15 Best Chinese Dramas on Netflix | List of Chinese Dramas

Are you looking for Chinese Dramas on Netflix? Well in this article you will see the List of Chinese Dramas. Mostly Chinese Dramas are the latest and Romantic. Such as Accidentally in Love (2018), Use For My Talent (2021), The Untamed (2019), Love O2O (2016), Eternal Love (2017) are highly recommended.

I hope you like it after watching this Amazing TV Series on Netflix. This is a great chance for those who are looking for the amazing and best Chinese dramas on Netflix, Then these Dramas and available and really good for a watch. I personally fall in love with South Korean, Chinese Dramas.

Netflix is one the best platform for everyone who is looking for amazing content like Dramas, Movies, and Shows. In this Article, List of Chinese Dramas is going to entertain you will full of joy and amaze you. After watching these Dramas, you will like it.

15 Best Chinese Dramas on Netflix

1- Accidentally in Love (2018)

Accidentally in Love
Accidentally in Love

The only thing might be that, the characters are all so cute, you can’t take the fight scenes seriously. Really loved the show, It’s hard to describe in words. I definitely recommend watching it. It has many combinations of comedy, romance, and a slice of life. This is Chinese Dramas on Netflix. It has many emotions that can be felt and it impacted me greatly.

here were some scenes that I got really annoyed at but it’s fun watching how the show played out. Such an awesome masterpiece with very Cringy scenes and bitchy scenes that make me want to die.

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2- Use For My Talent (2021)

Use For My Talent (2021)
Use For My Talent (2021)

There is clear comparability to “Clean with an enthusiasm now” (the K-show same) yet there are stand apart highlights in “Use for my Talent” that give it a wonderful flavor every last bit of its own. It resembles having indistinguishable twins who resemble the other the same yet have singular characters and characteristics that make everyone beam on its own benefits.

I love the way that the story is so straightforward, not all that much convoluted, and not draggy by any means. This is an arrangement that can truly engage me from unpleasant life. What’s more, their acting is good. I feel the science between the leads and they truly seem as though love birds. What’s more, Chinese Dramas on Netflix, I additionally love seeing the improvement of each character, and the couples.

3- The Untamed (2019)

The show arrangement was so spellbinding. Through chuckling, tears, and bliss, the plot drew in me from the beginning. From the absolute first scene, the manikins and puzzling individuals dressed in dark snared the crowd. Descriptive words like Enthralling, entrancing, charming, captivating, engaging, eminent, luxurious, and absolutely habit-forming suitably portray this jewel of an arrangement. It’s anything but a valuable blessing from China which you know immediately will be an immortal exemplary in the future!

It’s anything but an unpredictably woven story of family, kinship, restoration, revenge, and never-ending love. The raving from overall fans for the 2 male leads-Wei Wuxian and Lan Zhan is altogether legitimized – praise to entertainers!

4- Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2019)

Nowadays China is making such a lot of good substance and this is one of them. It’s a carefree sentiment. An anecdote about a geek virtuoso person going gaga for a young lady who is infatuated with the other. It doesn’t have quite a bit of innovation however the story composing was acceptable. Excessively great. It contains practically every one of the charming kinds a young lady or a couple couldn’t imagine anything better than to watch.

There are light bits of the show, for example, false impressions and love triangles, however, these are broken down with humor and you giggle rather than conceal your face in a short measure of time. I will most certainly be rewatching this in the following year, as I like to stand by some time so I can fail to remember a portion of the minutes and reexperience them.

5- Love O2O (2016)

Love O2O
Love O2O

I liked this show a lot. One thing I took into account when starting it was that many reviews said that they liked how the leaves stayed together and there were no breakups. The leads were too perfect. Generally, this is true for all romances but in O2O it is like the leads are both aliens.

The story plot is not so different from any other romantic story but the way it was presented and the chemistry between the actors as well the whole cast was beautiful. Watch these Chinese Dramas on Netflix. Someone who is into online games. A college student, Chinese Drama Netflix, wondering all sorts of things before entering college like meeting with awesome people in college, and finding a special one, and awesome college.

6- Eternal Love (2017)

Eternal Love
Eternal Love

It was really easy to get attention captured by the story. It’s so hard to go to bed wanting to know what goes on the next episode. Mark Chao is remarkable in this movie and makes me sad there are no men like the character he portrays but happy I could imagine it on screen. This is Chinese Drama Netflix. The Ghost tribe prince and the Emperor Lord did a fantastic job too. Honestly, all the characters were perfect for their role.

Mark Chao in his roles captivated me from the first time he entered the scene. He makes you want to imagine that all men are patient and loving and that they will go to the end of the world and endure all the pain for their passionate love for you.

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7- Salute to My Youth Aka Wait, My Youth (2019)

This merits more acknowledgment. Astonishing science between the principle leads. I adored the storyline. The essayist’s might have improved how them 5 became pals in the initial not many scenes yet generally speaking the storyline was pragmatic. It’s anything but a very much created transitioning dramatization. Presently, List of Chinese Dramas on Netflix, I ordinarily don’t go for these sorts of sentiments; commonly.

8- Meteor Garden (2018)

Area shots, ensembles (particularly those of F4 which truly feature the monetary difference among them and Shancai’s companions), film quality, music, and by and large huge spending feel truly establishes the vibe and makes this an extremely current show. Dylan Wang and Shen Yue have stunning on-screen science, and their jobs take advantage of their natural abilities.

Dylan’s depiction of a peevish rich child who thinks nothing about affection from the outset made them trust Shanchai would go running into the arms of the subsequent male lead; notwithstanding, when Daoming Si falls, he falls in an epic style with unadulterated commitment and trust.

9- Oh My Ghost! (2015)

There is everything good humor, story, romance, and a life lesson too that we all should love ourselves. The only way to overcome underconfidence. Especially the lead actress her transitions as two different characters are worthy of appreciation. This is really Chinese Dramas on Netflix. If you are a rom-com lover then trust me this drama is certainly your thing, just give it a try.

The storyline is so unique and the drama took my feelings through a roller coaster of laughter, sadness, and suspense it is very funny. This is amazing Chinese Dramas on Netflix. The actors are the perfect characters and they are so engaged in their role.

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10- Well-Intended Love (2019)

The way that he turned out to be more worried subsequent to taking in his better half is pregnant from Fei was a disgrace. He cherished her so much yet he was in another ladies’ arms, I don’t care regardless of whether it was pompous however when he finds out about his significant other’s pregnancy he is totally concerned and stressed for the unborn child.

This is a stunning dramatization. Without a doubt my number one C dramatization. The two seasons are exceptionally sweet and every one of the couples is charming. The fundamental couple has a lot of science and they look pleasant together. The entertainers are astonishing. The set and outfit configuration is extraordinary, particularly in the subsequent season. Bravo to every individual who got this television arrangement going.

11- Ashes of Love (2018)

Aside from their hot actors and beautiful actresses, their acting isn’t cringed worthy like other Chinese dramas. I felt every ounce of pain whenever the characters cry, and omg Xufeng and Jinmi. A match made in heaven. Hope you like this Chinese Drama Netflix. It would’ve been better if it was shorter and on point.

There’s this feeling of anxiousness and impatience and fear that at any given time their love story is about to break. The right bestowed to marry Jin Mi is Run Yu, Chinese Drama Netflix, then there’s obsessed girl Sui He, and other immortals who want to kill Xu Feng.

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12- Find Yourself (2020)

Amusing. Essentially amusing. This arrangement itself has an exceptional methodology thus very much graced by entertainers. I have consistently been an enthusiast of Zhang Yujian. In spite of the distinction old enough, two couples offered a chance at adoration, overlooking accepted practices and tried and true way of thinking. One K-Drama named Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food ( something in the downpour) has similar idea however its more developed and reduced than Find Yourself. Try it out. It will top your rundown.

13- The Rise of Phoenixes (2018)

Ning Yi and Feng Zhiwei tug at the strings of your heart as you watch them loving each other all along and yet despising each other from time to time. This period drama has political intrigue, amazing costumes, locations, and sets, but the best of all, is the performances given by the two main characters along with that of a few regulars like Headmaster Xin and the Emperor are par excellence.

It makes you laugh, cry and most of all, leaves you wanting more at the end of every episode. I highly recommend these Chinese Dramas on Netflix. I so hope they have a season two and the two lovers meet again, this time, List of Chinese Dramas on Netflix, end up together.

14- Handsome Siblings (2020)

Marvelous kungfu abilities, the developments, great audio cues, and so on I love Xiao Yu’er’s character, in spite of being raised in a terrible climate, lowlifes he is as yet ready to be acceptable and his cleverness is so shameless however you can’t get frantic at him. Wu Que was somewhat similar to a straight square yet in the wake of spending time with Xiao Yu Er, he has begun to turn out to be more human.

They are twins yet they are non indistinguishable, I keep thinking about whether the story will be more succulent in the event that they do resemble the other the same. There are minor changes to a great extent however generally speaking the story follows the novel. I was truly intrigued with the acting, particularly the 2 leads. I enthusiastically suggest this show! I delighted in it all together from start to end! It’s a fascinating watch.

15- Goodbye My Princess (2019)

Goodbye My Princess
Goodbye My Princess

The chemistry between the two leads was outstanding, hope they work together again in the future. Seriously, two thumbs up would highly recommend to a friend. One of the best aspects of this drama was that it depicted the mountain kingdoms of China and not just the classical Kingdoms in other dramas, even touched on Korean culture too.

It’s an amazing show. This is Chinese Drama Netflix. The characters played by the actors were amazingly paired correctly. It’s what life experiences are about but unfortunately, we have no title.

This is all about 15 Best Chinese Dramas on Netflix | List of Chinese Dramas. I hope you really like it after watching these Amazing and good TV Shows. Chinese Dramas are famous in all over the world because they have quality. After watching these dramas, you need to comment on this Post.

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  1. No King’s Avatar, Ghost Bride Ice Fantasy, or Tientsin Mystic? Agree about Untamed as it’s sort of the C-drama gateway drug lol. Brilliant series.
    Netflix should really get Eternal Love of Dream and Joy of Life, although I think JoL is a Youtube exclusive…plus can’t seem to find the dvd anywhere 🙁 (the Youtube subs are pretty terribad for this one)

  2. I love the chinese drama stuff. Even tho I can’t speak or really read it, it kinda helps me lol. I am learning. I love the romantice drama ones.
    1. Murphy’s law of love
    2. The liar and his lover
    3. cinderella and the four nights
    4. Bromance
    Love all of these, I am watching “Wait my youth” right now and I love it, even the actors..
    Zhao yi qin
    Li Jaqi
    Guo junchen


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