13 Best Australian Movies on Netflix To Watch If You like Stan Movies

These are the 12 Best Australian Movies on Netflix: 1- Interceptor (2022), 2- A Perfect Pairing (2022), 3- Go Karts (2020), 4- Cargo (2017), 5- Back to the Outback (2021), 6- I Am Mother (2019). Here is the list of Australia Movies on Netflix. These movies are watchable because Australia is not famous for TV Series and Movies.

Stan is one of the biggest networks in Australia that produces Movies,and  TV Series. If You like Stan Movies then I suggest some movies on Netflix that are amazing. People in Australia are very good. People like it. I hope you will going to love it, after watching this amazing Australia Movie on  Netflix.

Australian Movies on Netflix

1- Interceptor (2022)

Elsa Pataky’s return film to the screen after Toretto’s (Vin Diesel, aka Groot) love fascination on “Fast Five and Furious Six ( fed agent Elena Neves)”. This is the first time an action film is viewed from the perspective of an isolated base of an interceptor. The pros are the characters’ anticipation and fight scenes, as well as the situations that resulted. An apocalyptic/catastrophic type scenario than any other movie, given the real threat of Russian nukes and the reality of the interceptor missiles.

The film is high-intensity without a break, well conducted, and enjoyable. The female lead is very inspirational, which adds to the enjoyment even though it is a bit unrealistic to believe that she would be able to take down thousands of men in fighting styles such as hand-to-hand combat or single-arm lache is better than any other ninja warrior to protect America. If you don’t mind the reality of that part, it’s a great film. Chris Hemsworth’s cameo was very humorous and provided an enjoyable laugh.

2- A Perfect Pairing (2022)

A great rom-com with “A Perfect Pairing” delivered. Victoria Justice brings charm and the heart of her strong-willed, confident character Lola. Not only is her physical comedy skills and acting talents displayed to the fullest extent, but she also gets to show off her singing talents too (in an episode that left me wishing for a full performance of the tune she sang). Also, a shoutout to the actress’ facial expressions because they’re top-quality.

If you are in need of a high-quality emoting, then call Vic Justice cause she has the perfect solution for you. The co-star of her, Adam Demos, brings his unique style of tough charm and heart to the role of Max and also plays a fantastic straight man in the midst of Lola’s and Victoria’s quirkiness. They were able to create a real sense of chemistry which leaves the audience cheering when they eventually become one. This is good Australian Movies on Netflix. The entire cast is fantastic. Each character was fully developed in this adorable romantic tale. The bartender from the pub scene should have his own movie spin-off.

3- Go Karts (2020)

Go Karts (2020)
Go Karts (2020)

Great movie! Very enjoyable/ Just an all-round feel-good movie. This Movie is a great Australian movie that is amazing & shows you what racing go-karts in Australia are like. Congratulations to the producers of Go, Australian Movies on Netflix, How refreshing to see a great storyline. No swearing, just good fun. Great movie for all the family.

4- Cargo (2017)

Cargo (2017)
Cargo (2017)

Unlike other zombie movies it wasn’t all about the zombies and fighting them it was a heartfelt movie that also indulged in Australia’s aboriginal culture. It was one of the best movies. Good twist on zombies and wonderful beautiful Australian landscapes. Martin delivered Stella’s performance.

A very inspirational movie that shows that a father can do anything for their kids it made you cry at the very end. This is truly what a movie is supposed to do, spark thoughts, and emotions! One of the best Australian Movie Netflix. I loved every minute.

5- Back to the Outback (2021)

A perfect film for everyone. This is the first time that a film does not target a certain group of people, either girls or boys. Anyone can go and take pleasure in it. An entertaining look at how even animals that are ugly are beautiful. Also, beautiful animals can possess ugly personalities. The animation is fantastic. I love the way the film has a wide variety of scenes, backgrounds as well as tones throughout the movie.

Zoo, City, Sewer, Suburbs, Wild. The show is done beautifully. Voice acting is fantastic and comedy is fantastic. It’s just a shame that we don’t have to be a part of the Dung Beetle joke. This is the film’s fart gag. The truth is, films usually have one in the middle.

The film kept me interested and entertained. I liked the color scheme and the characters, humans, and animals appear to be similar in terms of appearance and quality. This isn’t like other films where the primary attention is placed on the protagonists and antagonists. Likewise, the background characters are not well created or some lack of immersive background characteristics. It all seemed to be balanced and nothing was out of the norm, which is not often seen for these kinds of films with Animals as the main subject on the screen.

6- I Am Mother (2019)

I Am Mother (2019)
I Am Mother (2019)

The grey characters help you see the dystopian scenarios from their perspective and why they act the way they do. If you watch it carefully, it’ll take you on a trippy ride. And you’ll appreciate the message it’s trying to convey and the obscure genius this movie is.

You will then be tied to the screen by the overall look of the movie. I hope you will like it, List of Australian Movies on Netflix. I highly recommend this movie for fans of sci-fi, and also for those who like asking big questions about life.

7- The King (2019)

The King (2019)
The King (2019)

This movie showed strong visuals and a very accurate depiction of the story of King Henry. Robert Pattison had a tremendous opening scene when he first arrived but then kind of faded away as he was given less to work with but ultimately I enjoyed his performance. The supporting cast I thought did a good job nothing too crazy.

Overall I would say this is an enjoyable film with great action and great performances and very intelligent writing. This movie might take a moment to grow on you, List of Australian Movies on Netflix, but it’s certainly worth it.

8- Going for Gold (2018)

Great storyline but the acting was poor. Sorry only being honest. This was a fantastic, family-friendly film I highly recommend. I loved the performance, particularly by Hannah. This movie motivates you after watching. This is Australia Movies on Netflix. This is a movie of struggle. In our society, people face any problems and this one of one them.

9- Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021)

Whimsical Animated Comedy-Adventure Film With Loads Of Laughs. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway is a kid-friendly comedy adventure film. I was enthralled by the fun and whimsical animation film. It made me laugh from the beginning to the ending. The wild adventure that follows Peter, as well as the animal characters, are incredibly amusing. In this movie the characters, you loved from the previous film return. A stunning wedding, a fresh business, and an idyllic existence on the family farm appear to be everything Peter Rabbit and his family want, but their lives alter when the book Bea has written about rabbits is offered the chance for publication.

The director Will Gluck and screenwriter Patrick Burleigh return to Peter Rabbit with a new adventure that retains the qualities we enjoy about the characters from the original film. The fantastic voiceovers by Peter Rabbit (James Corben), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki), Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Cottontail (Aimee Horne) as well as Barnabas (Lennie James) bring the characters to life and bring laughter. It’s true that a comedy adventure can’t be complete without a good soundtrack.

10- Ali’s Wedding (2017)

A surprising delight. That involves the viewer in a life happenstance that one, unfortunately, can imagine. The beautiful tale of culture, love, and family. A pleasure to watch. It shows that one should follow one’s heart & do what needs to be done.

11- Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

A truly remarkable documentary about a remarkable man who, in accordance with his beliefs, saved the lives of 75 soldiers with no shot in fighting for Okinawa during WWII If the tale is believed to be true, and it appears to be and I can’t resist the thought that miracles actually happen after having watched this. I re-read the story and discovered that historically in addition to the normal so-called “artistic license” that the film would not exist or be entertaining in the first place, the story is accurate (phew).

The most striking aspect of this film, which is unlike other WW2 films made in the US is the fact that it depicts Japanese the Japanese culture in the form of “No-surrender” very boldly & to what length they’ll be willing to go to fulfill their bloody oath, and the actual interviews with veterans of the war as the credits roll as icing on the cake.

12- The Invisible Man (2020)

The terror of being seen by someone we cannot be able to the most chilling and thrilling scifi thriller. It’s a challenge to find a decent horror film nowadays, amidst all the terrible cliche haunted-house films being produced. It’s not essential that a horror film to be awry and every character has to make obvious mistakes. The Invisible Man stands out from the crowd because it doesn’t rely on the same formula and instead tries to do something completely different.

First off, I must applaud Elisabeth Moss coz if it were not for her enthralling performance, the film would have failed. She portrays Cicilia as a real and real, intelligent but fearful character who changes throughout the final minutes of the film. We observe her changing and facing her fears. We can relate the character to us, our fears and the trauma she has experienced from the toxic relationship.

13- This Little Love of Mine (2021)

The story about how your beliefs can help be a catalyst for people to return to the world. In terms of priorities in life the choice between happiness and work. The sapphire Cove location was presented beautifully as if inviting us to visit it for the first time. The actors were amazing at expressing emotion. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people’s poor acting, unpredictability in the script, and normal production values.

I had lunch at the Palm Cove restaurant used recently which made the film better for me to watch than could be. Fantastic comedy film and it gave me another chance to look over Australia. It’s not real however it was an excellent production.

Very impressionable concord mixes well with the multitude of the melting pot. Fantastic movies. This is all about Australian Movies on Netflix To Watch If You like Stan Movies.

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