The Two Popes (2019) Movie – Review

This is the Review of Netflix’s latest film “The Two Popes (2019)”. Today we’re talking about the brand new Netflix movie the two Pope’s. I’m talking Netflix every single weekend I was looking forward to this one I need you in the comments is this one that you saw you enjoyed you were looking forward to it’s been popping up on plenty of people’s end-of-the-year lists for one of the best movies of the year so of course, I was excited and let’s get into it.

The Two Popes (Review)

Is all about the conservative Pope Benedict and the liberal future Pope Francis who must find common ground to forge a new path for the Catholic Church and like I said I was just looking at a list on Twitter where someone said this is easily one of my favorite movies of the year. I’m like alright this has got to be good right.

I do think the movie is good now do I think it’s one of my personal favorites of the year now I’m not going to go that far I do think it’s a very well-made film that establishes this friendship that is based on course on this true story and we see that kind of planted throughout the movie the way that they go about editing this film together really just the style of the film.

It feels like a documentary it feels like we’re actually seeing this interaction play out on screen with the actual people and I think a big part of that as Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce who both deliver phenomenal performances like. The Two Popes Review. I’ve been seeing them pop up in awards conversations and to be honest like I was looking forward to this movie right I had anticipation for it but for some reason sometimes the movie strikes me and I just say you know probably not gonna like it that much.

I don’t like it as much as I think a lot of other people do but I liked it more than I thought I would and a lot of that has to do with these performances which I think are two of the best of the year personal top-five lead supporting performances. The Two Popes (2019) Movie – Review. I don’t know if I can go that far but Hopkins is doing what Hopkins does he’s very subtle.

He’s contained because he has to be this is a pope that is aging this is a man who has been through a lot clearly he’s weathered and you see that progress on-screen but he has this relationship with prices Pope who you know it is just on the opposite side of things their beliefs clash every single time they spark a conversation about something they’re always on different pages but within that there’s this friendship that begins to develop and I always tell you guys.

I love a movie about friendship now this is a very different film and it’s not one that I believe is going to appeal to the mass audience who’s looking for upbeat entertainment and a lot of action in their filmmaking and something that grasps you and makes you want to come back for more I don’t know if I’ll ever watch this movie again but I’ll tell you what I’m glad I watched it I’m glad I watch it because I got two incredible performances.

Director (Review)

I got some really solid direction the director here is Fernando Meirelles I’m probably pronouncing that wrong but he is a Brazilian filmmaker and he is known for the movie City of God that came out in 2002. The Two Popes Review. He’s directed plenty of films he’s got a lot of experience under his belt and I do believe he showcases that here he mixes

the style like I said that feels much like a documentary but he edits this movie together with some strange song choices throughout that at first kind of caught me off guard I’m like oh this is this feels like a very serious movie but as we progress and we get more from the dialogue we realized that it’s kind of a humorous very subtly but a humorous film there back and forth is kind of funny at times their beliefs are so drastically different.

The fact that they are both Pope at a point it’s true story not a spoiler is pretty incredible man it’s incredible because they’re so different right and coming at it from my perspective I’m not a Catholic but I can watch this and appreciate it for what it goes for appreciate the relationship and appreciate the what these two men went through a definitely more of a look into Jonathan prices character we do flashbacks here and I love the way it was handled. I enjoy the fact that that was in black and white and the aspect ratio changes and it really captures.

Fact (Review)

The fact that this takes place in a very different emotional time in this man’s life. The Two Popes Review. We see that these men aren’t perfect they’ve both broken their own personal rules but they’ve also broken some rules that maybe they’re not proud of now I don’t know how accurate this movie is and that may offend some but I just love to look at the fact regardless of how you feel about their faith and like.

I agree with every single thing that they do but I love seeing people accept that they’re not perfect these two guys accepting the fact that they are human going back and forth learning things from each other and maybe not slightly changing their beliefs but changing the way that they think and opening up their mind to believe what you know the other guy believes.

That’s drastically different from them and then they end up becoming the two popes two really good friends. The Two Popes (2019) Movie – Review. It’s an exploration of that not to say that this movie is preaching you can’t like a movie being preachy that’s kind of funny but it does explore exactly what it was trying to explore with an interesting filmmaking style.

It’s movie that I liked you know is there anything outstanding about it no is there anything I find myself coming back to in the future no it’s not an entertaining movie per se you have to be in the right mindset but like I said it worked for what it was going for it’s a good movie.

I’m not gonna put it in the same category as others are putting it in as one of the best movies of the year but performance-wise the performances are out standing and there’s no denying. The Two Popes (2019) Movie – Review. I will definitely do more go on a solid 70% man to 7 out of 10 because I think it is a genuinely good movie on Netflix I used to say how often do we get that but this year man Netflix is is killing it is absolutely killing it stay tuned because hopefully this weekend I’m gonna give you guys my top 10 Netflix movies of the year you.

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