12 Best Australian Movies on Netflix To Watch If You like Stan Movies

This is 12 Best Australian Movies on Netflix: 1- Go Karts (2020), 2- Cargo (2017), 3- I Am Mother (2019), 4- The King (2019), 5- Going for Gold (2018), 6- Winchester (2018). Here is the list of Australia Movies on Netflix. These movies are watchable because Australia is not famous for TV Series and Movies.

Stan is one of the biggest networks in Australia that produces Movies, TV Series. If You like Stan Movies then I suggest some movies on Netflix that are amazing. People in Australia are very good. People like it. I hope you will going to love it, after watching this amazing Australia Movie Netflix.

Australian Movies on Netflix

1- Go Karts (2020)

Go Karts (2020)
Go Karts (2020)

Great movie! Very enjoyable/ Just an all-round feel-good movie. This Movie is a great Australian movie that is amazing & shows you what racing go-karts in Australia are like. Congratulations to the producers of Go, Australian Movies on Netflix, How refreshing to see a great storyline. No swearing, just good fun. Great movie for all the family.

2- Cargo (2017)

Cargo (2017)
Cargo (2017)

Unlike other zombie movies it wasn’t all about the zombies and fighting them it was a heartfelt movie that also indulged in Australia’s aboriginal culture. It was one of the best movies. Good twist on zombies and wonderful beautiful Australian landscapes. Martin delivered Stella’s performance.

A very inspirational movie that shows that a father can do anything for their kids it made you cry at the very end. This is truly what a movie is supposed to do, spark thoughts, and emotions! I loved every minute.

3- I Am Mother (2019)

I Am Mother (2019)
I Am Mother (2019)

The grey characters help you see the dystopian scenarios from their perspective and why they act the way they do. If you watch it carefully, it’ll take you on a trippy ride. And you’ll appreciate the message it’s trying to convey and the obscure genius this movie is.

You will then be tied to the screen by the overall look of the movie. I hope you will like it, List of Australian Movies on Netflix. I highly recommend this movie for fans of sci-fi, and also for those who like asking big questions about life.

4- The King (2019)

The King (2019)
The King (2019)

This movie showed strong visuals and a very accurate depiction of the story of King Henry. Robert Pattison had a tremendous opening scene when he first arrived but then kind of faded away as he was given less to work with but ultimately I enjoyed his performance. The supporting cast I thought did a good job nothing too crazy.

Overall I would say this is an enjoyable film with great action and great performances and very intelligent writing. This movie might take a moment to grow on you, but it’s certainly worth it.

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5- Going for Gold (2018)


Great storyline but the acting was poor. Sorry only being honest. This was a fantastic, family-friendly film I highly recommend. I loved the performance, particularly by Hannah. This movie motivates you after watching. This is Australia Movies on Netflix. This is the movie of struggle. In our society, people face any problems and this one of one them.

6- Winchester (2018)

The most spooky house on the planet sits on a secluded stretch of land that is 50 miles outside of San Francisco. Worked by Sarah Winchester, beneficiary to the Winchester fortune, it stands seven stories tall and contains several rooms. To a pariah, it would appear that a gigantic landmark to an upset lady’s frenzy. Be that as it may, Sarah’s assembling a jail.

A haven for many vindictive apparitions – and the most startling among them have a score to settle with the Winchesters. The Doctor had a direct association to the nursery room without at first knowing it however consistently was attracted to it.

7- Lion (2016)

Lion (2016)
Lion (2016)

It’s only when you can feel it, you can portray. Each film at some point depicts the heart of its Maker. It is exceptionally a sensation. Actors are beyond any kind of compliment. Australian Movie Netflix, The wreck you deeply. Hats Off! This film features various aspects of life. Being a real-life story adds interest to the movie.

The movie ends with a stupendous message. Blessed are those children who get adopted and are nurtured beautifully. The relationship with the older adopted brother was given scrappy attention and treated so harshly that we didn’t care.

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8- Ali’s Wedding (2017)

A surprising delight. That involves the viewer in a life happenstance that one, unfortunately, can imagine. The beautiful tale of culture, love, and family. A pleasure to watch. It shows that one should follow one’s heart & do what needs to be done.

9- Son of a Gun (2014)

An all right action movie, promising a lot in the first few minutes but then joining the ranks of directionless, haphazardly plotted mediocrities. This is Australian Movies on Netflix. But won’t bore you if you watch it keeping in mind its Australian roots and not expect the standards applied to Hollywood flicks.

10- Dance Academy: The Comeback (2017)

Later in the movie, we see that Ben is living with Ms.Raine and her husband. He has accumulated cancer once again. Tara is having an inner conflict with herself. She never got a chance to get into The Company due to her breaking her back so she still wonders if she was ever even good enough to get a contract.

She fights to get better at ballet since she has stopped dancing for 18 months. At the end of the movie, she realizes that she was still chasing a dream that she grew out of a long time ago.

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11- OtherLife (2017)

OtherLife (2017)
OtherLife (2017)

Quite unpredictable movies with top of the class actions. A unique storyline with perfect plot twists its worth your time just watch it. This movie was very underrated and I liked the special twists/effects. I hope you will love this List of Australia Movies on Netflix. These characters were relatable and the modern science VR creation possibility plausible enough to build its storyline upon.

12- Happy Feet Two (2011)

This is a very cute movie. I love the way he prances around and uses his itty bitty feet to dance. The brilliant juxtaposition of the small bird and the large ocean perfectly castrates the elusive and envisioned prose from the elegant sidestep. Beautiful hallowed minds develop into experimental excellence through expert dialogue and evolution.

Very impressionable concord mixes well with the multitude of the melting pot. Fantastic movies. This is all about 12 Best Australian Movies on Netflix To Watch If You like Stan Movies.

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