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This is Horse Girl Netflix Review, Theory, Spoiler | Everything you need to know. There’s a brand new movie on Netflix it’s called horse girl. It’s interesting I need you in the comments down below were you excited for this film is it not what you were expecting because everything adds weight like this. They probably knew what they were in store for because the trailer gives it away.


If they actually thought this was that’s funny so a socially awkward woman with a fondness for arts and crafts horses and supernatural crime shows finds her increasingly lucid dreams trickling into her waking life. I where do I start with this movie so I am NOT going to say that I hated it I’m not going to say that I loved it.

I’m still thoroughly confused as to what I just saw there are so many different interpretations of what people can take away from after watching this movie. Horse Girl Netflix Review, Theory, Spoiler. It’s almost like a Donnie Darko right we watched that movie maybe the first time we watched. It doesn’t really know what happened but upon rewatch you understand certain things a bit better.

You at least have your own answers for what actually happens at the end of that film and you look at something like what this movie has showcased. I will and I wanna spoil the movie but I will talk about things in the actual trailer so she becomes obsessed with the fact that she believes, she’s being tampered with abducted by aliens.

All throughout this movie but it starts out very subtly and slowly progresses into something beyond what you’re even expecting right now. Listening to me say this you think you know what happened to this movie. You don’t she slowly starts to lose her mind. It’s also interesting because she is this very socially awkward interesting girl at the beginning of the film.


That comes across as sweet and genuine and I loved her relationships that she was you know trying to make throughout the movie. She has a roommate she has someone that she works under she finds a guy who shares similar interests to her and is as socially awkward as she is so they get along great.

She believes that he and maybe a few others begin to get on board with her so she feels like she can be more open with them right well then you realize not everyone’s on the same page as me. Maybe, I am the crazy one and she starts to believe that but she still goes full fledge into her conspiracy theory that has to do with her grandmother that possibly has to do it.

I’m a clone I’m at this some of that I don’t necessarily know what I am but as an audience, you don’t know what she is either. You don’t know if she is telling the truth or imagining all of these things and the way that they play with us using imagery on screen. Horse Girl Netflix Review, Theory, Spoiler. It leads us to believe that she’s telling the truth at a point so you do start caring more for her as a character but my issue with the film is one the fact.

I just don’t know if it knew what it wanted to be I don’t think it had the balance the proper balance that says a Donnie Darko has right. It’s quirky it’s awkward, it’s weird it was very of its time in a way but it does stick with you because of the storyline. I don’t find the storyline as interesting.

I just found it to be something that sounds extremely interesting when you’re telling someone the plot of the film but when it comes down to the execution. There were so many moments and yes you have an awkward main character. You’re going to have awkward moments but there were scenes it felt like those particular scenes were drugged out there were moments.

I think could have been more impactful if the filmmaking did something to amplify that and not to say that the direction here isn’t solid isn’t okay because I do believe Jeff Baena who is our director did a good job. He sustained the intensity and the fact that we just don’t have the knowledge to know what is happening.

All throughout the film and I mean literally until the last few frames of the movie you’re constantly wondering. I was going on you’re asking questions and sometimes those are the best films. I honestly like leaving a movie wondering what actually happened there is she this is she that and there are questions for sure and some may think.

They get answers at the end of this movie but you still don’t necessarily know what’s not because the story is told from her perspective. She’s seeing things she’s hearing things that maybe they’re there for sure but we’re following along with her. They may not be there she may just be imagining these things.

That’s the part of the film that you know it kept me thinking for sure it just wasn’t as engaging as it wanted to be maybe on paper. It wasn’t as thrilling as the concept that I’m telling you right now is and I think the performance from Alison Brie was extravagant outstanding. Horse Girl Netflix Review, Theory, Spoiler. I just feel as if this could have been approached in a different way.


I think a lot of people are gonna watch this and walk away and just go what did I just see it kind of felt pointless it was too quirky too awkward. I completely understand that and that’s why I’m literally I’m torn with this film because it made me think I was interested at points and then other moments it was dragging on too long.

I just wasn’t into the story I wasn’t really engaged with any of the characters and the lack of answers. While intriguing it’s just something that kind of drugged the movie down for me. So you start out with a quirky romantic comedy and at the end of the film. You don’t know what you just saw but I do believe it will leave some people very intrigued for me.

I thought it was a nice attempt the execution wasn’t all there before I give you guys my score if you enjoyed this article. Horse Girl Netflix Review, Theory, Spoiler. If you like what we’re doing on this Website talking Netflix every single weekend.

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