What,s Gonna Happened on You Season 3 | Theories, Explained

Are you waiting for You Season 3 Then In this article, you will see Theories, Explained and everything you need to know about You Season 3. An addictive new season of You has arrived on Netflix as serial stalker Joe heads toLA in search of a fresh start and perhaps a true Love story.

I’m Emily and in this article I’m discussing the ending of Season 2 of You, revealing all the clues that predicted the big twist in the finale, and explaining what that final shot really means for Season 3. We will be talking spoilers, of course, so take care if you’re not all caught up.

What,s Gonna Happened on You Season 3 | Theories, Explained

Love is Joe’s Soulmate

The final episode of Season 2, appropriately titled “Love, Actually”, explains the twist that Love is as dark and warped as Joe and also a serial killer like him. At this point, Love has just murdered Candace in cold-blood, something foreshadowed right from the very first episode when Joe arrives in LA and sees the body of a red-head girl lying in a pool of blood.

That was just an actress filming a scene, but the placement of the heart-shaped sunglasses and the black leather jacket were the first sign that Candace wouldn’t make it out of alive. And as Love reveals how and why she did what she did, the parallels between her and Joe become even more striking. Love killed Delilah and Candace because they were both obstacles in the way of her forming a family with Joe, similar to how Joe killed Benji and Peach in Season 1 when he saw them as being in the way of his relationship with Beck.

Right from the moment they met, Love latched on to Joe as a means to fulfill her fantasy of having a happy family: “I knew right away, in my gut, I recognized something in you. You Season 3, Whats Gonna Happened on You Season 3, everything you need to know about You Season 3, You Season 3 Explained, You Season 3 Theories, You Season 3. A little darkness that made you less storybook, more real. I started to fantasize again. “In in the first episode, it’s Love who makes a move on Joe, scuppering his plan to accidentally bump into her. And like Joe, Love is able to charm those around her, something he immediately picks upon.

You have a way with people, they just like you. “Again the same as Joe, Love is perceptive and she immediately recognizes the darkness in him and compares it to herself. “Yeah, I thought about getting you something happy. But let’s face it, what you’re more interested in is something smart and complex. A little dark. That’s what makes you feel at home. How do you know that? Well, it causes me too.

Truth Reveals

After Candace reveals the truth about Joe’s real identity to the Quinns, Love begins to investigate him more thoroughly, but his dark past doesn’t deter her one bit. She steals the keys to his creepy lock-up where she finds his cage and figures out the truth about Beck and Joe’s relationship. “I devoured your dead ex’s book All the articles, all the think pieces, reading between the lines. You Season 3, Whats Gonna Happened on You Season 3, everything you need to know about You Season 3, You Season 3 Explained, You Season 3 Theories, You Season 3. And I realized, Guinevere Beck was unspecial and mediocre. She didn’t deserve you.

And it’s very similar to how Joe felt about Beck’s original boyfriend Benji. “I do understand something about you now, Beck. You somehow think this guy is all you deserve. “Love even seems to admire Joe’s brutal actions seeing them as a mirror of her own violent past. “Yeah, you did some terrible things but that’s what sensitive people do when they’re trapped in a bad relationship.

By the way, Love’s affinity for knives and murder was signaled early on in the season when we see her butchering a rack of ribs in a scene that’s intercut with shots of Joechopping up Jasper’s dead body. And Love’s preference for slashing her victims in the throat was also hinted at when she fake attacks Joe in the neck with a toy wolf during her family’s wellness weekend.

Does Joe Deserve Love?

So, Love may be what Joe originally considered his soulmate, but he actually seems disappointed in the love he found in her by the end of the season, and he ponders this at Lucy andSunrise’s wedding. “All I’ve ever wanted is to love and be loved by someone real and true. [Joe] Me too. Is that what we are? Soulmates? Is this what real love is? Knowing and accepting anything.

I think his state of unease stems from his twisted beliefs about romantic love, mixed with his confused feelings over whether he’s really a good or bad person. On the one hand, Joe still harbors delusions of himself as a nice guy and savior. “The hero races to the cage, he raises the door, and steps inside, eager to set Delilah free, and begin the rest of his life. “And in the first episode, he even claims he’s a changed man. “I don’t fantasize about some impossible version of a woman I barely know.

However, we quickly see he’s repeating similar patterns to what he did with Beck, and by the time of the finale, Love herself accuses Joe of glossing over the truth with his own warped version of reality. “In Season 2, Joe keeps making the point that he’s trying to change, especially after the division of Beck confronts him over her murder in the second episode. Unlike Benji who he caged then killed in season 1, he lets his first captive Will go free, and the two murders he does commit don’t seem to be premeditated. The first is in self-defense when Jasper attacks him, and Henderson was pushed down the stairs as he tried to escape.

Joe’s original plan was to have Henderson confess his crimes on camera. But we have to remember that much of what we see in You is presented through Joe’s point-of-view and that he is an unreliable narrator who spends a good deal of time rationalizing his own often creepy and violent behavior. Joe may have saved Ellie from Henderson, but after he traps the sleazy celebrity, he forced to consider how much difference there really is between Henderson and himself. Joe believes his actions are noble, but Henderson quickly dismantles that illusion. You Season 3, Whats Gonna Happened on You Season 3, everything you need to know about You Season 3, You Season 3 Explained, You Season 3 Theories, You Season 3. “You feel like you’re a piece of shit so you’re trying to be a hero.

Henderson Murder

We know of course that Joe has manipulated, drugged, knocked out, and trapped people to fulfill his own desires and he’s even killed them. Henderson has done similar, minus the killing, except he’s targeted, underage girls. So who is worse? It’s a difficult and unsettling question, that Joe is definitely not willing to address. “We’re nothing alike. He’s trying to win with words and ideas that add up to nothing. He is bad. Someone needs to stop him and he knows it.

Does Joe Feel Guilty

In a way, Henderson and Love are two sides of the same coin for Joe as they both force him to look at himself and reflect on his own actions and he feels threatened and absolutely terrified by that. “No, this isn’t me. This isn’t me anymore. I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t do that. “As co-creator Sera Gamble has said, part of what they’re exploring in the show is “the ultimate question of how self-aware Joe can get” and even the showrunners say they “don’treally know the ultimate answer to that yet.

Joe’s inability to properly confront and deal with his past crimes continues through the season. In the sixth episode, he plans to go to Candace’s Airbnb to abduct her and presumably kill her once and for all. And in the eighth episode, when Forty pretends to be Beck to re-enact her murder, Joe begins to hear Beck’s voice accusing him and he can’t handle it. “[Beck] You’re not special. You’re broken. I could never love you. You are a bad thing. You are the thing that you should have killed. “So he begins to strangle Forty for real just as he did with Beck. Then later, when Forty asks Joe “How do you think Dr. Nicky hid his sociopathy so long?

Joe justifies the actions of Beck’s killer – that’s himself of course – with yet more self-delusions. “Why does he have to be a sociopath? Maybe he’s a man who would do anything for love. “Later on, a vision of Joe’s mother tells him: “People like us don’t change. I’ve changed. So why are you already thinking of ways to get rid of Forty. You Season 3, Whats Gonna Happened on You Season 3, everything you need to know about You Season 3, You Season 3 Explained, You Season 3 Theories, You Season 3. “Like Lady Macbeth, Joe sees his own culpability and complicity in the deaths of those around him, in a vision of his own bloodied hands.

And then when Joe discovers that Forty has actually cracked a code hidden in Beck’s autobiography that it was her ex-boyfriend who killed her and not Dr. Nicky, he grabs a piece of glass and goes to kill Forty. He doesn’t follow through, but that’s only because he hears about Forty’s childhood trauma with the family’s murdered au pair.

Crime and Punishment

And after Joe thinks that he’s killed Delilah himself, he begins to believe that he deserves to be punished: “I’m done with excuses. I’m done blaming everyone else for the things I’ve done. But it’s time I take responsibility. Accept the punishment for my crime. What a cage is where I belong. “This idea fits in with the literary reference to Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” which appeared in both the first and last episodes of Season 2. “In Crime and Punishment, the hero willingly walks into exile. He is killed, but he’s also found, love. And if he repents, he can be redeemed. He and the woman he loves can be saved.

Dr. Nicky echoes a similar idea about deserving punishment when Forty goes to see him in prison with evidence that could prove the therapist didn’t kill Beck. Dr. Nicky refuses to co-operate even though he knows that he’s innocent of that crime because he believes he should be punished nonetheless for his other sins.

I didn’t kill Beck, but I am guilty. I’m guilty of using her. And she’s not the first. No, I’m a bad person. I’m exactly where I deserve to be. “However, Joe seems willing to switch how he feels about whether he deserves to punish. You Season 3, Whats Gonna Happened on You Season 3, everything you need to know about You Season 3, You Season 3 Explained, You Season 3 Theories, You Season 3. Although he says he’s now trapped in a cage, forced to live with a woman he no longer loves, which you could see as a sort of fitting punishment, in the very final scene we see him quickly revert to his old tricks.

I had no idea that the cage I was building all this time was a trap for me. But that’s not how destiny works, is it? This is just the beginning because this is where I had to be, exactly where I had to be to meet you. “As we can see, Joe has started on a new delusional path, twisting reality, and pretending to himself that falling for Candace, Beck, and Love were just errors in a greater scheme, blips along the path of destiny to meet a literate and literal girl next door.

You Season 3 & 4

Now, this scene is clearly teasing a setup for Season 3, and just before I get to that and explain why we’re very likely to get at least two more seasons before Joe perhaps gets the justice he deserves. So, to understand what will happen next season, we need to remember that by the very end Joe isn’t in love with Love anymore. After she revealed her true nature to Joe, his romantic illusion was shattered, and when Lovie refused to let Joe out of the cage.

He said to himself that he would do what Beck did to him and “pretend” to love her. “What did Beck do in this situation?[Beck] I love you. Right. She pretended to love me. You’re asking me to see you, to love you. I don’t know what to feel, Love. But I know what to do. “In fact, Joe almost kills Love, until she reveals that she’s pregnant and carrying his baby. This is the only thing that stopped him from murdering her, as protecting children is something that Joe responds to in particular.

He went out of his way in both seasons, even putting himself in danger, to protect bothPaco and Ellie. And he even tried to help Delilah perhaps because of what Henderson did to her as a child. This all probably relates back to how Joe feels about his own troubled childhood and so he sympathizes with children and wants to help them. You Season 3, Whats Gonna Happened on You Season 3, everything you need to know about You Season 3, You Season 3 Explained, You Season 3 Theories, You Season 3. At the end of the season, this is how Joe sees himself: “I’m ready to be the good father I never had. To make the family I always dreamed of.

The one she deserves. “However, whether Joe really sticks around is immediately undermined at the very ends we see him beginning to stalk the woman next door. We know he believes he’s trapped himself in a cage with Love, so it’s quite likely he will try and escape, perhaps with his daughter even, and run to somewhere far from LA. For anyone who isn’t already aware, this TV show is based on the books “You” and “HiddenBodies” by author Caroline Kepnes and she already has two new books planned in the series. According to EW, “the third book will see Joe move to the Pacific Northwest with a plan to become a family man in his own unique way.

Now, the TV show has deviated from the books in various significant ways, but if Joe needs to leave LA in a hurry, say because Love catches him creeping on their neighbor, and tries to kill him, then fleeing to another state feels like something he would do, given that what he did when Candace returned to confront him in New York.

He might also run off with his daughter to get her away from the clutches of the powerful corrupt Quinn family. And remember that he’s still in contact with Will in Manila who could help him get set up with new identities in a new location. And given the popularity of the show, I can’t see the showrunners wanting to end Joe’s story in the third season either, especially as there is at least a fourth book planned inthe series. This means, that I expect it’s unlikely Joe will see justice for any of his crimes until season 4, at which point perhaps Candace’s prediction will eventually come true.

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