10 Best Netflix Documentaries (2022) You Don’t Want To Miss

10 Best Netflix Documentaries (2022) You Don’t Want To Miss. Right now is the perfect time to catch up on Netflix. Everyone is social distancing and is in self-isolation right now. Why not Karl up next to yourself and Quarantine and chill that’s what I call it when you cuddle with yourself or with your pet. I put together a list of 10 Netflix documentaries.

10 Best Netflix Documentaries (2022)

1- Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Start robbing number ten is a killer inside the mind of Aaron Hernandez. The true-crime documentary series shared all the details about the convicted murderer and former professional football player Aaron Hernandez. It’s a three-part documentary that explores the conviction for the murder of a man named Odin Lloyd but also other murder cases that they allege the football player was also connected to you get a deeper look at his personal life.

How his past actually shaped his behavior and also how the concussions from his sport have affected how his brain scientifically works the series actually shares all the trial details through interviews with his friend’s family former football players and other insiders. Basically, it’s a crazy story that explains how he went from an NFL star to a convicted killer and also what happened to his wife and kids after he was sentenced to a life behind bars kind of gave it away but I feel like you kind of know the story of him already and up next over.

2- Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Talk about crazy timing for a documentary like this one Netflix dropped this docu-series just in time as coronavirus dominates the news headlines these days. It’s a six-part series and shows how prepared or not prepared the world is to deal with a new pandemic. It explores the theory that if our world is hit with a new fast-spreading deadly virus how would the world survive it.

It’s been a hundred years since a deadly influenza virus killed 50 to 100 million people but doctors apparently knew that this Cova 19 pandemic was going to happen expert from the series dr. Dennis Carroll says in the series when we talk about another flu pandemic happening. This is Best Netflix Documentaries (2022). It’s not a matter of if but when how crazy is that it’s like they knew this coronavirus was going to happen you can actually watch the series and see the details of the disruption to financial markets workplaces food production and loss of social life basically what we are all going through right now on a lighter note sliding into spot.

3- Cheer

Here most people wouldn’t expect a series all about cheerleading to be such a mega-hit like this one was in the last few months this Netflix donkey series has been all over the internet after becoming wildly popular. It follows the nation’s best Junior College competitive cheer squad Navaro college as they train for the 2019 national championships.

Even if you’re not a fan of cheerleading it’s still very interesting to see everything that goes on behind these sports the cast members have since appeared on The Today Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Some of them have even been cast in movies no one realized how big this documentary was going to be but it is still pretty interesting. I just like seeing them flip around, to be honest in Tron.

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4- Greatest Events of WWII in Colour

Two in color Netflix snatched up the rights to the documentary series which was originally made by world media rights with Germany ZDF enterprises the series uses colorization techniques to bring archive footage to life which is something we don’t see often the series of reels footage from the most significant moments of World War 2 and shares rare footage from Japan and Russia.

Also among other locations that have never been seen before from the attack of Pearl Harbor all the way to d-day you get to see the pivotal moments come to life in colorized footage. Which is probably something the cinematic industry never thought that we’d be able to do that’s actually really cool. Hope you love this Best Netflix Documentaries (2022). I wish that was like around when I was in school we could watch movies like that we just got the black and white stuff work area.

5- Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

If you watch the series you would know all about the unique story of the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy he was accused of killing more than 30 women and never confessed his crimes. Until a few days before his execution, the four-part documentary follows a different series of interviews in which Bundy himself agreed to speak from third-person.

Throughout the episodes we see the serial killer get analyzed to understand what kind of person would commit horrendous crimes like the ones that he committed a variety of interviews were dying off all with people who actually interacted with Ted Bundy. You also see all the details of his past life his upbringing the crime details. The trials in his relationships the craziest part is actually watching him explain how he was able to elude the authorities for so long makes him kind of angry that he got away with so much habit.

6- Miss Americana

On a lighter note, this is very light of note compared to what I just said this is very opposite of serial killer documentaries we have Taylor Swift’s new series. Maybe you’re not a fan of the pop star and I get it that is totally fair but I have to say I gained a lot of respect for her after watching this one.

If you’re like the kind of torn if you want to watch or not let me tell you it’s really not focused on her music as much as it is as her as a person and some of the personal struggles that she’s gone through throughout her career like you get to know her more personally. We see her journey on figure out how to not care what people think about her body-shaming struggle her feminist awakening and her decision to publicly express her political opinion.

Which you actually see happen in real-time with President Trump this might not be exciting to some people. I totally get it but it is always interesting in my opinion to see the real-life of a celebrity all the behind the scenes. I love all that stuff because the media doesn’t show us all of that I like getting to know a different perspective on some of the drama that we actually see in the headlines. It’s also really cool to see her being a regular human. Since we’re so used to seeing her as one of the most famous pop stars on the planet I like her.

7- Dirty Money

This one actually came out in 2018 but people are still talking about it this year because it was that good which is probably why they came out with a second season the Netflix series tells stories of corporate corruption creative accounting and security frauds basically all the gossip that we’d love to know what was going on behind scenes.

When it comes to these big money earners there are six episodes all of them being an hour long and each episode focuses on one example of corporate corruption so each episode is different. Amazing Netflix Documentaries (2022). Every episode is a different story and you see different interviews from people who are key players in each storyline. The second season of a series came out on March 11th, 2022. If you are looking first something new to binge-watch you can catch both seasons on Netflix kinda like a two-for-one deal you can watch the first season and then go right into the second.

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8- The Pharmacist

The new 20/20 documentary came to Netflix in recent months and people are already wanting there to be more it Falls a story of a Louisiana pharmacist who goes to extreme lengths to expose the corruption behind the opioid addiction crisis. A pharmacist is a man named Dan Schneider who became wildly passionate about identifying his son’s killer through this process.

Led him to find evidence against a prolific pill mill doctor in New Orleans the series explores his personal story after a son Danny was murdered in 1999. After purchasing crack cocaine in New Orleans so that is where the passion comes from he found that the police weren’t helpful in finding the correlation between drug-related murders in that area so he took matters into his own hands and he started his own investigation it’s crazy to watch.

9- The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

Another true crime documentary that is a must-see but considers yourself warned it does have very disturbing content that gets hard to watch at times just a heads up the series follows the 2013 case of the murder and abuse of an 8-year-old boy named Gabriel Fernandez in Palmdale California.

It was released in February 2020 and is a six-part miniseries showing all the public trials that went on throughout that legal case. It shares the details of his Guardians who were accused as the abusers and his social workers question the system’s protection of vulnerable children. It’s really serious stuff but it is intriguing nonetheless. It’s also an honor that Gabriel’s story is actually getting heard right.

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10- Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

If you are on social media right now then your feed is probably flooded with memes based on this new Netflix documentary. If there is a chance that you haven’t watched it yet you need to I know it’s ridiculous we just watch it. It’s a brand new true crime technically a documentary that focuses on the life of Joe exotic aka the tiger king.

He’s the owner of an exotic animal zoo mainly including a big collection of Tigers the series focuses on the interconnected Society of bait a conservationist. Including the owner of big cat rescue Carol Baskin you see the battle between her and Joe who both have a passion for their animals she wants to save them and says that Joe abuses and kills his animals and basically. He just calls her a crazy people time but the series goes a lot deeper. Here is the list of 10 Best Netflix Documentaries (2022).

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