Korean Anime Series Sweet Home (스위트홈) 2020 is Coming to Netflix

Are you excited to see New Korean Anime TV Series “The Webtoon Sweet Home” Well This good news is Korean Anime Series Sweet Home (스위트홈) 2020 is Coming to Netflix. This is a very interesting piece of news that came out late tonight. It’s very apparent now that what Tower of God and God of high school and noblest all that what they have cost. They have set a course of a chain of events to where webtoons are really starting to get a major spotlight in media so sweet home got.

A announcement for a adaptation from Netflix now this automatically is just straight-up good news because this means that once again webtoons are getting noticed more which means that these artists. These writers of these series that are working very hard on their series are getting a knowledged for their work and to be able to reach heights that they never fought was possible getting anime or getting a live-action series etc.

It just truly makes me very happy to see now personally at this time. I had really no idea what sweet home was before this article came out. I have seen the pictures when I was browsing webtoon for things to read or reading Tower of God etc. I never personally read said series. I only read the description and apparently the description of the series is there was a family tragedy the emcee left his home.

Eventually he like joined a group of heroes and there’s a bunch of creepy and horror like monsters in the world. Now that’s pretty much the only thing I know of this story. I have nothing else I’m assuming as some psychological horror vibe but some action and all that type of stuff.


It’s pretty cool it’s definitely something that I would probably enjoy reading now here’s the thing this is been announced to get a live-action adaptation by Netflix. I noticed many were getting very confused on that when it came to this announcement by webtoon. It wasn’t really made clear but this is not going to be getting turned into an anime.

It’s actually being created into a Korean drama on Netflix because Netflix is known for having a few Korean dramas on their platform. It seems like Netflix probably took notice of webtoon thinks. The whole thing with Tower God and all that are like we’re interested in this story we would love to adapt this into a live-action.

That’s what we got now is this something that many might find disappointing because maybe sweet home is not getting an anime. I could see some being disappointed however this is still very good news regardless this does mean now that Netflix is now entering into the game of webtoons and wanting to figure out which series.

They want to let’s say adapt and it may not just stop it may be sweet home getting a live-action. We might have Tower of God get a live-action or actually they might adopt some other form of series. Let’s say unordinary into an actual like you know anime what I’m trying to say is is with Netflix stepping into the realm of webtoons maybe it won’t be Crunchyroll.

All that webtoon that create the anime for soul leveling but maybe Netflix might contact the person for so leveling and make it anime for that that’s what I’m trying to say is that Netflix getting into webtoons is incredibly important. It is definitely a big note a big milestone for webtoons in general to reach.

I think it’s nice to see that they’re just getting knowledge like they are so I’m definitely interested to see where this is going to go because I highly doubt this is going to be the last time. Now, We’re gonna see an article that may be Netflix is going to be picking up something from webtoon.

I really really doubt that I feel like there’s gonna be a lot more being announced in the upcoming months. We’ll see where it goes but I just kind of want to talk about that real quick. I think it’s just interesting to see that are definitely spreading far and wide. It’s very clear the Tower of God and you know god of high school has opened the doors up for many things for many of these creators on webtoon.

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