16 Best French Movies on Netflix | List of Netflix Film Francais

Are you looking for French Movies on Netflix? Now I,m going to tells you Netflix Film Francais like: Atlantics (2019) – Atlantique, Brother (2019) – Mon frère, Street Flow (2019) – Banlieusards, I Am Not an Easy Man (2018) – Je ne suis pas un homme facile, Divines (2016). I hope you will going to love it, after watching these amazing movies.

Netflix is one of the greatest and biggest platforms for those who are looking for a List of Netflix Film Francais and want to learn Frech then This list of French Movies on Netflix definitely loves it for you. Most of the people like to watch Chinese Movies, Dramas, USA TV Series, Uk TV Series.

16 Best French Movies on Netflix

1- Atlantics (2019) – Atlantique

Atlantics (2019)
Atlantics (2019)

More of a poet than a movie. The movie is boring and thrilling at the same time. This may be even more breathtaking. For anyone who thought If Beale Street Could Talk was worth experiencing. The cinematography and score were spot-on and added so much to the already beautiful but tragic story. This will definitely go down as one of my three greatest films.

Only unfulfilled love can be this powerful. Good performances overall. This is one the best French Movies on Netflix. I just love this movie. A must watch. So different and yet so relatable. The original score is just fantastic.

2- Bronx Aka Rogue City (2020)

It finishes a long way from the conventional “the great consistently succeed at the end” that you generally find in US motion pictures. Also, there are such countless various characters presented through the film, that you can never think about what will occur straightaway. Pleasant screenplay and great speed as well. A significant decent shock.

This was a DOPE film and the ENDING left me dumbfounded! The final product is consistently fierce and few individuals make due to recount the story. This is one of them.

3- Brother (2019) – Mon frère

An account of 2 Brother. One needed to shield his younger sibling from an excessively savage dad, Teddy, a youthful dark man with no history, is blamed for the homicide of his dad and is sent to a shut instructive focus, pending his preliminary for parricide. He at that point dives into a merciless universe of which he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the guidelines.

He meets Enzo, the middle’s chief. After a time of the hard showdown, they will become companions and getaway. Their lovely break to Amsterdam will permit them to escape a fate that appeared to them guaranteed. The pink city is a film ptn and for this film, it is a similar maker it will be an executioner.

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4- Street Flow (2019) – Banlieusards

A gangster, an academic and an influential teenager. Three brothers learn hard lessons in everyday life in the suburbs while trying to earn a living. French film released in October. Discrimination and racism are still topical and French politics nourishes the police force which they use with abuse on foreigners! List of French Movies on Netflix, The problem therefore comes from above.

5- I Am Not an Easy Man (2018) – Je ne suis pas un homme facile

Amazing movie. Full of things you wouldn’t see in our world, those subtle ones. Film full of romance, comedy, but still one you’d be thinking about later. This film was interesting at first but the surprising effect after was astonishing. Normal things such as nail polish, cleaning, waxing, vacation time and childcare became so very woman dominant in the real world. Worth discussing. Although bringing this simple fact or relaying this information to friends seems nearly impossible.

6- Divines (2016)

An insightful adolescent and her wisecracking closest companion intend to get rich or kick the bucket attempting by following in the strides of a garish female street pharmacist. In this Movie, French Movie Netflix, She lost her mind, everyone, even the most important person in her life. They want to survive, they want to dream. And they would do anything to get it.

7- Balle perdue Aka Lost Bullet (2020)

A vehicle activity film and refreshingly no CGI as is utilized in Hollywood now antiquated tricks loads of fun no excessively realistic savagery. Excellent film. A ton of the unfamiliar movies are superior to the old destroyed Hollywood contents that depend on an overwhelming soundtrack, yet some of them aren’t named in English or on the off chance that they are, the naming is truly downright terrible.

This one named truly well and is enjoyable to watch. Amazing french vehicle film where a french vehicle beats everything and equity is served very much cooked.

8- To Each, Her Own (2018) – Les goûts et les couleurs

Jess meets Casey, a straightforwardly gay lady and rapidly the young ladies structure a solid sentimental bond which powers Jess to deal with her actual sexuality; taking a chance with her family and harming her closest companion/spouse. Advertisement accumulates the boldness to admit to his Jewish family that he is a lesbian. Out of the blue for her, be that as it may, she is pulled in to a specific Senegalese.

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9- The African Doctor (2016) – Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont

Great family movie based on a true story. Funny, poignant, French Movies on Netflix, not the prettiest view of life in a French village, and yet, still pretty. Overall, a tribute to a wonderful man. This movie was simple but in a good way. The story was entertaining. I recommend it. The African Doctor truly tugged at my heartstrings.

What a wonderful film with fantastic actors and a great storyline. Shed a few tears along the way. Must watch more Foreign Netflix Films.

10- The Two Popes (2019) – LES DEUX PAPES

One section of the movie regarding Pope Francis as a younger priest left me yawning due to its length. However, the remainder was eye candy, of interest, compelling and made for a great movie I’d be happy to watch again. Acting was very good (love Jonathan Pryce!) and likenesses were amazing. Caught a couple actual shots of the two men, as well.

The fashioning of a screenplay involving a relationship so complex and nuanced as Pope Benedict and Pope Francis into a digestible, entertaining form is nothing less than masterful. Filtering the essence of each man and their making into interacting, sometime diagonally opposed composites beautifully reveals two themes, the latter of which ultimately prevails; that they are human, and that they love.

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11- The World Is Yours (2018) – Le monde est à toi

Francois is an insignificant street pharmacist whose fantasy is to settle down and set up a Mr Freeze’s ice lolly establishment in Morocco. In any case, his aspiration is crushed to pieces when he finds that his own mom, an enthusiastic speculator and prepared con artist, has consumed his reserve funds that he was depending on to begin this shiny new life.

This movie looking very good. This is the List of French Movies on Netflix. I highly recommended for those who are looking for the amazing Dramatic movie then I suggest you to watch this amazing movie.

12- The Boss’s Daughter (2015) – La fille du patron

In this Movie you will see The boss’s daughter quickly falls under the spell of this withdrawn and quiet worker who slowly opens up to her and starts to dream of another life. Quarter century old Alix, French Movie Netflix, who has come, in secret, to her dad’s production line to do an ergonomic examination, picks him as her “test subject.”

13- I Lost My Body (2019) – J’ai perdu mon corps

A truly captivating film, same old love story but told in a different manner with shift focusing between the hand which lost its body and the past and present. You will love this movie and the background score which moves the pace so well and blends. His aspirations to be an astronaut and a pianist, long surrendered by his body, still remains within his hand.

As his hand travels through the city, it experiences more adventure than the man ever did. From listening in on a blind pianist to flying from building to building with an umbrella under the guidance of an astronaut, the hand lives out the dreams the man never did.

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14- He Even Has Your Eyes (2016) – Il a déjà tes yeux

In their mid-30s, Paul and Sali are joyfully hitched and the glad new proprietors of their own flower vendor’s store. The main cloud in their sights is the long hold on to embrace a youngster. Sali’s Senegalese guardians, Mamita and Ousmane, even have a name prepared for their future grandson: Lamine. Exactly when the couple had surrendered trust. One needs to feel and experience this movie, rather than just watch it.

15- La terre et le sang Aka Earth and Blood (2020)

For the arrival of the film “Earth and Blood” on Netflix, entertainer Sofia Lesaffre imparts her experience to gesture based communication and offers you some incredible guidance on the off chance that you need to learn it as well. In this activity spine chiller coordinated by Julien Leclercq, she plays the personality of Sarah, a hard of hearing quiet 18-year-old young lady.

Cartel made in France, penetration mission, satire, mystery Netflix france ruins us with the new arrivals of the week not to be missed.

16- Paris Is Us (2019) – Paris est à nous

This film requires and merits it. Indeed, even a second or third review to get a small amount of what all detonates before our eyes and uncovers of life’s interminable excursion. It was a movie where the characters keeps on walking around the streets of Paris. They desperately tried making sense out of this movie using psychology and the subconscious brain.

This is all about 16 Best French Movies on Netflix | List of Netflix Film Francais. If you want to see more interesting Movies, Series, and Shows then visit more article you will love it.

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