10 Best Netflix Original Movies 2019 | Netflix Original Movies List

This is the 10 Best Netflix Original Movies 2019 | Netflix Original Movies List. For most people Netflix is the go-to method of watching movies these days it’s economical and super convenient and this year the streaming service has been pumping out more original movies. Which movie is the best that is exactly what we’re gonna talk about today in 2019. People watched more than 45 Netflix original movies.

I thought it would be pretty helpful to share my 10 favorites so the next time you find yourself endlessly browsing Netflix like we always do maybe you’ll consider adding these 10 to your watch list and instead of boring you with an endless list of honorable mentions or the worst of Netflix.

Check out my Netflix original review playlist right here to get more specific reviews for the best and worst on the streaming service to remember. Ranking these movies on technical merit instead these are movies. I enjoyed the most and will likely watch again and to be clear these are my personal picks and you’re probably not going to agree with all of them and you know what that’s okay so let’s get right into my top 10 picks for favorite Netflix original movies of 2019.

1- The Irishman (2019)

From director Martin Scorsese this crime drama stars Robert DeNiro Joe Pesci Al Pacino Harvey Keitel and Ray Romano we follow mob hitman Frank Sheeran as he recounts his years working for an organized crime family and his possible involvement. In the disappearance of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, this movie is Scorsese drama at its best De Niro Pesci and Pacino give career-best performances.

It’s great to see these guys working together sure the film’s a bit long and moves a bit slow but the well fleshed out characters and ever building tension make it one of Scorsese’s most emotionally engaging films basically if your scores say CNET like, Best Netflix Original Movies 2019. I am you will not be disappointed and it’s without a doubt my favorite Netflix original movie of 2019.

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2- Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

From director Craig Brewer this comedy stars Eddie Murphy Keegan-Michael key Mike Epps and Wesley Snipes this tells the story of a real-life shot comedian and rap pioneer whose ambition to be successfully overpowered. The Mainstream business model and made him a blaxploitation phenomenon Eddie Murphy gives one of the greatest performances of his entire career that perfectly balances his comedic and dramatic talents.

It’s so great to see him back in a role like this and he’s surrounded by a pretty great supporting cast too not only is this the funniest movie I’ve seen all year but it has some substance and actually leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Netflix Original Movies List.

3 Marriage Story (2019)

From director Noah Baumbach this romantic drama star Scarlett Johansson Adam driver Laura Dern and Ray Liotta this movie’s rough guys. It’s about a stage director and his actor wife who struggled through the grueling and emotional roller coaster of a divorce this performance-driven drama is really really hard to watch as it tugs on those heartstrings and puts the spotlight on the emotional toll that divorce can take driver and Johanssonput on acting clinics in order probably career-best performances.

The subject matter is mature and a bit of a bummer but there’s no denying the power of this Netflix original it’s one of the most emotionally draining and frustrating films. Best Netflix Original Movies 2019. I’ve ever seen but it still somehow managed to leave me feeling hopeful and optimistic.

4 – The King (2019)

From director David michôd this war epic stars timothy sha’lame Robert Pattinson Joel Edgerton Ben Mendelsohn and Sean Harrisa newly crowned King Henry the fifth declares war on France after a failed assassination attempt only days after he assumes the crown the new king is forced to lead a nation divided to victory and root out an unseen corruption in the monarchy.

Now, This war epic is crammed full of brilliant performances and really stunning cinematography shame and Edgerton are brilliant the battles are brutal and intense and really the only negative thing. Netflix Original Movies List. I can think about this movie is that we weren’t able to see it on the big screen it’s just an all-around well-made movie.

5 – Klaus (2019)

From director Sergio Pablo’s and Carlos Martinez Lopezthis animated Christmas movie stars Jason Schwartzman JK Simmons Rashida Jones and John Cusack a struggling postman befriends a lonely toymaker and their simple act of kindness ends a town rivalry and grows into a long-standing holiday tradition now not only is this a fresh new spin on the origins of Santa Claus. It’s the unique animation style and emotional storyline make it an instant Christmas classic the voice performances are really strong and the animation is gorgeous and it gives the film an aesthetic that blends both old and new styles which is kind of perfect for a Christmas movie.

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6 – Always Be My Maybe (2019)

From director Nahnatchka Khan this romantic comedy stars Ali Wong, Randall Park with a special cameo appearance that took the internet by storm Keanu Reeves childhood sweethearts reconnect as adults. Best Netflix Original Movies 2019. They’re long-buried feelings towards each other resurface and had major complications to their lives this is a surprisingly sweet and areally funny romantic comedy with a very smart script and some pretty soldier formances the comedy writing is top-notch.

It’s funny enough to keep any romance hater entertained this movie is just so relatable on so many levels and it’s without a doubt the best romantic comedy.

7 – Triple Frontier (2019)

From director J. C. Chandor this action thriller stars Ben Affleck Oscar Isaac Charlie Hunnam Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund a group of former Special Forces soldiers plan a heist in a rural part of South America when their plan takes an unexpected turn and spirals out of control their loyalties and morals are pushed to their breaking point. Not only is this my favorite action movie from Netflix this year but it’s refreshing to see an action flick go against all expectations with more depth and emotion and not just a bunch of mind-numbing violence this group of actors is what really makes this film the in samba cast works so well together that their chemistry and relationships add an extra level to what would otherwise be just another heist movie.

8 – El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

A Breaking Bad movie from director Vince Gilligan this crime drama stars Aaron Paul, Jesse Plemons and several surprise appearances from other classic BreakingBad actors following the final events of the AMC series Breaking Bad. We follow Jesse Pinkman as he tries to outrun the law and his captors while trying to come to terms with his past and try to create a safe future.

Netflix Original Movies List. Now that we really need this movie no but it’s a lot of fun to dive back into the Breaking Bad world after all these years and see how the events of the season finale impacted Jesse Pinkman it also serves as a nice epilogue with an ultimately happier ending than the scripted show.

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9 – I Am Mother (2019)

From director Grant’s boot or this sci-fi thriller stars Hilary Swank Rose Byrne and Clara regard after the extinction of humankind. A girl is raised in an underground fortress by a robot designed to repopulate the earth using a cache of human embryos but this artificial family bond is threatened when An unexpected visitor brings the truth about what’s really going on this is a pretty smart and thrilling science-fiction film the story that really leaves you thinking even after the credits roll it’s full of top – your performances and it has some of the best looking visual effects I’ve seen in any Netflix original ever and it’s without a doubt the best sci-fi movie.

10 – The Perfection

From director Richard Shepard this psychological thriller stars Allison Williams, Steven Weber and Logan Brown we follow two musical prodigies that form an unusual friendship but one girl’s motivations are not what they appear to be now this film is an uber-creepy thriller that takes you on one crazy ride the beauty of this movie is that you don’t even know what you’re getting into until it’sway too late this is one of those films that people are either gonna love or despise. 10 Best Netflix Original Movies 2019 | Netflix Original Movies List. I loved it and it tells one of the most unpredictable stories.

Well, that’s it what do you think do you agree or disagree with my list. I’d love to see how you would rank your favorite Netflix movies so go ahead and drop your rankings in the comments below and let’s discuss.

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