12 Best Movies on Netflix USA That Need Binge Watching

Are you looking for Best Movies on Netflix USA then I,m going to tells you the list of Netflix USA Movie like The Two Popes, The King, Bird Box, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. This is just amazing. I hope you will love it, after watching this amazing Film. Netflix always tries to produce romantic-dramatic Series, Movies, Shows.

This is a great chance for those who are looking for good content then I suggest you watch this article and find but I sure These Movies That Need Binge Watching. Now I,m going to tell you:

12 Best Movies on Netflix USA

1- The Two Popes (2019)

The humanity and vulnerability of these divergent thinkers of the highest position in the Catholic Church brought out the love and respect they achieved for each other. I walked away in awe of both of them! We should all aspire to find common ground with our neighbors with opposing views. Our society would be more dignified and peaceful as a result.

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I loved it when Pope Francis taught Pope Benedict to tango and Benedict gave Francis the Beatles’ album, “Abbey Road”. A true friendship was forged. Movies on Netflix USA. If you think of this film as merely a well-made piece of drama, well and good. But that isn’t its message. The film of the real Popes is included in order to insert authenticity.

2- The King (2019)

An unforgettable movie. Timothée Chalamet is mesmerizing in this role, he’s able to make a silent scene scream with meaning in a single facial expression. A version of softly spoken polite English Shakespeare, laced with a spectacular vision of sword welding, and clanking sound effects, is enough to make anyone take an interest. Combine that with a fashionable androgynous leading man.

Netflix must have deeper purse strings than 15th Century French Kings because they (seemingly) have endless amounts of cash to throw away on forgettable films such as “The King”.

3- To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

The couple looks so good together. Hats off to the writer to bring about such a cute and pure form of love. It’s equally romantic and cute, balanced. Films On Netflix US. I know that it’s a fantasy but everyone would dream of having a story like that. Love, love, and love, That’s all I’ve got to say. The best part of the movie was when they were in the hot tub and Peter said There’s no one like you Covey.

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I think this movie is a good one to watch because of all of the drama that happens and it really tests if a person loves another person how far the girl will go to find her true love.

4- Bird Box (2018)

This movie reminds me a lot of Gravity, it’s tense throughout and it keeps you gripped and Sandra Bullock is the star, but it’s major flaws lie in the fact that nothing is explained, in the sense that they present loads of interesting and complex ideas, but stay in the shallow end when you want to find out more.

Sandra Bullock is always an actress who gives the best performance and exactly Bird Box enjoys that with her being the central character. The plot is quite intriguing and thrilling. The element of unknown danger and survival drama always is engaging if packed with good performances and this movie for sure has perfect casting done.

5- Train to Busan (2016)

Though it’s a zombie apocalypse film, it is very beautiful. The root message is actually sacrificed for your near and dear ones. There is emotion as well, especially when the father while saving his daughter, Movies on Netflix USA, turns into a zombie himself, and at the same time, in his last moments he’s recollecting the time when he first held his daughter; basically the message is highlighted more towards the end, and then the daughter sings in the memory of her father’s honor and courage.

6- The Irishman (2019)

This is a great movie with many amazing characters who could not have existed without everybody’s amazing performances. The movie was very moving and the last part of the film will stick with you for sure. The music was amazing and suite the movie very well. Costumes are also great and are very good at showing who is who and what place they have.

Of course, this movie had one unexplored realm and that being that Frank is Irish, not Italian so he never is really in the mafia he is just a good friend with powerful people. There is one thing in the story where they should have just left out or shot differently but other than that this film is great.

7- Mudbound (2017)

One of the best movies I’ve watched. Yes, racism was bad in the US. This movie perfectly depicts them. The history of Jim Crow and the nadir of race relations in the US has not been dealt with in a meaningful way. This film, through superb acting and poignant writing, brings this period to life.

8- El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

El Camino was overall a great movie but I feel it was held back by a few things. Firstly Fat Todd. His chubbiness takes you out of the immersiveness of this experience as part of the breaking bad universe. Films On Netflix US. The promotional material also made the film out to be more of a manhunt in the interrogation room prome with Pete.

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All this said El Camino was a great closure to the character of Jesse which also presents new branches in the universe timeline for Better Call Saul and potential future spinoffs to explore.

9- Roma (2018)

Roma tells the story of, mainly, one young woman who helps raise the children of a doctor and his wife in Mexico City. From its naive, loving, and genuine protagonists to the dreamy and visually stunning re-imagining of Alfonso Cuaron’s childhood in Mexico City, I cannot recommend this film enough.

It is evident that Alfonso Cuaron is a true auteur, such as other respected filmmakers like Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Thomas Anderson, and many more. You don’t see films of this caliber and talent released often.

10- Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage story is an amazing and brilliant movie. It’s the best movie in 2019. I’m not married yet but after watching this movie I realized that marriage and family are very important aspects of happy life and not to say successful life, on the other hand, Movies on Netflix USA, Divorce is dead-end of life and the process is really painful and horrendous.

Wasting money and precious time for lawyers and courts seems very absurd, sadly many people have to go through it. All the actors have done an amazing and brilliant job.

11- The Kissing Booth (2018)

This Movie was literally the best movie I’ve ever seen. Jacob Elordi and Joey King made the movie perfect. You should definitely watch this movie it’s really good, especially you should watch this for a birthday. It showcases the problems you face in a high school relationship. The conflicts Elle faces while balancing her relationship with Noah and her friendship with Lee is relatable on many levels.

It also has a minor part showing a strained brotherhood between Noah and Lee. Overall it is a great movie for adults and teens alike. Hope you enjoy it.

12- Always Be My Maybe (2019)

This movie was fantastic in my opinion. I’m a huge fan of cheesy rom-coms and this one hits the nail on the head. It had me laughing throughout the movie and tearing at the moments that tugged on my heartstrings. I would watch again and suggest it to anyone who likes this genre. Such a nice story and script, super chemistry between the actors, a warm and funny film. This is all about 12 Best Movies on Netflix USA That Need Binge Watching. laughed through it all. Its been a long long time since I saw such a nice movie

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