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23 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix (2020): Roma (2018), The Invisible Guest (2016) – Contratiempo, Boy Missing (2016) – Secuestro, Bomb Scared (2017) – Fe de etarras, The Warning (2018) – O Aviso, Off Course (2015) – Perdiendo el norte, Giant (2017) – Handia. Are you looking for the amazing Movies then This is the List of Spanish Movies Netflix will going to entertain you.

Netflix is one of the great platforms for those who are looking for the amazing Movies Then I suggest you watch these movies. Spanish Dramas are famous in all over the world but most people don, know about the Spanish Movies. Well, This is the list of amazing Movies that need bing watching.

23 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix

1- Hogar Aka The Occupant (2020)

Everything was good to go up so he was victorious with accomplishing his objective since nothing is awesome; their will consistently be defects. It’s likewise as to some degree moderate and obscure somewhat toward the start. The unexpected change in the primary character’s demeanor towards his family isn’t reasonable to me since he was by all accounts a caring spouse and father toward the start.

Astonishing thrill ride and secret. Fundamental character Javier loses his position at a top publicizing organization and sells his lovely home. He doesn’t acknowledge this and attempts to get his previous lifestyle back yet in a vile manner, annihilating any individual who came in the way.

2- Ofrenda a la tormenta Aka Offering to the Storm (2020)

As a secret, it is very elegantly composed, dramatic and keeps you speculating. To such an extent that the finish of the set of three makes you question with respect to what is straightaway. Was frustrating that it strayed from the secret composition into untrustworthiness and character death when making the lead character faithless to a decent spouse and their baby child.

That detracted from the character. The secret would have worked similarly also without this blemish as the secret was so elegantly composed. In the event that the writer can hold consistent with her composition and stay inside the secret and wondrous composition, at that point it can and will just improve.

3- Adú Aka Adu (2020)

It was one of those late evenings of looking through Netflix thoughtlessly. I generally sidestep the Trending section yet oddly enough, chosen to examine through. Arrived on Adu and goodness man! Somebody ought to have cautioned me to stack up on tissues! So here I am at 1am, a few tissues later having bellowed relentless! What an awful story. Adu’s story will leave you contemplating the risky excursion travelers set out on. Much obliged to you for sharing this enthusiastic, agonizing reality!

4- El practicante Aka The Paramedic (2020)

However it was alot to achieve in a short measure of time. There was an absence of character advancement . Heavenly messenger appeared to be an oppressive spouse ( or beau – you never truly know) and Vane didn’t appear to be upbeat and its difficult to tell who needed the kids. It presumably would improve an arrangement.

5- Orígenes secretos Aka Unknown Origins (2020)

Unknown Origins is a new way to deal with what makes superheroes fun, reviving a kind oversaturated with multi-million dollar gold mines made fundamentally to sell stock. By the initial 30 minutes it becomes apparant the film is a work of affection, yet not reluctant to make fun of itself. In case you’re quite a while devotee of funnies or simply appreciate a periodic hero film.

This film is so acceptable. I discovered this film while looking for a cop-show on Netflix. It’s an activity parody with a slight science fiction wind.

6- Roma (2018)


Perhaps Cuaron’s finest film. Based on his childhood experiences in Mexico City, Roma looks like it could have been filmed by Bunuel in The 50s or even in its 70s urban location a serious Jacques Tati kind of film. Also sometimes surreal and then very naturalistic. It is a masterpiece in its poetic tracking shots, sudden time shifts, it’s mixture of tragedy and humanity. To win the best film Oscar is extraordinary.

There was no dialogue, we never understood any action, or motive: actors were expressionless, there was no sadness or happiness, except in the children but they were exaggerated stereotypes. There was no moral or life lesson. It is foisted on us as a reality piece.

7- The Invisible Guest (2016) – Contratiempo

The cinematography was superb, the actors were amazing and the story-line fantastic! The movie is pretty good indeed, but unfortunately my gut was good enough to detect the plot in the first few minutes of the movie. Direction, performance by all characters are good and it is a family crime mystery thriller. This is amazing Spanish Movies on Netflix. I highly recommend it to all the mystery/thriller movie fans.

The pace, the intensity and the climax of the film are amazing ! And the lighting and excellent camera work makes it visually pleasing as well. A must watch for cinephiles.

8- Boy Missing (2016) – Secuestro

I would recommend watching this movie. It had a really good plot twist. Good twist but kinda hope they explain stuff a little. Like what made the twist happen. Just for some people to know, the movie is in Spanish so you can watch with English subtitles if you want. Excellent movie, well directed and acted by actors especially the boy and his mother the lawyer, story with twist n turn plot, but sad ending.

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9- Bomb Scared (2017) – Fe de etarras

Here we are once more, discussing the connection between those of Basque plummet and their total contempt of everything and everybody that is from Spain. However, to be reasonable, Ocho Apellidos Vascos adopted an impressively lighter strategy to that unique than this one. It is an unadulterated show of how satire can bargain in an excellent manner with the most questionable and difficult stories.

10- The Warning (2018) – O Aviso

The appeal of the film depends on its emotional structure, which forgets about the foundation and inspirations of the characters. An insipid spine chiller which proposes a perfect reason yet never drops an overwhelming goals. Rather it remains in a protected zone loaded with plot gaps. I hope you will like this List of Spanish Movies on Netflix. An all around acted and shockingly influencing spine chiller, taking everything into account, and a wonderful puzzle, if not a stunning one.

11- Off Course (2015) – Perdiendo el norte

The similitudes are extremely quite shallow in that the film takes a gander at the trouble of a gathering of individuals, for the most part millenials, attempting to get a tolerable line of work in an intense financial atmosphere. That is the place the likenesses end since, right now, and Hugo’s reaction to their absence of occupation accomplishment in Spain is to move to Germany after they see this TV meet with a kindred Spaniard going on about how incredible life has been for him In Germany.

In case you’re not stuck between these two motion pictures, there’s still better stuff out there worthier of your time. Like Tale of Tales, for instance.

12- Giant (2017) – Handia

Monster is a very attractive bit of filmmaking, whose visuals have been unfailingly formed with a painter’s eye for detail: Some of the insides, with their shadows, delicate daylight and residue bits, may have been demonstrated on Vermeer, and the rangy scene shots endeavor to dazzling impact the tonal differences among land and sky.

Be that as it may, just a single time or twice is all the magnificence changed into genuine verse, as in a shocking succession, upheld by Pascal Gaigne’s quietly influencing score, Spanish Movie Netflix, of Joaquin swimming.

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13- The Lost Brother (2017) – El otro hermano

Leonardo Sbaraglia makes one out of the most upsetting and colossal characters of his whole vocation. The film turns into a plummet into the hells of the human condition where all the agonies of a progression of characters are uncovered, polluted by an ethical corruption that appears to have spread like an irresistible infection that spreads effectively in an air of ignobility. unbreathable.

14- The Platform (2019) – El hoyo

Horrific, mind blogging suspense, grotesque film. The battle for survival, with so much overwhelming factors of dying, kept me interested and was always looking forward to the main character if he will survive or get out from that hole. It is a film that is smarter to have uncovered as you watch. Go in without observing any trailers, you will feel a similar disarray and fear as the fundamental character who has things uncovered to him.

15- Smoke & Mirrors (2016) As El hombre de las mil caras

Interesting sample of life of some crooked Spanish bureaucrats. A bit long movie but has brought out well the undercurrents of political and bureaucratic machinations in the country. This is Spanish Movies on Netflix. The crooks who fool others themselves get fooled quite often because it is a dog eat dog world. For crooked bereaucrats normal family life is almost impossible but they keep pining for it after a while.

16- Off Course (2015) – Perdiendo el Norte

The likenesses are extremely quite shallow in that the film takes a gander at the trouble of a gathering of individuals, generally millenials, attempting to get a fair line of work in an intense monetary atmosphere. In the event that you’re stuck among this and Get A Job, however, at that point clearly go with this one. In case you’re not stuck between these two motion pictures, there’s still better stuff out there worthier of your time. Like Tale of Tales, for instance.

17- Sunday’s Illness (2017) – O Vazio do Domingo

Salazar’s stunning scrupulousness uncovers itself in the visuals as much as the exhibitions, in addition to the outfit configuration is take your breath away significant. It’s exceptionally worth finding and would make for a meriting contender for Foreign Language Film at the Oscars if the cards shake out right.

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18- 7 años (2016) – 7 años

Another Netflix unique film that demonstrates you needn’t bother with an incredible spending plan to create something of value, List of Spanish Movies on Netflix, and this is a powerful chamber film that holds our consideration with a connecting with plot fixated only on a sharp discourse and some extremely fine exhibitions.

19- Verónica (2017)

In my opinion go and watch it not as hyped movie or the scariest movie ever made but just like the regular one and it is not the scariest movie ever made that was just a stunt.’Veronica’ has been displayed as a caring sister who protects her siblings no matter what. “The toy light scene” where the silhouette chokes Lucia is one of the best scenes. The movie is good!

20- The Fury of a Patient Man (2016) – Tarde para la ira

The film starts well, as a spine chiller and closures better, with the rhythm of a Western. This film has the right to be salute with all distinctions for being one of the most merciless and extraordinary presentations of national film.

21- Palm Trees in the Snow (2015) – Palmeras en la nieve

A beautiful movie. Reminds us how colonialism has affected so many people even in recent history, how love can transcend racial divides and how empathy and embracing other cultures can enrich ones life. Wonderful storyline which had all feelings showed all through, something discovered uniquely in a couple of films. Spanish Movie Netflix. A decent delineation of life during colonization.

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22- The Distinguished Citizen (2016) – El ciudadano ilustre

All the narratological weight is in the cognizant and corrosive content that, notwithstanding not offering ascend to contention botches or unforeseen turns, works from its entertaining effortlessness and its creativity. A scholarly western that investigates craftsmanship in an absurd however overpowering manner.

23- Mirage (2018) – Durante la tormenta

Fantastic MOVIE, well cast, great twist and turns and it has a lot of intense moments. The script was well written and the ending was vastly different then what I thought it was going to be. I highly recommend for a movie to watch during a weekend! I appreciate Netflix’s providing films like this from other countries.

This is all about 23 Best Spanish Movies on Netflix. I hope you will going to love it, after watching these movies. You can also see more best movies, dramas and TV Series.

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