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These are the 24 Best Nigerian Movies on Netflix (2023) Like Dark October (2023), A Sunday Affair (2023), Aníkúlápó (2022), Namaste Wahala (2021), Breaded Life (2021), The Razz Guy (2021), Isoken (2017), October 1 (2014), Lionheart (2018), The Ghost and the Tout (2018), King of Boys (2018), Mechanic (Mokalik) (2019). I hope you will love it, after watching these Movies.

24 Best Nigerian Movies on Netflix

1- Dark October (2023)

It’s a must-see! Dark October movie isn’t a regular movie, but one that we need to find the courage to go to for the sake of having an understanding that everyone has a role to play in the perspective of the victims as well as the community and the individuals who lead the charge and the other parties that have contributed to this avoidable tragic event! The director who was sitting beside me got emotional several times, as I mumbled the words.

That some local or community Police officers will be willing to do anything to show their point, even in the face of the lives of the young Nigerians is awe-inspiring and a bit vile. More amazing Nigerian Movies on Netflix.

2- A Sunday Affair (2023)

It’s exciting to see films that originate from Africa being made into mainstream platforms such as Netflix and, while this film may not be the greatest that they can offer, it definitely will highlight the enormous potential. A Sunday Affair is a good technical accomplishment and the performances of its main characters are excellent, however, the triangular love story is not very compelling at best.

3- Aníkúlápó (2022)

The film portrays the real human nature of a person, an unlikeable character is like a flat tire, it can lead you to nowhere in your life. Saro is proud, yet unappreciative. This time, with a great ensemble, including veterans of the movie industry and talented young ladies. This is a Nollywood Movies on Netflix. This truly is an epic, original, flawless job, Mr. kunle Afolayan. Another classic from Kunle Afolayan.

4- Namaste Wahala (2021)

There was too much going on at the beginning. It was as if there were too many plot lines that were being constructed, yet we never got to get to know the characters’ backgrounds which meant that they were unrelative. The two principal characters, Raj and Didi are similar to the water that aids in settling the flood and also the conflicts. The way they meet is similar to water. They did not plan, but simply flowed by the motion, and then hitting, they enter into one another’s lives and merge, and Raj instinctively knows it is Didi is the only one.

It was a bit difficult to follow the plot, without being too clear however, there were other elements that were included. The acting was good, as were its costumes(including makeup) along with the emotions and the cultural elements of the film. For me, as an African-American woman, it is refreshing to see the same movie as it depicts contemporary Nigeria using the same food companies, etc. It’s refreshing. A mix between Nollywood as well as Bollywood. I love how it lets you know that your heart can’t choose who it will love! The most important thing is that both cultures share a lot in common. Hope you like this Most Interesting Nigerian movie on Netflix. The foundations are in place to respect the elderly and what is required to make a great friend. Love the outfits.

5- The Razz Guy (2021)

Comedy is not without its flaws. The good thing is that the actors that are featured in The Razz Guy are great enthusiastic, passionate, and fun. The pace is fast, the runtime efficient, and tone-filled. The only downside is that the plot is not very compelling, the stakes are low and the drama is very minimal. The majority of the humor is only one scene. Family members can discuss the humor of Nollywood films.

6- Strangers (2022)

A child suffers from an illness in an isolated Nigerian village up until an unanticipated source of aid transforms his life. Based on actual happenings. In the midst of battling a fatal illness, the future of a boy may be forever changed. The movie STRANGERS on Netflix is extremely educational and fascinating. Our desire to be to rage and wild as the flames burn during harmattan might not be enough in some instances.

7- Ayinla (2021)

Ayinla which we enjoyed and watched at the cinema, is now set to get to Netflix. The hero of the tale, Ayinla, is once an all-time talent. However, his temper and uncontrolled sexual desire have cut short his life. It’s received mixed reactions. Some say it’s an absolute masterpiece, while others consider it boring. Ayinla could be viewed by the public as boring enough.

In films such as this, semi-biopics and biopics have a high chance that the excitement will be at a minimum since they are usually known stories. However, there are very few unexpected twists even at the start of the film, there are no surprises. Kelani’s film made an impressive film’s theatrical release, raking in more than N70 million in the box office, despite being released in 33 theaters.

8- Glamour Girls (2022)

A group of women is drawn by the lure of luxury and escorts, enticed by the numerous claims of millionaires’ billings and glamorous lives. When a murder takes place, however, they realize that the cost of luxury could be too expensive. This is one of the Latest Nigerian Movies on Netflix 2023.

9- Love Is War (2019)

Love Is War (2019)
Love Is War (2019)

Husband and wife in a fierce battle for the governorship. Starring: Omoni Oboli, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Toke Makinwa, Jide Kosoko. Love is War is available on Netflix. It addresses the issue of gender inequality and tribalism in Nigeria. Let’s not even get started on the greed, selfishness, wickedness, and lies that run in the political circle of Nigeria. But I personally think that Hankuri’s lack of cultural knowledge about the state she wants to govern is controversial.

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10- The Bling Lagosians (2019)

The Bling Lagosians (2019)
The Bling Lagosians (2019)

The storyline is good! The movie is captivating. One of the most interesting movies. The story was well thought out, it had heart and warmth to it. Though the movie was meant to showcase wealth. Simple, almost-generic plot with an impeccable delivery! It should have been the typical ‘Nollywood grace to grass to grace again’, Nigerian Movie Netflix, but the cast and crew turned an unsophisticated plot into MAGIC somehow!

More Classy and good screenplay, and great custom. Really Nice movie from Nollywood for a long time it will be remembered as the best. This is my reference point when a conversation about Africa comes up.

11- Isoken (2017)

Awesome moves, and beautiful actors. Great interpretation of the script. The Cinematography, the scripting and the dialogues are all amazing. It was brilliant, loved every minute of it. Great movie! Just got to it today on Netflix and wondered why it’s taken me so long to watch it! Have seen the movie and its really a great one. Likewise on the off chance that you are going to see watch it at the film, don’t go alone in light of the fact that you need somebody to giggle, contend and shout with while watching it.

12- Breaded Life (2021)

The core of Breaded Life is in the proper place. If you are able to make how to navigate the poor-ly-directed, over-long scenes horrible impromptu dialog that’s filled with unnecessary repetitions as well as the actor’s habit of repeatedly yelling a lot of their lines, eventually a film about responsibility, decency, and the potential of love is revealed and offers an enjoyable, if not perfect conclusion.

13- October 1 (2014)

It was a bit of a drag, but it picked up halfway through. It embodies amazing writing with a carefully selected array of actors to interpret. October 1st (2019) totally embodies all Nigeria, as a whole, is all about. The careful satirical way each tribe was depicted so accurately. The truth about her independence and civilization. Her overall mentality and struggle.

This movie is a historical and national treasure! The screenplay perfectly depicted the troubles that could be seen in the boarding school system, the now-dampening inter-tribal wars and the optimism that is embroiled in Nigeria.

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14- Lionheart (2018)

A great story with excellent values and message. Great delivery on acting for the cast. Great Cast (spotted some old Nollywood actors, which was really pleasant) and crew. Impressive cultural display and representation, also love the merger between the two companies, Nigerian Movies on Netflix, tribes, and the emerging (opened ended) relationship between Adaeze and Hamza.

Love the comic relief in the jail scene, especially when the detainees swap places (My chest still hurts from too much laughing). The movie is Informative, Entertaining, and Educational! I loved and enjoyed every moment! On a constructive criticism note.

15- The Ghost and the Tout (2018)

The narrative of a youngster played by Toyin Abraham who experienced childhood in a ghetto and met with an apparition after an appalling episode that happened to her. Before long, her life is tossed into a progression of dramatizations that no one but she can see and comprehend. Featuring Chigul, Biodun Stephen, Chioma Akpotha, and Omawunmi Dada.

16- King of Boys (2018)

Shola Shobowale shows why she’s classified as a legend and all of the supporting cast brought their A-game. There are a lot of allusions In the movie both political and societal. It’s dark it’s fast-paced and it’s great. Reminisce and Ill-bliss brought out Thier Bad boy persona and it made for a great watch. This is an amazing List of Nigerian Movies on Netflix. Nigerian Movies to watch on Netflix. Now, this is what you call a movie, great story, directing, amazing script writing, talented cast.

Complete package and detailed execution. Kemi adetiba, you are multi-talented. Adesuwa keep shining. Toni tones baby girl you are a star, one to watch out for.

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17- Mechanic (Mokalik) (2019)

First of all, this movie is a waste of precious time simply because there is no plot line to follow. It’s just nonsensical pandering from one scene to another with nothing to tie the scenes together. Secondly, Simi was blushing all through her scenes and didn’t display any true qualities of an actor.

Like Leonardo Davinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This movie wreaks of all the sophistication that would be taken for granted by the average person. To captivate with a plot not grandiose, filled with exaggerations or deliberate attempts to awe the average film in a simple way is simply outstanding.

18- Chief Daddy 2 – Going for Broke (2022)

It is the Netflix version of Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke is a Nigerian film about the dysfunctional. The family Chef “Daddy” Beecroft. An industrialist with a good reputation and a great reputation Chief Daddy is now known for his illicit relationships. Based on this the fact that he is married to a couple of children and a lover. With a heart like a lion, he has a deep love for all of them even though he knows it’s impossible to reconcile them.

19- Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons (2018)

Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons (2018)

It’s funny and entertaining. Do not be deceived by others that did not give it a 5-star. Haters will always hate. The movie was great and the actors were funny. I would recommend watching it and giving it your personal opinion. Take away its razzle-dazzle and there’s nothing there to look at. Felt like watching pieces of different movies desperately sewn together with the hopes of coming up with something worthwhile.

20- Swallow (2021)

A secretary at a bank in the 1980s in Nigeria is unhappy in her job, not the least due to her boss’ sexual assault. In the end, she is forced to embark on an alternative, untested career as a courier for drugs. A look at the life of the military administration that is headed by Muhammadu Buhari and their “War Against Indiscipline” unfolds around the group. The show provides an insight into arduous daily life and addresses social issues.

21- Up North (2018)

Up North is not a bad movie. Beyond entertainment, the movie is very informative. It’s a plus for the Nigerian tourism industry. Movies like this could actually improve national unity. Very heartwarming and inspirational. One of Nigeria’s best! Very informative movie with nice background music and was the ultimate beautiful nature scene.

22- Coming from Insanity (2021)

Gabriel Afolayan brought this movie to life. His cold, determined, and focused goal of bringing oneself out of poverty using his knowledge and expertise resulted in results that were far beyond what he could have imagined. A stunning Nollywood film that is able to be competitive internationally. The music director and composer were right on every scene. This film is one that one shouldn’t be deterred from because of the foreign names of the actors.

The actors did a great job of interpreting the script, even when it was difficult to understand the dialogue and was not easy to follow. More movies are coming in the Latest Nollywood Movies 2023. The conclusion may leave viewers in a state of confusion but it didn’t remove the suspense from the tale. The script is well-written and directed. scenes! The actors featured in the film certainly leave you wanting more.

23- Citation (2020)

The storyline is loud and clear, this movie is an eye-opener to young girls who have been silent and believed that the lecturers/profs are above law. This movie is empowering, beautiful, and honestly just way too realistic. It teaches about abuse, rape, victim playing, the reality of friendships, and always keeping yourself safe.

24- Òlòtūré (2019)

The plot is quick emotional, relatable, and important. The plot is well-constructed in such a way that you get the feeling that something could be wrong with any person during the film. Certain actors even though they had been recast in a few EL films, did an excellent job in Oloture. The transformation is amazing. Omoni Oboli showed that she is a master at the game.

The first is the issue of family pressure and social pressure on the less fortunate girl child to make everything that is possible to provide for their family. They feel that this burden is on them to meet every need within their home. Thus, they are born characters like Linda the tragic character from the film. After that, there’s a shift to prostitution, and the next option is to get sustenance using what you have available to get what you need. If that isn’t enough for you, then there’s the need to leave the country in search of better opportunities elsewhere, using the use of a method that’s not worth it.

The film reveals to us the evils that swim through the waters of our insanity every day. It exposes the daily happenings of those who are referred to as prostitutes today in the world. They are thought of as sex slaves, they are not much more. “Oloture” will open your eyes. It’s an opener that lets us think about what we should never overlook initially. This is All Nigerian Movies on Netflix. The opener gives us stories that go beyond what we’ve ever heard.

This is all about the 24 Best Nigerian Movies on Netflix You Should Be Watching. Hope you will love it, after watching these movies on Netflix.

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