about you now, Beck, you somehow think this guy is all you deserve. – Guinevere Beck was un-special and mediocre, she didn’t deserve you. – [Narrator] Once she finds out about this dark side, she tried to provoke it. In the episode “Existential Crisis, “Joe believes Love has moved on with Milo.

But to hear Love tell it, she was using him in an attempt to coax this more murder tendency, yikes. – If you could trust me, show me your heart, even the darkest parts, then we’d be starting our future together on the right foot. – [Narrator] Joe is constantly making excuses for his behavior, generally claiming he murders people for Love. This is something Love does too, both for him and herself. – [Love] You did some terrible things but that’s what sensitive people do when they’re trapped in a bad relationship.

[Narrator] This is why, she claims, she kills Delilah and Candace. – [Love] I dealt with Delilah the same way deal with the au pair. I’m protecting you because I want to. – [Narrator] Even the way she covers up her crimes has echos of Joe. Watch how Love lays out her plan to cover up Delilah and Henderson’s murders.

We frame Ellie for Henderson’s murder with an anonymous tip. Between the total lack of evidence and the fact she’s a 15-year-old girl, it instantly becomes a joke. That’s when Delilah’s body will be found with a suicide note, the shock waves will destroy the case, Ellie will walk free with settlement money for life. Finally! You Season 2 Ending Explained. The investigation becomes poisoned and you are never mentioned in connection with Henderson again.

[Narrator] Doesn’t it sound a lot like something one would come up with?”You” is told mostly from the perspective of Joe and this entire twist is built around the way he creates unrealistic versions of the women he’s obsessed with. – Do you know why this is happening? Because while I was seeing you, really see you, you were busy gazing at a god damn fantasy. A perfectly imperfect girl, you saw what you wanted to see but I was always right here the whole time.

[Narrator] But if you go back to episode two, her dark side is definitely foreshadowed. As Joe cuts up Jaspers’s body, the scene is intercut with Love preparing a meal but more specifically, cutting up a joint of meat. Love has always been more like Joe than he ever knew. – We’re soulmates, Joe. – [Narrator] But is that enough for him? The season’s end suggests no. He’s about to kill Love when she reveals. – No, I’m pregnant! (gasping)- [Narrator] Joe is obsessed with protecting children, perhaps because of his own troubled childhood, so the prospect of becoming a father is enough to save Love’s life.

Nothing is more important than this. – [Narrator] As the season comes to a close, however, it’s clear this isn’t enough for him. Love may be his murderous equal but he sees suburban life with her as a prison. – [Joe] Not ever Siberia is cold. Summer ’73, it’s sunny with eco-conscious landscaping and when I found myself here, locked in, Finally! You Season 2 Ending Explained. I thought this was the end. – [Narrator] And it seems he has his eyes set on his next victim. – [Joe] This is where I had to be, exactly where I had to be to meet you. See you soon, neighbor.

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