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This is Locke & Key | The Keys Explained | Everything you need to know. Locke & Key ending explained. ‘Locke & Key’ Season 1 Finale, Explained: What That Final. The world of lock and key is probably best described as dark fantasy. I guess the main allure of the show is the magical keys you know that grant the characters of the show fantastical powers. This Article is gonna cover the origins of the keys as well as a few things about the keys that aren’t really explained in the show.

This Article is probably gonna feature some definite spoilers for future seasons of the show. I will say this, I anticipate that if you didn’t want to know you probably wouldn’t be watching so back to the point of the Article magical keys. During, the American Revolutionary War freedom-fighting American rebels found a doorway within a vast cave system underneath the site.

Where the future lock family estate key house would reside when the Revolutionary soldiers take up residency in these caves. They petition a local man named Locke to drain the caves so that they can venture farther in to store goods and supplies. However, once the caves are drained. They stumble upon markings that resemble a doorway slowly over time.

The Keys Explained

Over let’s say the period of a few days the markings change and they start to resemble an actual doorway almost enticing the soldiers to open it. Look, I’m not perfect, I don’t know about you but if I’m down in a cave system trying to escape the Redcoats. There’s some creepy door that’s slowly turning into a real door enticing me to try.

I’m gonna give it a shot I’ll dip my toes in the water so eventually, the soldiers take the bait. The doorways open and when it opens we see this horrible Lovecraftian another world kind of spew forth from within the or once open this doorway spawns countless unknown parasitic demons that start to flood.

Through, Its opening and the first demon attaches itself to the captain of the garrison. He immediately starts killing other people as you do when you’re infected with a demon. However due to the fact that these demons are symbiotic. They can’t survive in our world without a host and when I say symbiotic I mean that they need a human being to survive think of venom from spider-man except the Venom symbiote can kind of survive without a host for a long period of time.

These ones can, therefore, one of two things happen either the demon attaches itself to a human being and lives within them. They fall into a smoldering mess on the ground where they immediately turn into a hard metal referred to as whispering iron a young locksmith living during this era named Benjamin Locke who’s also a descendant of the Locke who emptied the cave system allowing the doorway to first be visible attempts to seal.

The doorway using his lock making abilities but finds no earthly material can bind the doorway closed for longer than a few seconds Benjamin Locke notices that the material seems to be whispering to him. When he held it to its head he gets visions of what he needs to do using the whispering metal.

He crafts a master lock and a key with an Omega symbol on it he places the lock on the Lovecraftian demon door and locks it with the Omega key the material is somehow able to hold the door closed. He then begins the process of reinforcing the doorway so that no one can ever open it again. This doorway is referred to as the black door.

As I mentioned before he does also craft a key with the Omega symbol on it and without this key the doorway to the alternate dimension will not open if any other key is used in this doorway. This is Locke & Key | The Keys Explained | Everything you need to know. Locke & Key ending explained. ‘Locke & Key’ Season 1 Finale, Explained: What That Final.. It simply opens to more cave space where you can you know store old-timey things. I don’t know what they had back then like muskets.

I don’t know potatoes Benjamin then goes on to forge a number of other keys out of the remaining whispering iron that came into this world when the doorway was originally opened. These keys are all outlined in another Article of ours and essentially these keys are kind of corpses of extra-dimensional beings that attempted to invade our world and because of the fact that this material is not native to our universe.

Everything you need to know

It possesses abilities that are not native to our world and this is kind of referred to as magic in this universe over time additional magical enchantments are made to the keys. A key house and one of the more interesting magical elements is known as the Hans riffle effect. This was a magical enchantment placed on the key House property that causes anybody over the age of 18 to forget about the magical keys.

Their abilities associated with them the goal of this enchantment is to prevent the keys from landing in the hands of adults who would undoubtedly use them for their own gain. I know, I would immediately start messing with my own brain. I’d get rid of my anxiety. I’d put a lot of guitar playing skills in there and probably learn a bunch of things.

I should have learned in high school in college that I forgot or drank my way through anyway back to the Article a side effect of the Hans riffle rule is that the whispering of the keys can only be heard by children. Specifically younger children, it’s implied in the show and in the comics that the older you are the less pure of heart.

You are and therefore the less likely you are to hear a key whispering to you and frankly that’s probably a good thing because after a long day of work. I don’t want to come home and have my old creepy house. Start whispering to me, then I got to go hunt down a key and then I got to figure out what it does the whole thing.

It just sounds like a lot of work and if I’m not getting paid to do this let’s let some children do it. Maybe, they’ll you know cause a transdimensional doorway to open that kills us all but maybe not who knows. This is Locke & Key | The Keys Explained | Everything you need to know. Locke & Key ending explained. ‘Locke & Key’ Season 1 Finale, Explained: What That Final. It’s also not a hundred percent understood how Benjamin Locke is able to craft these keys.

Their abilities but it do seem to be implied that most of them are crafted in the late 1770s. It does seem like the person who does the forging is able to kind of wish for the abilities that they want the key to having and that is it for the origin of the keys and kind of where they come from and one thing.

I want to leave you with is to not necessarily think of the keys as much as they are magical spells and abilities. Thank you guys for watching this Article this has been Nick with key issues and please remember to like the Article. It helps us out tremendously also feel free to like and subscribe and hit the bell for note vacations and remember the motto lock-and-key over everything.

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