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What happened to Jaskier, Feelings Between Geralt and Yennefer, Why is Geralt’s Hair Gray and other many Questions Answered. The Witcher TV show has a complicated timeline, promising monster-hunting stories, and colorful characters. Here the Witcher explained finally.

It has three protagonists. Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer, and Ciri, none of whom are ever all together in the same scene for a long time. The series begins at three different points in time and with three completely different characters. Why is Geralt air ashen what is the law of surprise what was the witcher’s third wish to the jinn hi my name is Emily and I’ll give you the answers to these and many other questions which we were left with after the first season of The Witcher.

What happened to Jaskier

With the wishes the episode of which Geralt and Yennefer first met raises many questions what wishes did Geralt make what happened to jazz gear and did the Djinn actually bind the lives of Geralt and Yennefer in the book the witch first made an attempt to drive the Djinn away with the help of magic but he wasn’t strong enough to do it in the Djinn return then Geralt resorted to an exorcism which he was taught by his friend priestess to Nikki but that incantation not only sent the Djinn away but also ordered him to literally fuck himself.

Feelings Between Geralt and Yennefer

It’s no wonder that the air elemental was infuriated but in the series, the witch’s magic happens to be enough to drive away. The Djinn successfully the girls’ first wish was that Jesse er would shut up that is why the bard’s neck was swollen. The Witcher had to seek help immediately the sorceress he went to in a fur rescue Jaskier and Geralt finds himself.

Immediately enthralled by her so without a shred of a doubt the witcher makes his third wish that is to always be with her are these feelings between Geralt and Yennefer true or is it just magic if this wish worked then why did they split up you can find the answers to these questions for yourself in the next seasons of the series or by reading the books but we should add that in the game.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt there’s even a special quest and which Jennifer forces The Witcher to go with her and kill that berry Djinn after his death all the wishes must vanish and the sorceress cannot wait to find out of her feelings for girls are real after The Witcher kills the Djinn Yennefer remains the same but Geralt has to make his choice what do you think are their feelings real we’ll wait for your opinion in the comments.

Why Did Geralt Demand the Law of Surprise

We come across this ancient custom three times in this series according to it any person or creature has the right to demand the law of surprise as a payment for his services that is how dunny also known as the urchin of Erlin wall acquired his rights for princess Pavetta when he saved the life of king of Sintra according to their agreement.

He should have come to claim his surprise in 15 years and we already know the result of that from the series in just the same way after defending Donny’s life Geralt demanded a boon from him is something that the rescued man had already possessed but had no idea about and this time it happened to be Ciri well they have a romantic relationship definitely not the law of surprise does not necessarily lead to romantic relationships it just happened to be so between Donny and Pavetta.

The fact is that this custom is very common among the witcher’s they often use that as a price for their services when the people whom they help don’t have enough money it means that The Witcher can get anything a cow or haystack or money but it could also be a child that is how boys got recruited to become witchers so it’s no wonder that ger alt turned to the law of surprise cuz this was the first thing that came to his mind years later Geralt rescues a merchant and makes another law of surprise deal and receives Ciri again who has been taken in by the merchants wife during his absence so the witcher receives the princess twice which means that Syrian girls bond is one of destiny.

Who is Visenna

A wounded and delirious dreams about either yen afore or ren free or a strange woman so who is she oddly enough she is Geralt smother who gave her son away to be raised by The Witcher Visenna but by Senna was not an ordinary woman she was a sorceress and a healer but unlike many other sorcerers.

She could have children so why was my sena able to give birth to a child in this series we see how Yennefer gives up her ability to procreate for the sake of correcting her deformities but it’s unlikely that all students of ARA to undergo this procedure right the fact is that during their training in a magical academy.

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Almost everybody becomes infertile although some of the sorceress are liked by Senna moreover the rectoress of ara to say a degree believe that nobody is born a sorcerer, therefore, mages should not be allowed to have children that is why she introduced a mandatory sterilization for all of her students and this is what made all the sorcerers completely Barun although at the time when girl was born my sena had already been an adult so obviously could have completed her training before the introduction of this outrageous rule.

Why is Geralt’s Hair Gray

In order to become a witcher one has to go through a series of mutations known as the trial of the grasses their body chemistry is being changed in order to be able to fight monsters head-to-head that means that they are much faster and stronger than ordinary people and also have enhanced regeneration abilities the majors who invented the mutation elixirs constantly worked on their improvement but still as Geralt reveals in the series only three boys out of ten survived this process.

Geralt himself responded very well to the standard mutation procedure so he was subjected to further experimental mutations that resulted in him having even greater strengths and reactions but also according to the books made his hair white like milk that is why girl Tubb Rivia is often called the white wolf however in the video games and in the series The Witcher has gray hair and this change is not actually explained but our guess is that because it’s on-screen the totally white hair looks unnatural.

Confusing Timeline

The series begins at three different points in time and with three completely different characters the stories of Yennefer and Geralt began long before Syria was born even in girls storyline some events are out of order the first time we meet the witch are in blob akin where he gets into a fight with Ren free after which he is called the butcher of Lovitt well no one could have thought that The Witcher was the victim of an attack and simply defended himself right.

However, in this very first episode, one of the characters mentioned Strega whose encounter with Geralt we see later in the series so how did the events actually happen in the show Yennefer storyline begins. A little earlier than that of The Witcher first we see how an ugly and hunchback Yennefer acquires magical powers and also her beauty.

She becomes a court sorceress in a turn and spends approximately 30 years there but after a failed mission she decides to become an independent sorceress girl storyline begins around this time and leads him first to meeting Jessie er than to the feast in Sintra where he meets dummy and palette and invokes the law of surprise garrote goes fishing for Jen’s bottle Jessie er gets seriously injured and the to meet Yennefer for the first time later during one of the journeys.

The witcher meets her again and finally tells her about his last wish to the gym as a result of it the two break up and while Kuralt goes in search of Syria the sorceress finds herself in ARA Tuesday again at the same time Nilfgaard is planning to attack Sintra Geralt tries to take Syrian Durr his protection but queen calamity puts him in prison and soon the attack on Sentra begins Syria escapes and goes to the forest of bra colon where she is found by a Doppler who has taken on mouths ax appearance.

We’ll talk about the Doppler shaggy and a little later but in the meantime, Siri manages to escape his clutches however the traumatic events in her life are far from over while she accidentally kills her so-called friends who brutally attacked her Yennefer becomes one of the mages who stood against the Nilfgaardian¬† army in the Battle of sodden hill the farmer’s wife takes Ciri with her a wall girl that the very same time saves her husband and makes the law of surprise deal with him in the finale of the season Yennefer disappears during the battle and Syrian Geralt finally meet happy ending definitely not there are still six seasons ahead and there is still a long haul that awaits us.

What Happened to Yennefer

Of course, we know what this powerful sorceress is capable of Jennifer could create portals long before she started her magic training so she could flee the battlefield at literally any moment she definitely put a lot into the battle with the Nilfgaardian army but it’s very unlikely that she died so where did our beloved sorceress go we won’t tell you because it would be a huge spoiler.

The Doppler Problem

The first time we see a Doppler is when he is hired by cashier who wants to learn Ciri from Brahe: but the dopplers suddenly betrays cahier and attacks him it’s extremely difficult to fight the Doppler because he can become virtually anyone however kicker manages to slice them on the cheek so we can see which one of the two coheres is the real one well we cannot be a hundred percent sure which one of them we see in the finale of the season we can hardly see his face through the flames of the fire yet we bet that the scar would be visible so it’s most likely the same Nilfgaardian officer who haunts Ciri in her nightmares let us know in the comments below what questions you still have about The Witcher series and we’ll find the answers for you.

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