Everything is coming On January 2020 | Movies, TV Series, Special

Are you Looking the good things on Netflix then this Everything is coming On January 2020 | Movies, TV Series, Special is for you. This January 2020 is coming full of amazing movies, TV Series, Funny Special Show. I hope you will like it, after watching this amazing article. This is all about everything.

1st January


New movies including a couple of really good Kevin Spacey movies those movies must be discounted nowadays as you can imagine but 21 is a pg-13 thriller about some mathematicians that figure out how to cheat at gambling kind of Rain Man type stuff but it’s actually really good, Everything is coming On January 2020,  it’s got a good storyline it’s got some good hooks and stuff isn’t that the type that has really withstood the test of time but if you never saw it it’s well worth.


American Beauty

They also add a Best Picture winner American Beauty another fantastic movie if you’ve never seen it. It’s kind of a must-watch it’s really good it’s got a lot of very good elements in it including a great performance from Spacey and really everyone else in the cast but this is a great movie that sort of closed out The 90s or at least that 90s vibe and then I don’t not sure why but Netflix is adding a good selection of 90 movies.

On January 1st as well including one for the whole family Free Willy now I know the title does not sound family-friendly but, Best things Coming to Netflix in January 2020,  if you watch this one like me when you were a kid in the 90s it’s gonna be super cool to watch it with your kids I have not watched this.

Chasing Amy

Whatsoever is chasing me this is a Kevin Smith movie and it is quintessential Kevin Smith meaning even though I think clerks is his best movie chasing Amy is really only for Kevin Smith’s fans I would imagine if you don’t like other Kevin Smith movies you’re probably not gonna like chasing Amy.

If you love Kevin Smith, you’re probably going to love chasing Amy in this movie Ben Affleck plays a guy who is pursuing a gay woman romantically and things are just not working out but it’s got some good seen some good dialog it’s kind of fun not your run-of-the-mill rom-com.


Dragonheart might be a little family-friendly for some older kids some teenagers it’s got a talking dragon and the game of Thrones the fan should go nut for this Sean Connery voices the dragon so for any of you nuts about dragons this one’s really gonna be a must watch and then one definitely not family-friendly.

Free Willy

This was just one that we all loved as kids in the 90s so if you’re around my age you’re probably in a similar boat if you’re younger and you didn’t really get into that movie it’s really great especially for like maybe ten-year-old kids that’s kind of maybe the sweet spot give or take a few years it’s really fantastic all-around in just a good good quality family movie. Coming to Netflix in January 2020.


We also get some good caper espionage movies with movies like Inception if you haven’t seen the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tennant. I am super excited to see it because I loved Inception when it came out it’s a movie I watched a bunch back when it came out and I watch it quite a few times since probably at least once in 2019 I really enjoy everything about this movie, Newest Coming to Netflix in January 2020, yes some of the logic doesn’t really make sense what it doesn’t matter you can totally you got to suspend your disbelief and just have fun with this one. I personally really loved it as well as everything Christopher Nolan puts out but this is one of my favorites.

Patriot Games

Patriot Games is a great Jack Ryan movie with Harrison Ford I’m a little more partial to clear and present danger but Patriot Games goes right alongside that as well and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it so I’ll be definitely checking it out in January.

Catch Me If You Can

Then once that’s not really espionage but it does fit into the genre it’s catching me if you can I love this movie another decay LED movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Netflix January 2020. It’s based on a true story about a guy who was a forger and a liar and basically built up this whole career he was a doctor at one point.

A lawyer an airline pilot and he was not qualified for any of those things if you’ve never seen this movie it is like one of the top 100 movies to see before you die it’s not maybe one of my top 100 but it’s damn close and it’s really a solid recommendation for January for anybody who missed it.

Some More Mention:

  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

  • Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

  • Yes Man

  • The Naked Gun 2 ½: The Smell of Fear

  • The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • What Lies Beneath

  • The Ring

Netflix Originals

Messiah Season 1

January 1st also brings two new Netflix original series one is called Messiah now this one actually looks like it might have a lot in common with the homeland. It’s hard for me to tell this is gonna be like a CIA counterterrorism type of a show or one with more religious leanings because, New on Netflix January 2020, it’s about a messianic figure but Michelle Monaghan is in it and it definitely has from the trailers has a homeland vibe so I’ll be tuning in to episode 1 just to see kind of what type of show this is actually gonna be.

Spinning Out Season 1

The first also brings us spinning out which is a series about ice skating it actually looks pretty well produced it’s got a good cast it’s not my type of thing meaning I’m not going to watch it but it doesn’t look like garbage it actually looks like a pretty good quality drama series so if you’re interested in it I’m not going to steer you away from this one.

4th January

Dracula – 3 episode mini-series

Dracula is a miniseries it’s a three-part miniseries from the same creators as Sherlock which i think is one of the best shows to have come out in recent memory instead of taking place in modern-day like Sherlock this actually does take place in Victorian times when Dracula was originally supposed to take place.

It looks good my understanding is that it’s got more of a focus on Dracula and he’s sort of the quote-unquote hero of them showed I think that just means as the audience. We’re sort of siding with Dracula but it looks really well produced and if it’s half as good as Sherlock it’s gonna be well worth my time.

10th January

Medical Police

Jumping ahead again to the 10th medical police is a new comedy series that I’m definitely going to watch I recommend this one tepidly because it’s a very specific brand of humor. Coming to Netflix January. It’s very similar humor to wet hot American summer and if you ever watched Children’s Hospital on Adult Swim it looks like it’s gonna be something very similar to that I love the people that are involved in it not just a cast but the creators and again it’s my type of just silly ridiculous humor so I will be watching.

16th January

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs gets added on the 16th this is a movie that won some awards a few years ago Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs my understanding is this is not a great representation of who Steve Jobs was and it’s more kind of like a stage play it’s done in like these four vignettes I did like the movie though.

I thought it was a very good performance piece not just from Fassbender but everybody else sort of behind the scenes, This is everything about Everything is coming On January 2020 | Movies, TV Series, Special. if you don’t really look at it, is like a biopic type of a thing and more of like this performance thing it’s pretty fantastic but I do see why people didn’t really like this one as much as they maybe wanted to.

17th January

Tyler Perry’s: A Fall From Grace

There are not a lot of Netflix original movies getting added in January but on the seventeenth Tyler Perry’s a fall from grace gets added that I tried Tyler Perry movies I really tried to give him a shot because they’re so widely enjoyed and I just could not get into him there’s something with the tone of his movies where there’s this very serious subject matter and silly comedy that I could not for whatever reason after multiple attempts Brett I could not wrap my head around it if you love Tyler Perry movies this looks like it’s gonna be right inside your wheelhouse if you don’t I don’t think this is gonna be the one to change your mind on Tyler Perry.

Grace & Frankie S6

On the seventeenth race and Frankie season, six also gets added if you’ve been keeping up with that one of the 18th an interesting movie drops called The Bling.

18th January

The Bling Ring

Ring now this is directed by Sofia Coppola and stars Emma Watson and it’s kind of a youth wrong type of a movie with a heist it’s a very interesting movie if you kind of steer clear of it I would recommend checking it out it’s kind of a good crime movie that’s got an interesting vibe to it not one of my favorites but certainly, way better than you would think something called The Bling Ring would be.

21st January

Fortune Feimster: Sweet and Salty

23rd January

The Queen

We’re getting to the tail end of the month here on the 23rd the Queen gets added this is a really great drum about the Queen played by Helen Mirren who I think is one of the best I guess you can say elderly is that the right word is there a better word than elderly actresses working.

Today I enjoy seeing her and almost anything that she’s in and this is one of her top career performances so if you’re into some of the other shows about the Queen this movie would make a really great companion to that.

24th January

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Part 3)

On the 24th the chilling adventures of Sabrina part 3 they’re calling them parts instead of seasons that gets added I know that’s a widely popular show it’s not my cup of tea it happens to be mrs. Van Dam’s cup of tea so I know she’ll be excited about it and it will be getting played in the van damme household The Ranch: Final Season the ranch the final season of that show that’s another hit show that I have not watched but as part of this episode I want to at least let you know the final season is getting added again.

29th January

Night on Earth (Limited Series)

On the 29th one of the things I am most excited about this the month is called night on earth now this is like a planet Earth documentary series but it’s done with new cameras with new technology that allows them to capture these really beautiful shots at the night that technology has not existed up until now so you haven’t been able to get good footage of really anything in the dark like this and it just looks stunning I will be watching this the day it releases.

30th January

Raising Cain

On the 30th they add raising cane which is a really great movie starring John Lithgow, it’s a great horror movie from the 80s it’s just sort of tacked on here on the 30th to no rhyme or reason but it’s a classic it’s been a while since I’ve seen it so I’ll probably at least consider revisiting it or at the very least it’ll make its way into my queue.

31st January

Bojack Horseman

On the 31st Bojack horseman again with the final season getting added another really funny show I just haven’t found myself spending too much time watching the animated series but I found series of like Bojack horseman and f is for the family to be really funny. I just haven’t invested much time until them and then as usual here is everything leaving in the month of January please keep in mind the date I’m showing you is the day it leaves which means when that day hits on the calendar you can no longer watch these if you see anything here that you’ve been wanting to watch mark today.

These are among the best movies and series new to Netflix in January 2020. Everything is coming On January 2020 | Movies, TV Series, Special. In January Netflix is adding several new Netflix Original Series including Messiah and Spinning out, as well as some classic comedies like The Naked Gun and some great action flicks like Inception and Patriot Games.

Follow the dates on this list and you should have plenty of good movies to watch on Netflix in January.

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