Netflix Series: The Witcher Ending Explained

Season 1 of The Witcher is released on 20 December. 8 Episodes of the first season is over with the full of many questions Let’s Explained in the Ending. If you are the fan of the Superman then your favorite Actor Henry Cavill As Geralt of Rivia is back full of entertainment.

Let’s Discuss 10 fact of The Witcher Season 1

1- The timeline

There’s a very important reason why it seems like each of the three main characters Geralt Ciri and Yennefer have competing timelines so a lot of what you see happening with Ciri at the beginning of the story is happening way later in Geralt and Yennefer timeline. They’re very long-lived because of their mutations that they undergo or technically it’s enchantments in-universe case all of the TV show is adapting the books, not the video games.

The video games story is a sequel to the book story so think of this more as a game of Thrones situation where they’readapting the novels. The story of the first season is largely based on the two first short story books the last wish in sort of destiny so the weird thing that happened in the United States is they didn’t publish those books till after the other books.

It was a bit of a Star Wars situation lets start with episode 4 then we’ll do all the backstory in the prequels a little bit later all the monsters that he fights in the first couple of episodes through the main season are right out of the books, for example, one of the names of the early short stories is the lesser evil quote-unquote.

That’s the story of how Geralt became the butcher applicant so during episode one when they do that story that’s why the characters like Stregobor and Renfro keep repeating that line of dialogue kill Renfro because it’s the lesser evil no-kill Stregobor because that’s the lesser evil so all of Geralt and Yennefer story.

In the first few episodes starts a long time ago in the past then their timelines slowly catch up with a series timeline so in the first episode. You watched Sentra gets sacked by Melgaard, They have that giant battle in the field that’s right out of the books serious escapes running off that’s a little bit of a change from the books in the book.

She actually ran off to escape an arranged marriage but Sintra later in the timeline after that still gets sacked by nilf guard so they’re combining a bunch of things but because Garrett’s timeline has been catching up with Syria this whole time you get the reveal about midway through the season the Geralt was here while Sintra was getting sacked he was just stuck in the dungeon the whole time but that’s also another big change from the books Geralt finds out about what happened to central after he meets Ciri way later in the books.

The main reason why they did the timelines this way is because both Ciri and Yennefer don’treally appear in those initial short stories that they’re adapting till the very very end the last wish is the name of the short story with the Djinn where Geralt meets Yennefer for the first time and that’s much later in the first few books and the writers wanted to have you follow all three main characters starting in episode one so the only way to do that was to mess with the timeline a little bit but the way they tell the story but number nine Geralt.

2- The butcher of blacken

I said this is basically the entire story of the first episode based on the short story the lesser evil quote-unquote as they repeated the line of dialogue during the episode. They did change some of the major plot points for the book like Geralt doesn’t sleep with record inthe book they did that to get you to care more about her character so that her death had more weight and it felt like a bigger sacrifice than Geralt was making when he was forced to destroy her.

It’s the same basic plot as it is inthe books Stregobor is a total asshole mage working for the brotherhood of sorcerers and he learns about the curse of the Black Sun a prophecy that says a bunch of girls born under an eclipse will become possessed and destroy the world so a long time ago. He does what any crazy sorcerer would do he goes around trying to destroy all the women that were born under the Eclipse. He also spends a lot of his free time vivisecting the bodies he really like spoking around in people’s innards so he’s way worse in the books than what the show made him out to record just happened to be a princess born under an eclipse so her mother the Queen just gave her over to Stregobor to get rid of oh wow she’s going to destroy the world well we got to get rid of her.

The back story that she tells to Geralt during the episode is pretty accurate to the books she escaped her captor then spent the rest of her life plotting her revenge against her mother and againstStregobor the reason Geralt is forced to destroy her even though he hates Stregoborfinds him deplorable is that ran free claims.

She’s going to slaughter all of the innocent townsfolk here on the street until Stregobor comes out of his tower which he’s definitely not going to do so Geralt has to stop her to save all these innocent lives she’s kind of turned into a monster in the episode is meant to show you that sometimes people are worse than the actual monsters that girls usually hired to fight that’s why they juxtaposed it by having him fight the key Kimura at the top of the episode like.

He’s fighting a monster but that monster might seem bad not quite as bad as the human monster that Stregobor and Renfro are one of the tag lines of the show is also sometimes the worst monsters are the ones we create as in Stregobor created the monster that ran free turned into through his actions somatically that will also play through the rest of the major storylines of the series like Sintra what’s going on with no guards the reason why they sacked Sintra what’s going on with Emperor Amir who you really only learn about halfway through the season it’ll become more clear once we get into season 2 there are a couple of things that they don’t reveal during season 1 so I’ll try to step around that because it does get kind of spoilers so I’ll be sure not to include that stuff in this article number 8.

3- Ciri The Witcher

This happens much later in the books but series storyline starts out way later in the timeline probably the biggest change they make to this though is that Geralt is here for this stuff while it happens where he is not in the books there are two major reasons why no guard is attacking Sintra one the main reason is because emperor emir of Nilfgaard in the north is trying to unify the entire continent so he’s doing this with his arms all over the place it just happens.

Right now he’s a Sintra number two though secondary reason is that he’s coming for sure there’s a lot of potentially super spoilery stuff early on with serious storyline so I will skip that part and explain who Emperor Amir is at least right now maybe I’ll cover that later but he wants Ceri because of her special bloodline in her power but while this is all going on you get a quick tutorial for her grandmother a queen: the lioness of Sintra. She’s sort of a combination of Brienne of Tarth and Cersei Lannister she winds up throwing herself off the battlements at the end of the episode to prevent being taken captive you don’t really get the backstory on how we came to this moment though in this big battle until a flashback episode is part of Jerrold storyline in the later episode.

4- Meet Ciri and her Blood and Powers

number 7 though meet Ciri and her special blood and powers but she has what he would call the elder blood in her veins passed down through her mother’s side of the family her great-grandmother the Queen’s mother had the power but it skipped her grandmother queen: the– and manifested in both series mother palette and now Ciri herself quick tutorial on what the elder blood is and what it means so the elder blood is a genetic program initiated by elven mages a long time ago for the purposes of creating an extraordinarily gifted child whose power would exceed their own and they spent a lot of time in the first half of the season explaining.

Elven mages are the most powerful they’re the original magic users of the continent there’s an elven prophecy about a child of the elder blood one day saving the elves from Total Annihilation a long time ago in this genetic line one of the elves mated with a human and created the line that Ciri comes from so that’s how she wound up with the elder blood so throughout the series a lot of competing interests both elven both human evil people good people all want to get their hands on Ciri to use her power really good example of how powerful.

she is Yennefer is one-quarter elf by blood that by itself makes her way more powerful than a regular human mage Ciri because of her elder blood is like God Tyr powerful but very few people actually understand how her power works one of those people that you meet later in the series Giffords understands he’s a mage he doesn’t start out being super evil but he’s one of the main antagonists of the book series along with Emperor Emhyr but if we’re making videogame jokes here Ciri is more of like the side fetch quest for emperor Amir as part of his larger campaign to unify the continent with all these Wars number six.

5- Yennefer’s origin story

Yennefer’s origin story you don’t really get Yennefer’s backstory until episode 2 but the big change they made from the books is that they give you Yennefer’s backstory in the books.

She just shows up here in the last wish storyline during the gin adventure as a full-blown sorceress like hello how’s it going my name is Yennefer, for the most part, all the back story that they give you for Yennefer is accurate to the books she was abused by her father she was born as a hunchback she’s taken in by the brotherhood of sorcerers to train when she passes the necessary tests.

She undergoes her enchantments to get rid of her deformities but at the cost of her ability to reproduce but eventually, what happens is because neither she nor Geralt can sire children because of Geralt mutations as a Witcher and because of her enchantments is that eventually they emotionally adopt Ciri as their daughter so she becomes something of a mother figure to Cirie Geralt becomes something of a father figure eventually number five.

6- Jaskier and Geralt

You meet yes gear in episode two just like you meet Yennefer his character and personality the version you see on the TV show is pretty accurate to the books he meets Geralt on the road starts following him around and slowly wears him down until eventually, Geralt starts to think of him as a friend most of the time he just annoys people though the TV show version is way less hot for Yennefer than the book version speaking of which number four.

7- Geralt saves the in Urcheon’s life

Geralt saves the in AFER’s life by using the last wish so that’s why the story in the books that they’re pulling from here is called the last wish because he uses that third and final wish to save her from the Djinn and as part of that wish that he doesn’t speak out loud on the show is to bind their destinies together forever during the episode.

He doesn’t speak the wish out loud the jinn just leaves Yennefer’s body and she’s saved flies away but the wish was that their fates forever be intertwined that’s why later in the timeline when they go in the dragon monster hunt she shows up in his life how come there are so few witcher’s lefts in the world but all of a sudden I keep running into you everywhere I go its part of the magic of the wish that keeps bringing them back together but number three.

8- Geralt vs Striga

Geralt versus the Striga this is also right out of the books but the change that the TVshow makes is that in the episode they crosscut the string as transformation back into the princess with Yennefer’s transformation for dramatic effect if you played any of the Witcher video games you probably recognize that this advanced to the Striga is literally the opening cutscene of the very first Witcher game.

The backstory that they give you in the episode is pretty accurate to the books king foot stand his sister go fool Jaime and Cersei Lannister they have a baby but their union was cursed as a result his sister died while pregnant with the child before she gave birth she was buried in a tomb but because of the curse, the child in her womb slowly transformed into the Striga and then started terrorizing Tamera until Geralt broke the curse by keeping her from returning to her tomb till sunrise but something that might not be clear from the episode is that the child had been a striga– for more than a decade.

She’s never known life as a human the story and somewhat hopefully for her as kingliest agrees to race her properly and care for her but it’s going to take years and years for her to recover from the mental trauma of being a monster that ate people’s hearts and livers for more than a decade number two.

9- The story of Duny Pavetta

Series origin story they don’t do the Duny and Pavetta flashback till around the middle of the season but you start to learn why Sinatra eventually fell and where Ciri came from and how she became Geralt child of a surprise but you meet series mother Pavetta daughter of Queen Kelantan II. The lioness of Sintra who’s just loving life without a husband doing what she wants being a badass but needs more troops for her wards so she’s going to marry off her daughter Pavetta to whichever neighboring Kingdom can give her more forces Pavetta is secretly in love with a man named Duny who claims quote-unquote to be a knight that was cursed as a child.

He’snot lying about that part though it’s a curse causes him to look like a hedgehog during daylight hours only turning back into a man after midnight then changing back into a monster at sunrise it just so happened that he met Pavetta by accident after midnight when he was in man form they fell in love conceived a child as part of the law of surprise a long time ago he saved the life of Queen Clancy’s former husband the king who’s now died.

The law of surprise says that which he had but did not know of at the time which was his future daughter Pavetta so Duny has come back to claim what is his Pavetta but he’s also in love with her they want to get married and have the child Queenclan ‘they predictably aren’t having any of it because she wants to use Pavetta’he’s arranged marriage to bolster her army but Geralt has to step in to save Duny and beat some sense into everyone.

10- Geralt claims Ciri as the child of surprise

Geralt claims Ciri as the child of surprise without really knowing what he’s doing you kind of learned through the episode that he’s like okay whatever you know laughs surprise I’ll do what you did and then surprise surprise she finds out that Pavetta is pregnant oh crap I guess that means that I’m going to get a child that I didn’t expect so that’s how series up becoming bound to Geralt through the law of surprise in destiny they say destiny so many times drink.

Every time someone on the TV show says the word destiny you will be dead before the middle of the season the big change they make from the books here though is when all this stuff happens Geralt claims the law of surprise he saves Duneyhis life that’s all accurate to the books but he doesn’t actually learn this Ciri exists that Pavetta had a child till way later in the timeline.

There’s a whole bunch other stuff that’s happening in these episodes but because the way Netflix releases stuff dumps tile all at once it’s just really hard for me to do videos for each single episode so I will do more videos for the season and for specific big moments but leave all your requests in the comments below they’ve already renewed the show for season two.

They’ll probably just adapt blood of elves which is the first real novel that’s when he actually starts training Ciri to become a Witcher just like him I’ll be posting more witcher more Mandalorian and more Star Wars videos this week so as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see all the videos when I post them but everyone click here for my Star Wars rise of Skywalker top 20 video easter eggs and click here for my Mandalorian episode 7 video thank you so much for watching happy holidays everyone I’ll see you guys tonight.

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