14 Best Egyptian Movies on Netflix (2023) | List of Netflix Egyptian Movies

Egypt is famous for its History and Egyptian Pyramids but Now You need to watch these 14 Best Egyptian Movies on Netflix. The Crime (2022), A Stand Worthy of Men (2021) wa’fet regala, Different Experience (2021) Aka ‘Farq Khebra’, Mousa (2021), The Humans and the Mongoose (2021), Perfect Strangers (2022) أصحاب …ولا أعزّ. The Egyptian Film industry is not much famous but we have a list of Movies that you need bing watching.

14 Best Egyptian Movies on Netflix

1- The Crime (2022)

Adel (Ahmed Ezz) is a man in his mid-life who was raised by his strict grandpa who he was deeply influenced. In the ’70s, Adel first fell in love with his partner, Nadia, (Menna Shalaby) who was later his wife and the wife of the son he had. Then, a sequence of events leads to Adel being convicted of a variety of crimes, which are being investigated through Amgad El Husseiny (Maged El Kwany) and, later in the film, a number of mysteries are discovered.

2- A Stand Worthy of Men (2021) wa’fet regala

There are movie theaters operating in Egypt with strict security measures to fight the pandemic that is sweeping across the globe. Two hours of laughter and fun is the best film, don’t go to the cinema and miss this one. One of the most enjoyable Egyptian Comedy movies in the modern era, it was an amazing combination of comedy and emotion which was well-produced and I highly recommend everyone to watch it you will not regret it.

The film was excellent and funny, however, my biggest issue was that it contained some sad scenes. The story is touching and healthy, the bond between the two friends and the teasing, the laughter and the downfalls but most importantly, the love and love. The comedy was hilarious. The cast is absolutely perfect, Sayed Ragab, Maged El Kedwany Bayoumi Fouad, and Sherif Desouki all had a great time They embraced their roles and were portrayed flawlessly. Amina Khalil did a great job in her brief screen time.

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3- Different Experience (2021) Aka ‘Farq Khebra’

Life requires Naji, a quiet person on a mission to discover love to meet Salma. The film tries to examine different ideas and emotions that the main character experiences and tells a compelling story. The peace of mind that Nagy longs for within his home is depicted in a beautiful manner and helps us realize the importance of having a well-being environment.

Different Experience is a movie that reveals the various experiences that the main character Nagy experiences. Nagy is unhappy with his life because of the issues between his parents and encounters Salma and finds a new method of living. This is what the movie is about from afar, however, we see much more of this when we watch the film.

4- Mousa (2021)

A remarkable performance by Karim Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz. Also, an outstanding job in the production department one of the best in the Middle East region. Chapeau, and to many more successes. The film is a major step forward in Egyptian cinema that is portrayed in this film. The plot of the film is a great one however in my opinion, the editing and direction have totally destroyed the film. Their performance of Karim is amazing. In reality, he is the son of his father.

The story was messy and lacked a charmingly awkward and timid character in the lead. It appears that the filmmakers behind the film weren’t certain of the concept and how to plot and implement it in a rational and engaging manner. Although there was a professor at the college who seemed to be against him due to some shady reason there wasn’t any obvious antagonist in the film.

5- The Humans and the Mongoose (2021)

The majority of our famous comedy actors did not introduce comedy in their final films. Comedy was once considered to be unique, however now it’s a copy of comics and jokes from social media. The film is good for the dialogue, events, and jokes however it is not so great in terms of technology which is the main principal focus. The movie is intended to be a comedic film.

6- Ahmed Notre Dame (2021)

A rambling story with a lack of humor and jokes that suggest that this writer is either the worst writer in the history of cinema or that this is the standard we’ve achieved in Egyptian films. Furthermore, the movie is a poor script, terrible acting, and bad actors trying to play fun with any subject, and there’s no amusement whatsoever. Parents are strongly advised. This movie may not be appropriate for children 14 years old and under. This film is Offbeat Dark, Goofy, and dark.

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7- Mom Is Pregnant (2021)

Storyline is loosely taken from the 2018 Bollywood iconic “Badhaai Ho”. It was not nearly as good as the original version. In addition, the acting was mediocre at its very best. The success of any comedy is dependent on the timing of delivery of the actors. It’s evident all over the place, with very few scenes. It’s a bit odd in a lot of instances.

8- 122 (2019)

In spite of the fact that kids 11 years or under shouldn’t watch it, as there are bunches of blood and savagery included. All things considered, it subsides a piece as the characters have a type of “9 lives” or something to that effect. Rush and tension savvy it was incredible. In any case, the content for the main woman was gravely composed.

It is a one-time watch film. In certain focuses, it gives goosebumps, yet at some point, the film becomes exhausting and obsolete. It made her look idiotic and irritating. Her rationale and dynamic didn’t bode well. She merited more equity.

9- Perfect Strangers (2022) أصحاب …ولا أعزّ

Inspired by Paolo Genevese’s Italian film of the same name, Lebanese director Wissam Samayra’s film follows the tale of seven friends who meet at a table for dinner, and then decide to engage in a contest that includes putting smartphones on tables and sharing messages, calls, and text messages when they arrive.

The ensemble of stars gives an impressive performance by an ensemble of pals who’ve had a relationship for years however, as the evening unfolds, their bond is revealed. Mona Zaki, Nadine Labaki, and Eyad Nassar are the principal cast members in Perfect Strangers (2022).

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10- Saladin (1963) – El Naser Salah el Dine

In order to provide some context, the film recounts the incidents in the Third Crusade. What happens is that following Saladin returned to Jerusalem and gained control of the city, the European forces under the leadership of Richard of England, King Richard of England, as well as the Emperor Barbarossa of Germany along with the King Philippe Augustus of France, banded together to seize the city as well as return it back in Christian hands.

This led to conflict between the Europeans and Saladin which lasted three years until an agreement was reached in the middle between Saladin as well as King Richard which allowed Saladin to retain the land, while Christians were allowed to be allowed to enter Jerusalem.

11- Mohamed Hussein (2019)

Mohamed Hussein, a chauffeur in a five-star hotel is being accused by the police of killing a famous artist who just returned after a trip to Paris as a guest in his hotel in which he was employed and was the only person to have contact with the painter. Prior to dying, the artist creates a stunning portrait of Mohamed’s back, which attracts the attention of a crowd who are now looking for the “back-painting”.

The life of a luxury hotel chauffeur is changed when he is suddenly the center of attention for a well-known artist’s final project.

12- The Knight and the Princess (2019)

20 years of development and proudly boasting an all-Arab cast, The Knight and the Princess the first animated Egypt film, draws its inspiration from a tale of the 7th century. Mohammed bin al-Qassim, a talented adventurer from Basra is just fifteen years old at the time he saves the children and women who were abducted by pirates. Then at the age of seventeen, He challenges the ruler of the tyrant kingdom Daher.

Incredible accomplishment Amazing achievement for Egypt Incredible achievement for Egypt, The Great Artist, and the Arabian world. Good job Artist\ Mustafa Hussein. The torch has been lit that marks the beginning of the Arabian Animation Movies Industry. An excellent quality animation film at a reasonable price. Its Arabic version is far better suited to my tastes due tothe choice of best voices.

13- Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb (2020)

Cinematography that is excellent keeps viewers engaged during the movie. The only issue–and it’s only tiny–is that viewers have to watch the film with subtitles. The film will reveal many more things about the past of Egypt and how archeologists collaborate together with other experts to unravel every single thing they discover in tombs. Technology is a huge advantage in this particular field which allows artifacts to be examined without having to be removed. Everybody showed a constant reverence for those who died and also for the exquisitely crafted artifacts.

It’s an all-Egyptian team who are working at the site of the digging. They have a wonderful way of working which involves all the participants. Like it was said, I’m sure that the filmmakers’ personal involvement with their work, their interviews, the knowledge, and the resulting excitement was also a success in the decolonization of archaeological practices that came from the deepest part of the Egyptian people.

14- My Bride (2021)

After the wedding she had planned fails A young woman meets a spirited event planner. Sparks go off, but he needs to gain her confidence. The story is about a young man and woman as they navigate through a variety of circumstances in their quest to find the perfect match which leads to questions about marriage in the traditional sense and marriage that is based on love.

Here is the complete list of the 14 Best Egyptian Movies on Netflix You Should Be Watching. I hope you will love it, after watching these movies. You also find many amazing Movies, Show,s and TV Series.

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