Best 5 Russian Movies on Netflix You Don’t Want To Miss

Best Russian Movies on Netflix You Don’t Want To Miss like Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021), Chernobyl: Abyss (2021), Secret Magic Control Agency (2021), Icarus (2017), Silver Skates (2020). This movie is one of the best Russian movies on Netflix. We have not so many Russian movies on Netflix but If you are looking for a Russian Movie and you want to learn Russian then I suggest you watch this Movie.

Best Russian Movies on Netflix

1- Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021) – Mayor Grom: Chumnoy Doktor

This Russian production captivates the viewers’ interest like a Hollywood-made film. It’s got the look like a super-hero film such as Batman. Although it’s not as glamorous or stunning like its Hollywood counterpart, but it will keep you from beginning to end. Action sequences are fantastic. Igor is able to really deliver punches. The film utilizes an cinematic device in which Igor plays various scenarios with the corresponding results in his mind before acting. The result is very enjoyable.

The actors in the lead roles are skilled and the acting isn’t sloppy or sloppy. The camera work is impressive. The viewer can take in panoramic views of historic St. Petersburg where the story is set. The message is simple the superhero is not someone who has powers. He’s a man who is able to catch super villains.

2- Chernobyl: Abyss (2021) – Chernobyl

It’s a film with subdued drama and creepy suspense. The story is told from the perspective of an inspector of the reactor who reluctantly agrees to be an emergency responder in spite of his best judgment to protect his loved ones as well as benefit of other people. This is the personal dilemma of the actor who plays the lead role that the film examines and is directed by the same individual, Danila Kozlovsky. The suspense starts as the team race for time in order to unlock the drain valve in the water reservoir beneath the core of the reactor to avoid a steam explosion emitting radioactive material which could cause massive contamination of Europe. The suspense continues through this entire process.

When what they did closely resemble the actual events that occurred, it was an exemplary effort that was accompanied by the risk of personal safety in danger. The film conveys their humanity clearly. The director has succeeded in telling an engaging story even when his hats are swiveled. The viewer is drawn to the main character as he wrestles with uncertainty and uncertain. Oksana Akinshina also plays her role as a doting mother and incredulous love well.

3- Secret Magic Control Agency (2021)

It’s a fantastic Hansel and Gretel story about siblings, trust, and the truth. The plot is amazing with a that twists at the end this time Netflix has really exceeded their expectations. It’s an amazing film! Baba Yaga tries to cheat Hansel and Gretel to believe that the cookies she brought them were not magical, but they are lucky because they are not. Agent Stepdaughter offered Gretel the magical lens, however, Gretel has already eaten the cookies and fell to sleep. Hansel is trying to locate something magical that will wake Gretel up , known as Moon Gem so he tricks Baba Yaga into thinking that the person he’s talking to can offer Gretel a ticket for a vacation in trade for a moon gemstone Then he slowly presents the gem to Gretel and then she hands it to her dog.

This film is truly amazing it gives a glimpse into the world of animated romance, as well as everything else. It’s not your standard fairytale. The animation is fantastic and the characters are extremely elaborate, and hilarious, as well, the cast is adorable.

4- Icarus (2017)

Disregard who is doping, the genuine story isn’t Russia. It’s the defilement of the Olympic advisory group, the Olympic framework, when you take a gander at the fat white elderly people men running anything and you burrow beneath the surface you will discover misdirection, debasement burglary cronyism. The researcher permitted an all-out outsider (Fogel) to totally record him perpetrating significant wrongdoing!

5- Silver Skates (2020) – Serebryanye konki

The movie is an amalgamation of clichés with a touch of froth but it definitely was a hit for me. With the ever-changing snowy landscape (switching between palaces and Christmas market) and the gorgeous costumes as well as the entertaining action sequences and the adorable actors delivering a simple but ultimately satisfying plot. As a reviewer has said that the main character does not only look like Tom Holland, but has the same adorable puppy dog eyes and a smug demeanor which makes him so adorable and easy to be a fan of.

If you’re seeking artistic cinematography and character depth or narrative/emotional complexities You’ve been to the wrong film. If you’re looking for a relaxing escapist adventure, Silver Skates is for you!

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